October 9, 2014

October 9, 2014

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» BUT THERE’S NOTHING TO CUT: Colorado Welfare Recipients Withdrew Electronic Funds in Hawaii, Vegas, and Virgin Islands

analysis of a Colorado Department of Human Services welfare ATM withdrawals database shows that $3.8 million was withdrawn by Colorado welfare recipients outside the state in the past two years. There were withdrawals at out-of-state liquor stores and tobacco outlets, as well as vacation destinations like Hawaii, Las Vegas and even the Virgin Islands

Still Not Serious about their job
» State Department Endorses Handbook Calling Jihad ‘Noble’

… published by Canada’s Muslim community that refers to jihad as “noble” and urges law enforcement to avoid using terms such as “Islamic extremism.”

» The Man Who Knew Nothing

Let’s take Obama at his word for a moment and assume that he really is a clueless dilettante who doesn’t know anything about anything until it appears in bold type on the front page of the New York Time. But then what exactly does he do besides give speeches at fundraisers, golf, vacation and blame Congress for not passing some gimmick bill that even his own party loyalists wouldn’t touch in an attempt to divert attention from the latest disaster he only found out about through the media?

Having thrown everyone else under the bus, Obama is gently climbing under it for a short nap. Then he’ll be back to change the subject from his latest failure to a proposal that is doomed to become a failure while urging Americans not to be cynical about all his past failures.

It’s what makes him such a perfect man of the left.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Hagan’s Husband Used Stimulus Money To Hire His Own Company
» Bird-brain busts into restaurant yelling; what she said to cause laughter and tears
» New York Times Editorial Calls for Moving Toward Normalization of Pedophilia
» JW Confirms: 4 ISIS Terrorists Arrested in Texas in Last 36 Hours
» Charlotte Newspaper Employs Bogus Labels To Skew Story Against GOP Senate Candidate
» Anti-Obamacare movie producer hit with IRS audit…coincidentally, I’m sure


» Commission says Christian business owners should leave religion at home

Hands On Originals cannot discriminate against individuals because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. In other words, the T-shirt company must service LGBT customers – no questions asked.

The examiner also ordered Adamson to attend “diversity training” conducted by – wait for it – the Lexington Human Rights Commission.

Take just a moment and let that sink in – a Christian business owner is being ordered to attend diversity training – because of his religious beliefs. That’s a pretty frightening concept and a mighty dangerous precedent.

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» School Told to Call Kids ‘Purple Penguins’ Because ‘Boys and Girls’ Is Not Inclusive to Transgender

… it instructs teachers to interfere and interrupt if they ever hear a student talking about gender in terms of “boys and girls” so the student can learn that this is wrong.

The teachers were also given a handout created by the Center for Gender Sanity, which explains to them that “Gender identity . . . can’t be observed or measured, only reported by the individual,” and an infographic called “The Genderbred Person,”

You Get What You Tolerate
You Get What You Tolerate. You Get What You Tolerate.
(my keyboard has learned to type that sentence all by itself)

» Obama’s Ideal Revolution

… once-nonpartisan federal bureaucracies have become catalysts for fundamentally transforming America. Often-ideological bureaucrats have forgotten their original mission.

» Why Scripps College Doesn’t Want to Hear from George Will

A prominent conservative political pundit was uninvited from speaking at Scripps College, in a program designed to promote conservative views on campus, because of his conservative views.

The college’s website describes the “Elizabeth Hubert Malott Public Affairs Program” — from which the initial overtures came — as having been established to bring irregular speakers to campus. Why? Because, administrators argue, being exposed to “a range of opinions about the world — especially opinions with which we may not agree, or think we do not agree — leads to a better educational experience.” This sounds nice, certainly. But it is clear that Scripps doesn’t mean a bloody word of it. By disinviting Will, the program’s custodians have telegraphed their true assumptions: namely, that students will gain a “better educational experience” if they are subjected to only those other “opinions about the world” that can be squared with the existing curriculum.

» Citizens jailed on trumped up charges a foretaste of coming woes

It is not difficult to envision this Administration implementing this scourge, even if it is on a scaled down basis. They have a history of targeting conservatives and others through the IRS, the Justice Department, Homeland Security, the EPA, and other agencies. They have succeeded in tossing citizens into prison on trumped up charges or on charges that they committed obscure felonies that no one has even heard of. So why is it too giant a leap to envision the Administration conducting such a campaign of retaliation on a much broader scale?

» Liberals: Fine, Obamacare is Forcing People Off of Their Plans, and That’s Great News

First, the percentage of Americans who say they’ve been directly harmed by Obamacare continues to outpace the ‘helped’ contingent. This has been the case in every single poll Gallup has produced on this critical question — frequently by a double-digit margin. The latest disparity (27/16) is in the ballpark of the same two-to-one ‘hurt vs. helped’ breakdown we’ve seen consistently across numerous polls on this question. Second, the percentage of Americans saying that Obamacare has “had no effect” on their lives is incrementally grinding down towards 50 percent. Just before the law’s failed launch last fall, nearly seven in ten Americans said they were unaffected by Obamacare; that number has since fallen by 15 percentage points.

» The Progressive Missionaries of Unhappiness

There is no one that the left hates more than a man who does not hate, who goes through the day without outrage and who does not spend his life stewing with vindictive resentments.

Leftists call it “privilege” now.

It is this uncomplicated happiness that the left sets out to ruin at all costs.

It is the happiness of others that makes the left unhappy. It is convinced that this happiness is unearned and illegitimate because it does not take into account how unhappy this happiness makes the left.

