Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by June 20 2015)
2015: 15,206/ 11,561

2014: 26,557 / 25,694
2013: 13,988 / 26,443
2012: 11,267 / 17,084
2011: 9,015 / 16,917
2010: 9,021 / 19,255
2009: 6,851/ 13,160
2008: 10,773 / 18,086
2007: 20,134 / 26,351
2006: 15,269 / 19,540
2005: 7,680 / 12,865
2004: 7,210 / 14,632

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Injuries : 0



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June 22, 2015

» “As a reward for saving lives with a gun, no more guns for you.” – Uber
The Right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed … except by Uber?

» A Tale of Two Church Massacres

Support Your Local Infidel

» Sheriff’s Office on alert because of anti-Islam barbecue in Colorado Springs area

A flier obtained by The Gazette says the Colorado Springs chapter of the Infidels Motorcycle Club is hosting an “open bike party” and “pig roast” – titled “In Defiance of the Islamic Holiday of Ramadan” – at the group’s headquarters northwest of Peterson Air Force base in the Cimarron Hills area.

The flier shows an Internet memelike depiction of the Islamic prophet Muhammad with arguably offensive language. It also depicts a scantily clad woman wearing only the head and shoulders portion of a burka and a picture breaking down parts of a pig, which likely refers to the Muslim practice of avoiding pork. It also has an explicit reference toward the militant group ISIS in a font similar to the Arabic alphabet.


Mission Statement

Infidels Motorcycle Club is a veteran formed and based MC for Patriotic Americans and our supporting allies.
Definition of an Infidel: One who doubts or rejects a particular doctrine, system, or principle.
The Infidels MC reject the radical jihadist movement that threatens liberty and freedom around the world. The Infidels MC will support the fight against terrorism as military members, contractors in support of the military, and as patriotic Americans supporting our fighting forces from the homeland …

» Every GOP Candidate Who Called for the Confederate Flag to Come Down Showed They Can’t Win the Election

This is about elementary tactics. It’s about a candidate smart enough not to get caught in the media’s game.

What the left is doing here is demanding that Republicans accept moral accountability for slavery, despite the Democrats being the ones to practice it while the Republicans ended it.

This is a bellwether of bigger things. A Republican who can’t handle this question is going to be kicked around by the media through fake gaffes, loaded questions and assorted traps to paint him as racist, sexist and a monster.

It’s going to be “When did you stop beating your wife” non-stop.

A candidate who can’t turn the question around to discredit the asker is not competitive in a modern media election.

» Lowe’s Just STUCK IT to Muslims in a HUGE WAY

Ratings are in the gutter for The Learning Channel’s “All-American Muslim,” because much to the dismay of liberals everywhere, the majority of Americans are not interested in tuning in to see Islamic propaganda splashed across their televisions. As a result of the show’s dismal ratings, one of their biggest advertisers has pulled out: Lowe’s.

So naturally Lowes is labeled by leftists as racist, islamophobic, bigots and all that other BS that used to be reserved for the Tea Party.
And naturally, the righties are claiming victory and pattin’ ole Lowes on the back.

But really. I mean really. What just happened?
Lowes sponsored a TV show because they were told it would be a big hit. When it turned out that the majority of viewers were not so enthralled with a TV show premised on kissing muslim butt they pulled out to invest their advertising dollars elsewhere.
It’s called free market savvy.

I don’t blame the lefties for raising a stink. That’s exactly what I expect from them. But for all the righties proclaiming victory … no. If Lowes had made a stand to begin with and refused to be a part of the islamization of America then they would deserve praise and back pats. But all they did was make a smart business decision.

The only victory to celebrate is in knowing that the majority of TLC viewers ain’t ready to attend a leftist muslim-butt kissing club.

» Jurassic World Now Accused of Racism
The movie’s characters refer to Pachycephalosaurus as “pachys”. It’s a movie about dinosaurs.
Where’s the racism? Who could actually find insult, injury and offense with that?

The perpetually offended, cry-baby, gonna cut your head off for insulted their prophet muslims. Who else?

Well, ok, it coulda been Al Sharpton or (THHO)Obama I reckon.
Good thing there weren’t any niglasuarus back in the Jurassic days.