October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014
» Crazy is normal in the world of gun control supporters.

She thinks crazy is normal.

Sarah Silverman knows that she can’t be trusted with sharp objects, much less firearms. She knows in her heart that if she owned a firearm she’d fly into a manic state and murder someone, or fall into a fit of depression and kill herself. No wonder guns terrify her. She should never be around firearms.

What she doesn’t grasp is that the majority of people in this world outside of the tiny celebrity world she inhabits are much calmer, reasoned, and even-keeled than she.

Well, the next time she’s scheduled to be in the presence of Al Franken … I say we all chip in and give her a gun. Who’s with me?

» Fact-Checkers Appoint Themselves Arbiters of What Constitute “Gun Rights”


So, to sum up: it is likely that members of the Obama administration committed federal crimes by illegally sharing confidential taxpayer information with the White House for political purposes. With luck, we will find out for sure before our next president is inaugurated. The alternative is that a high-ranking White House official fabricated a baseless smear against the administration’s political opponents and passed it on to reporters to further the administration’s political agenda. Any way you look at it, this is a shameful episode in the already bleak history of the Obama administration.

» ‘Ebola is the best argument you can make’ for Democrats, 9/11 ‘truther’ Van Jones says

Crazy as it sounds, the big attraction of Ebola as a talking point would be that it distracts from all the other things going wrong
…. This Ebola thing is the best argument you can make for the kind of government that we believe in.”

And Jones is wrong … how? On the contrary, I think he nailed it.
I wouldn’t have thought Ebola was the ‘best‘ argument for Progressive Communists, but hey, he’s the expert on that. If he thinks his party is best served by hysterical, diseased and dying zombies, I’ll not argue with him.

But it appears that Obama was a couple steps ahead of Jones, as usual:

In 2010, the Obama administration withdrew updated quarantine regulations drafted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and proposed by the Bush administration. The new rules would have required air passengers to submit more information to airlines and strengthened the government’s authority to detain travelers suspected of carrying disease.

Just part of successful campaign strategies?

» Ebola Yes, Bagpipes No

Every day CBP agents pull stuff like that weekend-in-Vermont thing, screwing over perfectly obviously law-abiding persons – tourists, businessmen, legal residents and, indeed, citizens.

But the Ebola guy gets in.

What is the priority of America’s deranged border regime right now?

US border security devotes more time and resources to Campbell Webster of Concord bringing in a bagpipe than to Thomas Duncan of Monrovia bringing in Ebola.

Big Government is, inevitably, stupid government. The bigger it gets the more it will focus on trivia, and the less it will even be able to discern the few things it should be doing. But something more pathological is going on here: “Homeland Security” is more interested in controlling law-abiding Americans than protecting them.

» Citizens Seem Primed to Retaliate Against Memphis Teen Mobs

No one wants to use lethal force against teens who are merely committing acts of vandalism.

True enough. However, no one wants to be put in the position of having to decide whether or not that ‘mere’ act of vandalism is about to evolve into something else that will cost them their life.

These teens needs to understand, however, that citizens have every right to assume that a large and lawless mob using makeshift weapons or even simply fists and feet can reasonably be considered a lethal force threat when they gang up on victims or vehicles.

Lemme Summit Furya
First of all, the word “teens” doesn’t mean what it used to mean. Humans don’t get stupid on their 13th birthday and then get smart on their 20th – we get arrogantly and sometimes outrageously stupid at some point around the 13th and that stupidity lasts for some into their 30s and for some it never ends. Where did you think liberals come from?

Teens are stupid. Each and every one, including the smart ones … and it’s normal.
Teens are supposed to be stupid, that’s what hormones are for.
But teens are supposed to be guided and even corralled if necessary to get them through the transition from childhood to adulthood. Boundaries are an absolute necessity and frankly are always present … always. But there are boundaries and then there are real boundaries – the nurturing, instructive boundary and then the brutal oh-you-screwed-up-big-time boundary.

Without adult guidance, with the primary boundaries, “teens” will inevitably rely on the wisdom of their peers for guidance. Thus the recipe for the disaster that could be about to unfold in places like Memphis as misguided and stupid “teens” run head long into the brutal boundaries defined by the rights of others to defend themselves against stupid.

» The Empire of Progressive Poverty

If a resource is scarce, then the water empire has to distribute it efficiently. But if a resource is widely available, then the water empire has to find ways of making it scarce, until the demand vastly outstrips the supply.

Global Warming rhetoric is still couched in the usual social justice rhetoric, aimed at the poorer kleptocracies who are eager to join the line for a handout, but its logic is poverty driven. It is not out to create wealth, but to eliminate it, on the grounds that cheaply available food or electricity is an immoral activity that damages the planet.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» INTRIGUING: North Korean General Photographed While Smiling


Yet again, somebody has to sit down and expend some time and effort to put together the facts, dates and figures (called truth) to debunk the latest global-warming alarmist, word-of-mouth lie-relay screech.

» ‘Blatant nonsense’: Media hyped walrus climate scare stories debunked – Claims recycled year-after-year

‘The attempts by WWF and others to link this event to global warming is self-serving nonsense that has nothing to do with science …

Which should have been readily apparent to AP reporters … if they had been mildly interested in reporting the whole truth.

The AP article titled, “35,000 walrus come ashore in northwest Alaska”, claims “the gathering of walrus on shore is a phenomenon that has accompanied the loss of summer sea ice as the climate has warmed.” The AP even includes the environmental group World Wildlife Fund, to ramp up climate hype. “It’s another remarkable sign of the dramatic environmental conditions changing as the result of sea ice loss,” said Margaret Williams, managing director of the group’s Arctic program, by phone from Washington, D.C.

Except that there is no sea ice loss and even if there was, historic and scientific observation (real scientific observation) reveals this walrus behavior as not abnormal, not new and not having a dang thing to do with ice.

But there is, certainly, a “remarkable sign of dramatic conditions” in this story.

» What really drives anti-fracking zealots?

What the frack is wrong with this picture? This is not the same environmental movement that Ron Arnold, Patrick Moore and I belonged to decades ago. Big Green has become too rich, too powerful, too driven by perverse, inhumane notions of ethics, social responsibility and compassion. Their claims about ethanol and wind power being environment-friendly are just as out of touch with reality.

But what about their incessant claims that fracking contaminates groundwater and drinking water? Even EPA has not been able to cite a single “proven case where the fracking process itself has affected water.” A September 2013 report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences further confirms this. After carefully examining water wells in heavily fracked areas of Pennsylvania and Texas, researchers concluded that rare cases of methane (natural gas) contamination were not due to fracking.

… none of this is likely to assuage anti-fracking factions or end their fictions. They are driven by motives that have nothing to do with protecting people’s health or environmental quality. In fact, what they advocate would further impair human health and environmental quality.

Lemme Summit Furya
After decades of struggling to vilify any real sources of energy … just when it seemed they were about to make oil, nukes and any other viable source of energy too unaffordable … along came the fracking industry boom. Not only does it work, it works spectacularly and is changing the entire energy industry. It’s making America more and more energy independent. It has strong potential of providing long enduring and robust energy production to America and American industry.
Just when the final collapse of an out-of-fuel American industrial greatness was within their grasp …. That’s why they hate fracking.

» Dinesh D’Souza criminally sentenced while John Edwards and other liberals skated

… contrast this with what happened to former Democratic candidate for president, John Edwards, who reportedly used nearly $1 million in campaign funds to hide an extramarital affair. If convicted, he would have faced up to 30 years in prison, a much more severe penalty than the three to 10 years D’Souza was facing. According to prosecutors, Edwards accepted $725,000 from an elderly lady, other donations from a wealthy Texas attorney, and filed a false campaign report in order to funnel roughly $1 million from those sources to his mistress, Rielle Hunter, ostensibly to keep her quiet, and an aide, Andrew Young, who pretended to be the father of Hunter’s child with Edwards. Young, who was married, later came out and denounced Edwards in a book for putting him in that position. Edwards, for his knowing and immoral shenanigans, served ZERO time – not a day in a halfway house, jail or prison.

I wish they had asked how the stoners voted in the last two presidential elections.

October 4, 2014

October 4, 2014

No Agenda Detected

… average of 29.8 murders in mass shootings each year …
… average of 1,794.8 stabbed to death annually during that same period.

But The New York Times’ headline on September 24 read: “FBI Confirms Sharp Rise in Mass Shootings Since 2000.”

» Moms Demand SWATting
A disturbing trend on the fringes of the gun-control movement
» Moms Demand Supporters Hope For More Executions Of Open Carriers

» Most gun rights activists, groups remain silent on amnesty threat to gun rights

~~ via BearingArms : Defense Distributed’s “Ghost Gunner” Is All Hype…And It’s Supposed To Be

Is the “Ghost Gunner” worth it?

It depends on what your goals are.

If your goal is to make personal firearms without “Big Brother” knowing what you are doing, then no, it probably isn’t worth the investment when less expensive tools with a much more versatility can be used to achieve similar results.

If your goal is to terrify and infuriate the agents of an ever-more-intrusive government, however, the Ghost Gunner serves its purpose well, and that is precisely the role of everything produced by Defense Distributed, which exists for the explicit purpose of ticking off all the right people.

» MSNBC: Ya know who’s really to blame for this ebola mess? The NRA

» The YAF’s National “No More Che Day” Targets Columbia University

… this event features a speaker who –you might say– “wrote the book,” on exposing the real Che Guevara and the staggering stupidity (or other mental malfunctions) that motivate those who idolize this amazing sadist, coward and epic idiot.

For starters, most of Che’s “rifle-toting” was done in the face of utterly unarmed enemies. “When you saw the beaming look on Che’s face as the victims were tied to the stake and blasted apart by the firing squad, … you saw there was something seriously, seriously wrong with Che Guevara.”

Even as a youth, Ernesto Guevara’s writings revealed a serious mental illness. “My nostrils dilate while savoring the acrid odor of gunpowder and blood. Crazy with fury I will stain my rifle red while slaughtering any vencido that falls in my hands!” This passage is from Ernesto Guevara’s famous Motorcycle Diaries, though Robert Redford somehow overlooked it while directing his heart-warming movie.

The one genuine accomplishment in Che Guevara’s life was the mass-murder of defenseless men and boys. Under his own gun dozens died. Under his orders thousands crumpled. At everything else Che Guevara failed abysmally, even comically.

Illegal Alien … Illegal Alien … Illegal Alien


» U.S. Soldiers in “War” with ISIS Not Eligible for Medals?

Because the Obama Administration refuses to call our fight against ISIS terror a military campaign.

» Army warns US military personnel on ISIS threat to family members

~~ via Pat Dollard : Obama Was Warned Repeatedly Of Consequences Of Literally Insane, Literally Death Penalty-Deserving Treason Of Total Withdrawal From Iraq

There’s nothing more deserving of the death penalty in America than Obama’s intentional, malicious reversal of what he saw as George Bush’s and the right’s victory in Iraq. The only reason there is an ISIS, and therefor a direct threat to America from ISIS, is because of that treasonous withdrawal, which any idiot knew was almost certainly going to lead to the rise of Al Qaeda (a part of which is now called ISIS) again in Iraq, and to that very threat to America.