Geez, the entire human race has devolved into a pack of whiny pussies getting their feelings hurt every 14.3 seconds.

Stupid Person Refuses to Reproduce

» HuffPo Blogger Describes ‘The Pain Of Realizing I’m White’

“There was a time in my 20s when everything I learned about the history of racism made me hate myself, my Whiteness, my ancestors… and my descendants,” she wrote. “I remember deciding that I couldn’t have biological children because I didn’t want to propagate my privilege biologically.”

Just wait till she starts feeling the pain of realizing she’s a stupid moonbat. That’s gonna require extreme medication.

» NY Times: ‘Right Wing Extremists’ More Dangerous than Radical Islam
A couple of things to remember when you hear leftist buttheads harping about right wing extremists.
One, anybody that doesn’t carry a copy of the communist manifesto in your breast pocket is a right wing extremist.
Two, they will never, ever willingly say or do anything that might offend the sensitivities of muslims – lest they find themselves on the list of the future headless … Because they’re cowards.

Three, they will never, ever pass on an opportunity to offend, mock or oppress any person or group they know will not respond by killing them.

» CNN Tells Lunatic Lie to Defend Islamic Terror and Attack Normal Americans

The liberal establishment media will not hesitate to pass off even the most preposterous lies as news.

The liberal establishment media aggressively sides with Islamic terrorists and against “right-wing extremists,” a category used to associate psychopaths like Dylann Root with normal people who uphold traditional American values.

» Progressive Hypocrisy Captured in a Pair of Tweets from Salon
I’m positive both statements were simply typos or mixed up syntax or something. Even the dolts at Salon can’t be this hypocritically stupid.
Unless … there’s an end that justifies the means. I wonder what that could be.

While the 2013 tweet seems to be an effort to convince Americans to ignore a very real external threat, the 2015 tweet seems to be an effort to convince Americans that we are the threat. Both done assuming nobody will ever notice the blatant hypocrisy between.

But Kevin Schaffner noticed.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups


» Undocumented UC San Diego student waves Mexican flag at graduation, unfurls controversy

Indira Esparza, a 22-year-old undocumented student who moved to the U.S. when she was 2, proudly unfurled the green, white and red flag of Mexico as she walked across the stage. …. she overcame financial insecurity, anxiety over losing family members to deportation and judgment from others because of her Mexican citizenship. She helped establish the Undocumented Student Services Center at the university so students like her could talk about their struggles. She wants to become an educator.

…. blah, blah, blah
Notice what is missing in all the stuff that she wants to do? Become an American. Actually immigrate, earn citizenship like the thousands of real immigrants that go through the process every year to become real Americans. Nope. None of that is on her agenda. Too busy wallowing in her citizenship of the country her parents risked life and broke law to escape.

» Immigration by the Numbers

Obama et al. have been erasing our borders, allowing an unlimited number of illegal aliens to pour into the country with the full expectation of amnesty.

The vast majority are unskilled Third Worlders, many of them drawn by generous welfare benefits. When Americans become unnumbered by them, which will happen soon, we will work as their slaves.

Eventually their numbers will cause the welfare state to collapse. At that point there will be anarchy and no functioning economy, and America will be packed like a sardine can with desperate people who are not American and never will be American in any meaningful sense. Americans will be so thinly diluted by the Third World horde as to be effectively extinct.

You could call what our government is doing to us ethnic cleansing, ethnocide, or even genocide. To call it treason would be an understatement.

» Check out what the diversity police at UCLA now say are ‘microagresssions’

Have you ever said “America is the land of opportunity”? Yeah, well that’s because you’re a racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic, fascist, misogynistic bigot. At least, that’s what a handout from the PC police at UCLA indicated in a recent handout.

that’s it. It’s game over. America was fun while it lasted. Congratulations, progressives, you have finally rid America’s college campuses of reason and common sense.

You want to know the real reason many of these statements are considered “microagressions”? Because they’re true and they are devastating to the progressives’ cause. It’s the same old play book. If progressives can make these phrases (and others like them) unspeakable by successfully branding them hateful, then perhaps no one will say them and the debate will end – not because the progressives won, mind you, but because they silenced opposition. It’s a strategy that is pure evil…but it works.