Also from Dollard: Death Penalty-Deserving Traitor Barack Obama Never Even Attempted To Close A Status Of Forces Deal To Leave Troops In Iraq, Says Senior Pentagon Official

Obama knew 100% that by withdrawing all of our troops he would be giving aid and comfort to two of our enemies, Al Qaeda in Iraq (nee AQI, now ISIS) and Iran, by allowing the former to reconstitute, and by surrendering control of large portions of Iraq to both of them, and thereby providing both of them resources with which to attack the United States, a likely occurrence in each case. This is called treason, and its penalty is called death.

Why don’t we take it a step further: The policies and acts of treason by this president were accurately predicted before 52% of American voters purposely ignored those warnings and elected a radical socialist idiot based solely on the color of his skin.
How can we hold a grudge against (THHO)Obama for doing what we knew he would do without also demanding some retribution from the idiots who gave him the power?

Nothing to do with Islam. Except Everything
» Islamic State: “Women and Girls are Brought with Price Tags for the Buyers to Choose and Negotiate the Sale”

ISIS is just bringing back another Muslim tradition that the infidel West forced it to abandon.

» Allah Made Me Do It

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before.

A Muslim convert who recently became very religious beheads a woman while reportedly shouting Islamic phrases. The authorities rush to convince everyone in sight that it has nothing to do with Islam.

» Beheading is Against Islam, That’s Why Mohammed Owned a Sword Named “Cleaver of Vertebrae”

Can anyone name Moses or Jesus’ favorite swords? Mohammed though had a huge sword collection, a lot of them stolen from other people, because he was kind of a psycho.
How much did Mohammed like his swords? He named them. And he liked them more than his wives or just about anything else.

» Belated Alarums

And so Birmingham will be Muslim. And then where? England will cease to exist as anything other than as a geographic designation. David Cameron can still get miffed about beheadings, but, when a society has opted for assisted suicide, that’s a difference only of degree.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Indeed, How Dare We Leave Andrew Tahmooressi Behind?


» Nation’s Leader Rejects Keynesian Economics, Acknowledges that Real Jobs Are Created by the Private Sector

You’re probably surprised by the title of this post. You may even be wondering if President Obama had an epiphany on the road to Greece?

I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but the leader we’re talking about isn’t the President of the United States.

» Ain’t I A Woman?: Feminism Unleashed

This new feminism completely divides women. For a movement that claims to be pro-woman, shouldn’t it empower us all? The reason is simple; there is no room for pro-life, conservative women in this new sect of feminism. Liberal women often tell conservative women that we are not in fact “women.” Quite perplexing.

» Children of the Global Warming Scare: coming of age with no global warming over their lifetimes

… alarmers are busy promoting more satisfactory totems for their purposes now that global mean air temperature near the surface has so badly let them down. Lubos looks more deeply into fatuous temperature targets. They are stupid targets but my goodness they served the alarmists well for decades by giving the impression we could decide on planetary temperatures merely by destroying our civilisation. ‘Stupid’ is too good a word for such people. Children of the Warming Scare will have been harmed by them. Perhaps as adults, they will be able to think more for themselves more, and begin to develop a calmer, more rational, and more optimistic view of their future.

» Climate Change Has Jumped the Shark

What is the “this” that “changes everything” in Klein’s new title? Why climate change, of course. And what does it “change”? Why capitalism, naturally. The argument of the book in one sentence is that only overthrowing capitalism can we solve climate change. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s how the progressive lefty site CommonDreams described it: “Forget everything you think you know about global warming. The really inconvenient truth is that it’s not about carbon—it’s about capitalism.”

» Save the Environment from the Socialists

The USSR was determined to show that communism could defeat capitalism and while it couldn’t beat the United States in industrial production, it took home the gold medal for environmental disasters. By the end, 75 percent of its surface water was polluted and its air was among the dirtiest in the world.

The only ones to give the old USSR a run for its money when it came to environmental disasters were their fellow Communists across the border in the People’s Republic of China.

But the only thing that the left does better than wreck economies and the environment is rewrite history. Its three-legged roaches crawl out from underneath the rubble and pretend that nothing ever happened. The left claims historical inevitability while refusing to learn anything from history.

» Covering Up Islamic Terrorism for Fun and Profit

… a Muslim terrorist can blow himself up at Ground Zero on September 11 while screaming, “I am doing this because I am a Muslim and I hate you all” and those same experts will tell us that it had nothing to do with Islam, but it was caused by the impact of Global Warming on the molecules of his brain.

It’s all a matter of how you connect the dots.

Democrats think that Global Warming is a bigger threat to America than Al Qaeda. That’s the profitable notion that Al Gore has been selling for some time. When ISIS began making headlines, lefty publications scurried to explain how ISIS had been caused by Global Warming. If you can’t get rid of ISIS, you can always promise to make it go away with another few billion for Bay Area Green Tech liberal donors.

That’s why Homeland Security is focusing on Global Warming. Why bother with Islam when the root cause of Islamic terrorism turns out to be neither Islam nor terrorism, but your failure to buy recycled toilet paper and pay much higher prices for energy. Instead of droning ISIS, we will drone on about sustainable sustainability and how eagles would rather be killed by wind turbines than by oil spills.

» Liberal Establishment Tries to Hype Global Warming as Health Issue

Never mind Ebola, never mind the enterovirus that Obama appears to have imported from Central America and distributed throughout the country. Doctors have a more pressing concern — treating people for global warming …

This is the price we pay for letting everything, even medicine, become corrupted by left-wing politics.

October 2, 2014

October 2, 2014
Panic or No?
Has the zombie apocalypse begun or do we file this under Y2K?

» Q&A: How Worried Should We Be About Ebola Spreading in U.S.?

Those two articles (and others) indicate that it’s not time to search the internet for affordable personal hazmat suits – that Ebola can be isolated, controlled and stopped. The vectors have been identified and quarantined.

Personally, I’m not comfortable with the facts. There was a time when I had faith in the CDC’s abilities … it was about the same time that I had faith in the ability of the extremely highly trained and disciplined secret service to prevent a nutjob from jumping the fence, sprinting the yard, getting through a door and penetrating deep into the impenetrable. And about the same time that I had faith in the big government ‘intelligence’ agencies that didn’t see ISIS coming. Or a President of the United States that … oh, you know.

It only takes one.

    Vector: In medicine, a carrier of disease or of medication. For example, in malaria a mosquito is the vector that carries and transfers the infectious agent

But assuming that Ebola will remain under control in the U.S. and we’re not going to see blood-gushing, pant-crapping zombies screaming in the streets; it’s still not ok to relax and go play golf. Because Ebola ain’t the only critter tapping on the door.

» De Facto Amnesty Virus

“Enterovirus D-68″ isn’t very descriptive. Considering that it was apparently imported and then methodically distributed to every corner the country using Obama’s army of Central American welfare colonists as vectors, maybe it should be called De Facto Amnesty virus. Like all aspects of Hope & Change, it is taking its toll.

    … confirmed case of the virus in Los Angeles County …
    … intensive care unit at Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach …
    … fallen ill in Massachusetts and Colorado …
    … Rhode Island Health Department said Wednesday that …

Remember, it only takes one.
And Obama has already imported thousands.

» Dick Morris: Obama Went Out of Way to Miss Intelligence Briefings

Obama claims he checked it on his iPad, but there’s a huge difference there. If you’re reading a briefing, you skim over it and you can’t ask the machine questions. You can’t ask if that’s human intelligence or signals intelligence or when did this first appear? Not having a national intelligence briefing, if you’re president, is essentially not doing the job.”

Obama does not really care about foreign policy because his ultimate goal is a one-party system.
“The goal of foreign policy is to be left alone so that he can make his transformations within the U.S.,”

“The only real point of congruence is his courting of the Islamic vote in the U.S. and his opening our borders, which he did this month to 100,000 Syrian refugees. I predicted a couple of months ago that Obama would try to confer refugee status on those children coming in from Central America. Well, he just did yesterday. That’s an open invitation for more to come and a promise of amnesty once they get here.”

By designating as refugees people who are fleeing crime instead of famine, disease or war, it allows the United Nations “to demand that the U.S. open its borders to people from those countries.”

“The flow of refugees is controlled by the U.N., not by the U.S.,”

» Comparing and contrasting immigration and assimilation in the Middle East

No UN relief money was given to Israel to assimilate 900,000 Mizrachi refugees, who arrived with no money, and no possessions, but with plenty of medical problems …

Within three generations, the results of assimilation are overwhelmingly obvious. Israeli is a homogeneous country, bound by a single Israeli culture and is one of the most educationally and economically successfully nations in the world.

The exact reverse happened with the Palestinians. They have been afforded UNRWA refugee status for 66 years.

Palestinian refugees, rather than making their way to a new, safe land, retreated 10 to 20 miles at most from the homes they abandoned. This contrasts with the thousands of miles that the Mizrachi Jews had to traverse to find safety.

» What the Arab World Produces

It has produced essentially no technology, medicine or anything else in the world of science. It has almost no contributions to world literature, art or to intellectual development.

The total number of books translated into Arabic during the last 1,000 years is less than Spain translates into Spanish in one year.
… Nearly half of the Arab world’s women are illiterate
… In Egypt, the largest Arab country, 91 percent of women and girls are subjected to female genital mutilation

So, then, is there anything at which the Arab world has excelled for the past two generations? Has there been a major Arab export?
As it happens, there are two.

Hatred and violence.

» On Islam, do we believe Obama or Muslim Ph.D.?

Obama joins his two immediate predecessors in pronouncing on what is not Islamic. Bill Clinton called the Taliban treatment of women and children ‘a terrible perversion of Islam.’ George W. Bush deemed that 9/11 and other acts of violence against innocents ‘violate the fundamental tenets of the Islamic faith.’”
… Anyone with eyes and ears realizes that the Islamic State, like the Taliban and al-Qaida before it, is 100 percent Islamic

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Common Core Teaches That America Is Racist


» Journalists for Hillary Clinton

Forms of civility, etiquette, and protocol bind Chozick in her dealings with the men and women who work for the subjects of her beat. They do not bind me. And so let me say on behalf of Ms. Chozick, and on behalf of all the other reporters who have been “escorted” to and fro toilets across America so that not for a moment do they escape the scouring eyes of Bill and Hillary Clinton, that Craig Minassian can stick his big obnoxious head in the toilet and Flush for Good.

» Willie Nelson Campaigns Against Keystone XL

… if you haven’t heard, the Keystone XL is no different than any of the other 26,000 miles of piplelines built in the United States last year except for one thing: It crosses the Canadian border…
… those who oppose the Keystone feel that wind and solar should be the alternatives and that we are taking our country in the wrong direction by shipping this filthy oil across our farmland.
… you can’t waltz into town in a luxurious 45-foot motor coach, with a windmill mounted to the back bumper.