» America’s Most Advanced Climate Station Data Shows US In A 10-Year Cooling Trend

The U.S. Climate Reference Network was developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to provide “high-quality” climate data. The network consists of 114 stations across the U.S. in areas NOAA expects no development for the next 50 to 100 years.

In essence, NOAA chose locations so they don’t need to be adjusted for “biases” in the temperature record.

Data compiled from these stations shows a slight cooling trend over the U.S. for the past decade.

June 18, 2015

» Local Media Stunned That Good Guy Could Legally Shoot Bad Guy

Many, many moons ago when we took notes in our college journalism classes by pressing a stylus into clay tablets, we took media law classes that focused on libel and ethics. Since modern journalism schools have clearly given up on the concept of teaching ethics, perhaps they should instead spend some time discussing firearms and self-defense laws so they don’t come across as such clueless rubes.

» Federal Insanity: Obama Wants HUD to Bring Low-Income Residents Into Wealthy Neighborhoods

President Obama is pursuing a new set of regulations, administered through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), intended to bring more economic diversity to homogenous residential enclaves presently dominated by the rich.

“A final Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rule due out this month is aimed at ending decades of deep-rooted segregation around the country,”

Like so many of Obama’s economic ideas, this one centers not on incentivizing poorer communities to create wealth in situ, but in leveling the playing field by introducing poorer people into wealthy neighborhoods. The administration is relying heavily on the use of “segregation” as a descriptor for the status quo, although it’s an open question whether it’s speaking in strictly racial terms.

Like so many of Leftist’s ideas, ignore the reasons they offer, disbelieve the stated goal. Do your own “if this then” analysis of the facts to determine the final outcome of their ideas. What you end up with is the true agenda.

Leftists always want to “level the playing field” and the rest of us just nod our heads like it’s a good thing. But the term is very accurate for what they intend to do and not hard to understand if you consider how an actual field is leveled.

If you’re going to level a field, you scrape off the top layers, pile all the displaced material to the side and then … here’s the important part … you decide how, where and when to redistribute.

When that term is applied to economics or demographics it’s easier just to call it what it is … Communism.

» Occupy Wall Street Mainstreams Communism

… the Occupy movement that began in lower Manhattan, complete with “rape tents” and rampant crime, has reframed the political debate — for the worse.

It is now impossible to turn on the radio or television without hearing public affairs and political issues framed in Marxist terms, as matters of so-called economic equality pitting the “1 percent” against the “99 percent.”

How America has changed in the Obama era.

Few could have imagined just a few years ago that Marxist class-consciousness would nowadays be taken seriously even by Republican presidential candidates. The GOPers don’t seem to realize that they should not grant this communistic claptrap even a smidgen of legitimacy by helping it enter standard political discourse. It won’t appeal to good, patriotic Americans, or to that much sought-after creature, the Independent voter.

This so-called issue should not be addressed by Republicans at all, unless they seek to discredit it as a concept. Economic inequality, as the Left calls this non-problem, is not a glitch; it is an essential feature of capitalism.

It is a virtue, not an evil. The fact of economic inequality is proof that freedom exists; in fact the two ideas are inextricably bound together. A recognition that people are different and that forcing them to behave a certain way is generally a bad idea, are what made this country great and prosperous. Americans should never, ever apologize for these foundational ideas.

George Soros, the Chinese Communism-loving anti-American hedge fund manager, certainly got his money’s worth. The international pariah dubbed the uncrowned king of Eastern Europe by one critic, helped to overthrow the governments of Serbia and Georgia. He has cut checks to generate unrest in Turkey and Egypt, and strongly supported Barack Obama’s candidacy. Supporting Obama makes sense because Soros believes that “the main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” It is no coincidence that Obama holds the same belief.

… acknowledging that short-term electoral conquest was never the goal of the community organizers, dirty hippies, and rapists of Occupy Wall Street.

The objective was to infect the national political conversation with Marxist tropes and ideology, which is unfortunately a new reality in America.