» Good News… or Not Such Good News?

Remember, Harry Reid enacted the famous “Nuclear Option” just so that Obama could stack the courts and the Executive Branch of the government, without any interference from the Republicans.
… step one of this plan seems to be getting another race-baiting Attorney General, who doesn’t care about obeying or upholding the law, into office, before it is too late. But is that all?


To Satan, it was better to rule in hell than serve in heaven. This is the motivation of the communists. They want power. They want to rule. They don’t give a d— what this earth turns into as long as they are running things

October 1, 2014

October 1, 2014

As always when we expand concealed handgun laws, opponents and media naysayers predicted shootings in bars, guns stolen from vehicles at schools, and various other sorts of mayhem …

It has now been one year since HB 937 became effective. So what has happened? Nothing.

» Liberals Call for New Constitution

We will know we have reached the end game — the part where the Second Amendment needs to come into play — when liberals stop gradually eroding the Constitution and progress to tearing it to shreds so as to replace it with a new document that will explicitly reject individual liberty and affirm their malign ideology of race-based collectivist tyranny. According to some, that time is at hand

» Northeast loses 40% of House seats as people flee high-tax states

The Census Bureau reports that population growth has shifted to the South and the result is that the 11 states that make up the Northeast are being bled dry of representation in Washington.

Critics blame rising taxes in states such as Massachusetts and Connecticut for limiting population growth in the Northeast to just 15 percent from 1983 to 2013, while the rest of the nation grew more than 41 percent.

The biggest impact comes in the loss of congressional representation.

This result is one of the most dramatic demographic shifts in American history. This migration is shifting the power center of America right before our very eyes. The movement isn’t random or even about weather or resources. Economic freedom is the magnet and states ignore this force at their own peril

» Defense Leaders Warn of Tomahawk Missile Shortage

As the United States steps up its battle against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), defense leaders on Capitol Hill are raising concerns about a looming shortage in the Tomahawk missile supply, a key offensive weapon that the Navy has deployed against militant strongholds in Syria and elsewhere.

The U.S. Navy’s current reliance on the Tomahawk, known as “the world’s most advanced cruise missile,” comes just months after the Obama administration attempted to significantly cut funding for the weapon and then eliminate it completely it in 2016, a move that drew heavy criticism from defense experts and lawmakers.

“It’s Us Against Them”

» The Khorosan Group Does Not Exist

“Core al-Qaeda,” you are to understand, is different from “Jabhat al-Nusra,” which in turn is distinct from “al-Qaeda in Iraq” (formerly “al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia,” now the “Islamic State” al-Qaeda spin-off that is, itself, formerly “al-Qaeda in Iraq and al-Sham” or “al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Levant”). That al-Qaeda, don’t you know, is a different outfit from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula . . . which, of course, should never be mistaken for “al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb,” “Boko Haram,” “Ansar al-Sharia,” or the latest entry, “al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent.”

Coming soon, “al-Qaeda on Hollywood and Vine.”

For a product of the radical Left like Obama, terrorism is a regrettable but understandable consequence of American arrogance. That it happens to involve Muslims is just the coincidental fallout of Western imperialism in the Middle East, not the doctrinal command of a belief system that perceives itself as engaged in an inter-civilizational conflict. For the Left, America has to be the culprit. Despite its inbred pathologies, which we had no role in cultivating, Islam must be the victim, not the cause. As you’ll hear from Obama’s Islamist allies, who often double as Democratic activists, the problem is “Islamophobia,” not Muslim terrorism.

» The Democrats Hope You Are an Idiot

As inevitably happens when nonserious people are put in charge of National Security, things have gone awry in the world and Americans have had enough of the hopelessly naive way the Democrats viewed the world in 2008. The second most important thing Democrats believe in is that they should remain in office, so predictably, they have decided to hope the American people will forget everything they have said over the past six or eight years

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Cop-killing ex-Black Panther to give college commencement address


» Muslims Are Funny

Sooner or later, Americans are going to get sick of being terrorized and murdered by Muslims. When they do, they will also get sick of the liberals who have bent over backwards to defend and enable Western Civilization’s ancient enemy.

» Will They Finally Listen? The Danger Posed by the Large Number of Muslim Prison Converts

We have to selectively quote a report to find out what’s in it.
» #NCSen’s Hagan unknowingly blames Dems – & herself – for “worst state for teachers” report

The ranking was “mostly affected” by salaries and their increase “over the last decade” – which, as NC education guru Terry Stoops notes means SEVEN of the TEN years of the report, the NC state legislature (known here as the General Assembly) was controlled by … Democrats, including then-state Senator Kay Hagan

FULL WEIGHT, according to the Hagan campaign – and their faithful supporters on social media, who have also been dutifully passing along links to articles about the report and doing just as Hagan did, blame Tillis reflexively rather than carefully read and analyze the articles and report linked. But since we’re supposed to take this report as the “gospel truth according to Kay and Co,”, we’ll run with the stats in it – just for the sake of argument. You know, argue on their terms.

» Media Ignores Obama’s 60 Minutes Ratings Collapse – Down 69% in a Week

The sympathetic news media is avoiding mentioning his name, instead they are blaming the lack of a football intro for the massive collapse in ratings Sunday night for President Barack Obama’s appearance on CBS’ 60 Minutes. Americans turned away from watching Obama even though he was being interviewed about the nation’s new war on ISIS.

» France’s far-right grabs first ever Senate seats

“There is a complete rejection of Socialist policies,”

» Goodbye, Eric, and Good Riddance

… after six years of Holder hugging Al Sharpton, stoking racial division in places like Florida and Ferguson, after suing police and fire departments to impose racial hiring requirements, after refusing to enforce election laws that protect white victims or require voter rolls to be cleaned, after launching harassing litigation against peaceful pro-life protesters, after incident after incident of dishonesty and contempt before Congress — after all this, it was clear to anyone with any intellectual honesty that this man had a vision of the law at odds with the nation’s traditions.

… Those of you clamoring for “indictments” or “prosecution” of the man can give up. It isn’t going to happen. Nothing is going to happen to him, except that he will move on to a job that even most “1 percenters” wouldn’t recognize.

Holder’s tenure represents the beginnings of a post-Constitutional era, where the chief law enforcement officer of the United States serves to dismantle legal traditions. Holder is the first attorney general to whom law seemed to be an option, a suggestion on the way to a progressive future. Most folks, and most lawyers, who didn’t devote daily attention to him might not have noticed the ground shifting during his tenure. But shift it did, and very deliberately.

» COMMANDO VS. COMMUNITY ORGANIZER: Netanyahu Slams “Brazen Lies” Told by Obama and Abbas

No Israeli Prime Minister could allow such an attack to go unanswered. And so Netanyahu began his remarks by daring President Obama to distinguish between his battle against ISIS and Israel’s battle with Hamas.

» NY Times: To Solve Climate Change, The Economy Must Change

There are very few Believers in “climate change”, ie, the notion that every change in the weather and earth is caused mostly/solely by Mankind’s release of greenhouse gases, primarily CO2 (what they unscientifically call “carbon pollution”) from fossil fuels, who will admit that one of their primary goals is to change the economies of countries and the world into a far, far left Progressive/Socialist one. Naomi Klein is one of them. She’s been running around talking about her book, saying exactly that

September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

» Shaneen Allen to Avoid Prison as New Jersey AG Revises Sentencing Guidance for Gun Law Violations

… she lawfully owned the firearm and would have been lawfully able to carry it in her state of residence. Once in New Jersey, the firearm apparently never left her vehicle. She was otherwise law-abiding, and police only discovered the gun because of a routine traffic stop. Ms. Allen volunteered the presence of the firearm even before being asked about it, and police immediately took it into custody. Finally, Ms. Allen was honestly unaware that her Pennsylvania concealed carry permit did not apply in New Jersey

The NRA, politicians, cops and lawyers in two states are arguing over lawfullness.

What is the highest law in America? Is it the Constitution?
Does the Constitution contain the words “… the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed”? Why, yes it does.

Why, then, all the argument over the severity of punishment of a citizen of the United States who did that which shall not be infringed?

Comparing America to Englandistan.
Englandistan: British bystanders watched a soldier get hacked to death

The recent attack on a British soldier by assassins wielding meat cleavers while bystanders looked on raises the question: “Why didn’t anyone try to help the victim?”
Because British citizens are prohibited from carrying objects that could be used as “offensive weapons.”

Because American citizens have, so far, refused to allow their government to confiscate their guns.

Some would assume that cowardice and apathy took place in Englandistan after British citizens’ guns were taken from them. Some would be wrong … cowardice and apathy are why they submitted to disarmament.
So it should be no surprise that Brits can stand and watch one of their military being hacked to death, in the middle of the street, by muslims with meat cleavers – just as it should be no surprise when an American citizen picks up a rifle and administers lead poisoning to a muslim in the act of beheading women.

It is no coincidence that the same soul-rotting cowardice and apathy that causes people to surrender their primary means of self defense – also causes people to tolerate murderous butchery as an expression of the butcher’s religion.
The fact that would-be murderous butchers are tolerated here, coddled and granted extra ‘rights’ and welfare is an indication of how far down the soul-rot, apathetic coward path we have already traveled.

What you’re seeing at outlets like CNN and the Associated Press is bland coverage about a man beheading a woman, without much in the way of context as to why a man would do such a thing… as if “beheading” wasn’t enough of a giveaway to any but the lowest of low-information voters. Somehow I think we’d be getting a lot more “context,” probably right in the headlines, if Alton Nolen had been a member of the Tea Party.

» VERSES FROM THE QURAN.. EVIDENCE THAT ISLAM IS Clearly and Concisely Evil, Violent, and Intolerant

Dhimmitude in Englandistan
» We Were Thrown Off a Bus for Singing About a Pig to Our Baby

… a woman then complained to the driver that their behavior was clearly a racist reference to the fact that Muslims cannot eat pork.

“She was saying, ‘You’re irresponsible parents teaching your child to be racist. You shouldn’t be singing that to your daughter, it’s a song about pigs and it’s racist,’”

There is probably more to this story than what’s reported in this particular article, but we’ll probably never know.
So let’s assume that the couple was indeed singing the pig song just to piss off the muslim nearby. (But first, I have to point out that it was not necessary, as the muslim was already pissed by just having to be in the presence of filthy bacon-breath kufar and unable to cut their heads off. ) … but anyway, you have to wonder about the culture of a society that would force parents and their baby to walk home because they sung a song about a pig that wounded the sensitivities of a follower of a religion that advocates mandates horrific human butchery.

I wonder about the bus driver that forced the couple off. Is he an ever-insulted muslim too? Or is he so pitifully brain-washed in political correctness that he can’t tolerate the intolerance of a pig-song singers in the presence of she-who-shall-not-be-insulted-because-she-wears-a-tent? Or is he just a coward?