» Stella McCartney’s New ‘Anti-Cruelty’ Fashion Line Celebrates Che Guevara and Fidel Castro

The main props to Stella McCartney’s “fun, joy, life and anti-cruelty!”-themed garden party founded a regime that jailed and tortured political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin’s during the Great Terror and murdered more Cubans in his first three years in power than Hitler’s murdered Germans during his first six. Her “peace & love” icons also craved—and came closest of anyone in history–to wantonly igniting a world-wide nuclear war.

Over twenty-times as many Cubans have died attempting to escape the “Fun!” Cuba of Stella McCartney’s garden party props as Germans died trying to escape East Germany. And the Cubans died much more horribly; of exposure, thirst, drowning or being eaten alive by sharks.

Things Only a Communist Would Say
» 20 Hillary Clinton Quotes

“Many of you are well enough off that the tax cuts may have helped you. We’re saying that for America to get back on track, we’re probably going to cut that short and not give it to you. We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”

… something has to be taken away from some people.

… We just can’t trust the American people to make those types of choices … Government has to make those choices for people

» Common Sense, Not Islamophobia

Let’s look at Muslim-upon-Muslim hate and violence. Most Muslims from one sect don’t accept or like Muslims from other sects to the extent that it can be played out in physical attacks on the minority Muslim group.

How is it then, that at Islamophobia conferences, the panelists don’t speak out about “Shiite-phobia,” “Ahmadi-phobia” or “Ismaili-phobia?” All three of these minority Muslim communities have had numerous people killed by other Muslims in the name of sectarian violence? I would call this “Other-Muslim-phobia” or “Minority-phobia.”

Someone at the Islamophobia conference should have informed the attendees that Canadians don’t fear Muslims. If they did we would not see masses of Muslim women working in hijabs (sometimes provided by the workplace); we would not see more niqabs and burkas in Mississauga than in Pakistan; we would not see the level of accommodation for prayers and ablution facilities for Muslims and we would not see the abundance of halal meat stores dotting the landscape.

» Leaked Encyclical Proclaims Leftist Radicalism

Francis has no qualifications to decide how best to meet our energy requirements. But he is well positioned to attack our wealth and freedom.

The encyclical promises to be a stunning victory for those who would drag us into the impoverished darkness of oligarchical collectivism. Either Francis is successful at subverting Catholicism to put it at the service of leftist ideology, or he drives people away from the Church by binding it tightly to political radicalism and a debunked hoax. Either way, the hard left wins.

Meanwhile, back in reality, temperatures cool. Not that it matters.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» This is a Test. For the Next 30 Days We’ll See How Stupid the Republicans Are. This is Only a Test.


» Rachel Dolezal Is Blacker Than Bruce Jenner Is Female

Ever since the Rachel Dolezal story exploded onto the Internet, the Left and some on the libertarian Right have been intent on doing their condescending, conclusory, eye-rolling best to dismiss any notion that Dolezal’s story is in any way comparable to Bruce Jenner’s. “Caitlyn” is a woman, and Dolezal is a fraud, and that’s that. Or, as the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart put it — in much-quoted Twitterspeak: “FTLOG, Caitlyn Jenner is not “pretending” to be a woman. Move along . . . ”

» The Left Rejects Painful Truths

The entire concept of “political correctness” emanates from the Left’s incapacity to acknowledge painful truths. The very definition of politically incorrect is an idea or truth that people on the left find too painful to acknowledge — and therefore do not want expressed.

Why are so many young black males in prison? The reason is politically incorrect — meaning too painful for the Left to acknowledge: Black males commit a highly disproportionate amount of violent crime.

Why are there speech codes on virtually all college campuses? Because leftists — who control most campuses — do not wish to hear discomforting facts or opinions with which they differ. That causes them pain.

That is the Left’s own language. Leftists constantly speak about people being made “uncomfortable” and about feeling “offended” (conservatives almost never react to an idea with which they differ by saying, “I’m offended”).

Or take the left-wing bumper sticker idea, “War Is Not the Answer.” Of course, war is often the answer to great evil. Nazi death camps were liberated by soldiers fighting a war, not peace activists. But having to acknowledge the moral necessity of war is too painful a truth for many on the left. One might say that leftism appeals to those who wish to remain innocent children. Growing up and facing the fact that life is messy, difficult, and painful is increasingly a conservative point of view.

» The Left’s Midas Touch

The Midas Touch is named for the mythical Greek king Midas, who is said to have been able to turn everything he touched into gold. The Left has the opposite ability: to turn virtually everything it touches into rubble. Sometimes it happens quickly; sometimes it takes generations. But it is inevitable.

» The Left’s ‘Microaggression’ Obsession Is Indicative of Its Micro-totalitarian Tendencies

The concept of “microaggression” is just one of many tactics used to stifle differences of opinion by declaring some opinions to be “hate speech,” instead of debating those differences in a marketplace of ideas. To accuse people of aggression for not marching in lockstep with political correctness is to set the stage for justifying real aggression against them.

… the political Left’s attempts to silence ideas they cannot, or will not, debate are a confession of intellectual bankruptcy.

» English Teacher Wants Shakespeare Banished From the Syllabus for Being White

Preserving our culture by teaching the great works is denounced as “Eurocentrism.”

Progressives are about as subtle in their message as the Islamic State. They hate our civilization and don’t want it to exist anymore. If they remain in control, it won’t for long.

» PA school district holds staff training, joins prayer service at Islamic mosque

There was no mention of objections or threatening letters sent to the school district by atheist groups that typically scream foul with religious-themed school events.

Either ‘atheist groups’ are whimpering cowards who only pick on people that turn the other cheek …
Or ‘atheist groups’ have a different agenda than the one they profess.

» First Mary Jo Kopechne, Then America

… “cruel,” according to the Times, was the Republican Congress’ cut of $20 billion from legal aid for immigrants. (Americans: WE GIVE FREE LEGAL AID TO IMMIGRANTS?) Yes, it’s “cruel” for the American taxpayer not to spring for lawyers suing taxpayers for yet more immigrant benefits.

What is the point of bringing in immigrants whom we have to help? Oh, I remember now! The rich need cheap labor and the Democrats need welfare-dependent voters.

Thousands of criminals were made citizens to ensure Clinton’s re-election. If felony records were ignored, it goes without saying that there was zero effort at enforcing other basic citizenship requirements, such as having good moral character, five years’ U.S. residency or an understanding of American civics.

Kennedy’s 1965 immigration bill, combined with white self-loathing and, in some quarters, WASP-loathing, has made it impossible for America to assert any sensible traditions, even abandoning the requirement that immigrants learn English, our “common medium of speech,”

Americans didn’t move to Somalia; Somalis moved here. Apparently, the bargain is: We assimilate to Sharia law, and they assimilate to America’s culture of constantly bellyaching minorities.

June 12, 2015

» No Strategy. No Clue.

The Islamic State troops must be stopped at some point, but Obama is not the President who will do it. Whatever U.S. backed combat occurs will be just enough to present enough television news images to convince the gullible that progress is being made.

Obama arrived in office without any strategy and has spent the last six and a half years “muddling through” as the British say. He and the Democratic Party had only one goal; to win the elections. After that, they wanted to “fundamentally transform” the greatest nation on planet Earth. They have largely made a mess out of everything they touched from ObamaCare to Common Core.

the 2016 elections are more critical to the future of the nation than all previous ones.

» Barack Obama was just caught red-handed lying through his teeth about the Iran deal and attempting to fool Congress and the American people about “sanctions.” I contend this takes us well beyond the point of questioning Obama’s judgment and brings us to the point of questioning his motives.

» Obama Tries To Bully The Supreme Court One More Time

… far from a speech about ObamaCare, this was another display of Obama’s towering arrogance, his eagerness to tear down any government institution that stands in his way, his penchant for pitting groups against each other and his need to politicize everything.
In these endeavors, unlike ObamaCare, the president is succeeding better than anyone might have expected.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Honestly, many people have WRITTEN OFF Black America and here’s why
» Joyce Carol Oates Enraged Over Death of Latex Dinosaur
» At what point does a President’s actions become treason?


Demonstrating qualifications for President of the United States
Incompetence – check.
Possession of dog-eared, worn and battered Race Card – check.
Perpetual Indignation – check.

» Marilyn Mosby Filed Gag Order Motion IN THE WRONG COURT

Baltimore city state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby’s motion for a gag order in the Freddie Gray case was denied Monday because the prosecutor filed paperwork in the wrong court.

The faulty filing is not the state’s attorney’s office’s first procedural misstep.

» Baltimore Cops on Increased Violence: They Wanted a Soft Police Force, Now They Have One

Back in April, rioters, criminals and yes, “peaceful” protestors made it clear they did not want police in their Baltimore neighborhoods. The police took notice.

Since then, violent crime and murders in the Maryland city have skyrocketed.

The vast majority of anti-cop agitators aren’t anti-cop because of police brutality, they’re anti-cop because cops interrupt their criminal behavior. Law abiding citizens suffer as a result and criminals rule. Further, if you think citizens can protect themselves, think again. Maryland has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country.

» Florida CAIR Pedophile Out On Bail

Saleem, driving in a car with a specialty plate which read “Invest in Children,” drove to a house located in Clermont, Florida thinking he was going to have sex with a twelve-year-old girl who he met online. But when he opened the door to the house, there were no children inside.

Invest in Children ? As in, like a commodity to be bought, sold, traded and used? Well so what? It’s the way mohamed instructed by example. And besides, pedophilia is right there on the leftist checklist of infringed rights.

» Forbidden at the University of California: “America Is the Land of Opportunity”

That “thud” you hear is Martin Luther King Jr. and all of his achievements being tossed under the faculty trainers’ jitney.

Moving on to the Hate America part of the agenda …

» Marquette University Faculty Support Convicted Cop-Killer

We are past the point where the sort of leftists who dominate university faculties can excuse their depraved opinions by proclaiming that they mean well. No one who supports homicidal vermin like Chesimard/Shakur means well

» Green Lies

It’s romantic to fantasize about freeing whales so that they can frolic in the ocean. That probably wouldn’t work out very well. After the movie “Free Willy” ran, the whale depicted in the film was set free. But wild whales wouldn’t accept him in their pods. Willy kept returning to shore to be near people. He let children ride on his back. Willy died not long after he was set free.

It’s hard to think rationally when animals tug at our heartstrings.

From the comments:

Lori Marino says it’s cruel to imprison whales in tanks where they “have to do stupid pet tricks.”

1) The whales don’t know that the tricks are stupid–they are happy to get easy food in return for some simple action.

2) Leftist require “stupid human tricks” all of the time–separating recycling; pretending that trans-sexuals are normal, and treating racially-biased school admissions as if they are “fair.”

Another reason that these are not “stupid pet tricks” is that they are designed to provide mental stimulation and exercise, equivalent to what they experience in the wild. And, unlike government dependent humans, at least these whales are EARNING their keep!

» Ecomoonbat Calls for Extinction of Human Species

Take liberal self-hatred and identification with “the other” to the last extreme and you have radical environmentalism, which sides with animals and even plants against human beings. Take radical environmentalism to its logical conclusion and you have the human extinction movement. Portland, Oregon substitute teacher Les U Knight speaks on its behalf:

    [T]he leader of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, Les U Knight, argues that an increasing human population is pushing Mother Earth’s caring capacity to its limits and believes we should voluntarily phase ourselves out in order to save the planet for other less-destructive life-forms.

Once again, the proper response is “You first, Spanky. Wanna borrow my gun?”

» Greetings From Jerry Brown’s Planet California

… in California, where the increasingly silly statements of Gov. Brown amid a major man-made water crisis are thought of as nothing more than “fascinating,” as the Los Angeles Times puts it, even if a little “maddening” at the same time.
The freakish reality is that as California sinks into crisis, it’s being led by a space cadet, Governor Moonbeam himself, as if a mask of respectability had suddenly been ripped from the face of a dormant political hack to reveal the New Age looney he’s been all along.

Rather than blame the water crisis on his own failures to construct water-storage facilities to ensure that water from wet years is saved for dry years, or present new technological possibilities for long-term solutions, Brown said the crisis was all about global warming.

The governor obviously doesn’t see the water shortage as a problem he was hired to fix. It’s really a matter of “overpopulation,” he said, ignoring how he invited illegal immigrants to call his state home. “You’re all welcome here,” he told them last year.