I also have to wonder which race was the target of the song’s racist intent? Since islam is political cult and not a race, the insulted muslim could have been white, black, brown … Asian, Arab, Persian … or anything in between. What if the couple were of the same actual race as the insulted muslim? Would the coward bus driver have still gave them boot for being racist?

    The old, out-dated, pre-caliphate definition:
    noun – a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
    adjective – having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another

Race, if you ask a muslim, is defined by islam – by the koran – by mohammed as muslim and non-muslim. If you are not muslim you cannot say nor do anything regarding a muslim without insulting the muslim and thereby committing racism. On the other hand, you cannot remain silent or do nothing regarding a muslim without insulting the muslim and thereby committing racism. In other words, you’re either a muslim or a racist.
That means the muslim is obligated to punish you – for not being muslim. Period.
The muslim race is compelled to either convert or kill all non-muslims. Gee, that sounds a little …. racist.

» A Nigerian Prince Called Islam

Western elites, who fancy themselves more intelligent and more enlightened than the wise men and prophets of every religion, and who base their entire right to rule on that intelligence and enlightenment, are not in the habit of admitting that they have been played for fools.

The Arab Springers who predicted that the Muslim uprisings would bring a new age of secularism, freedom and an end to the violence between Islam and the West; are busy writing up new checks.
…. Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt; it also laps at the shores of Tel Aviv, flows out to the English coast and floods cities across Europe.

Some of the best minds in two hemispheres are engaged in seeking a solution to this paradox, which isn’t a paradox at all but rather a straight-line projection.

If Abdul is beheading people when all he has to work with is a sword then, if you give him a gun, he will start shooting them instead. If he’s blowing up buses when he only has a terrorist group, he will blow up countries when he has a country.

Muslims assume that Americans are conspiring to destroy them through a byzantine series of plots and conspiracies, because that is what they would do in our place… and that is what they are trying to do.

» Americans forced out of US military; illegal aliens allowed to enlist

… armed forces are undergoing a reduction in force, thousands of junior enlisted men and women are being denied the opportunity to re-enlist while a few thousand junior and mid-grade officers and non-commissioned officers are being involuntarily separated or retired. Many of those are currently serving in combat

… we are forcing out people who are already trained and, in a large number of cases have combat experience. In return we are bringing in people who are illegal aliens and who owe no formal allegiance to the United States and who require training. There is no possible reason for this that makes sense from either an operational or personnel management standpoint. [UPDATE] In fact, all four services had met their enlistment goals for Fiscal Year 2014 (which ends September 30) by May 31. This is simply a sop Obama is throwing to his base and the race-based constituencies the Democrat party is beholden to and it is done so at the expense of American men and women who have, in many cases, put their lives on the line for this nation.


… you weren’t supposed to know about Obama’s human wave assault this year. The photos of children stacked up like cargo in warehouses were leaked, provoking a crisis that sent immigration rocketing from an issue that didn’t crack the Top 10 lists of voters to their Number One concern. You also weren’t supposed to know about the buses and planes distributing thousands of illegal aliens to communities across the country, making it effectively impossible to deport them.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» 350-Pound Woman: I’m Obese Because I Don’t Get Enough Taxpayer Money


» War on Women 2.0

The war on women has a proven record of success — in mobilizing Democratic women and trumping what would otherwise seem much more important issues — and it is so simple that any idiot can run on it.

The assumption is that women are strong and independent — just don’t say the wrong word around them, or they will get the vapors.

The Democrats deserve credit for managing to portray a position supported by no one serious in public life — that women should be denied birth control — as the default position of the Republican party.

» Citing climate change, Obama fences in huge Pacific area after wheeling and dealing

» Capitalism Is Clean(er)

Everybody has a theory about what the future could look like, but if we look at the actual record — the record of history — capitalism wins, hands down, over socialism and other state-run economic models when it comes to environmental measures. There is no contest. And at the moment, many of the most interesting ideas about environmental protection are coming from explicitly free-market thinkers. It wasn’t socialism that saved the white rhino.

» New York Times Jumps the Global Warming Shark, Declares Alaska Will Soon Be Like Florida

You never want to go full moonbat, because if you do, no one will take you seriously ever again.


In reviewing President Obama’s address to the United Nations, I mentioned his approving quotation of Sheikh Abdallah bin Bayyah, who said, “We must declare war on war, so the outcome will be peace upon peace.” Unfortunately, he belongs to a group that is also noted for declaring war upon American soldiers, signing onto a fatwa whose outcome was corpses upon corpses.

You can imagine how many moonbats swooned over that incoherent sentence: “We must declare war on war, so the outcome will be peace upon peace.”
How about “declare peace on war to stop the war on peace” ? eh? It makes just as much and just as little sense.
Or this: Peace happens when you’ve demonstrated your desire for peace in conjunction with demonstration of your ability and willingness to utterly destroy anybody that screws with you and your peace.

September 27, 2014

September 27, 2014

» Obama Forbids FBI to Use Religion in Identifying Terror Threats, as ISIS Recruits Openly in U.S. Mosques

» OKLAHOMA BEHEADER’S Facebook Page has everything to do with Islam…EVERYTHING!

» Yale to Host Radical Terror Sheikh Who Advocated Killing of U.S. Soldiers

Al-Ghannouchi was a founding trustee and board member of a group that signed onto a notorious 2004 fatwa endorsing the murder of U.S. troops in Iraq and has personally urged the Muslim world to “burn and destroy” U.S. interests across the globe.
… The sheik’s violent rhetoric, radical leanings, and endorsement of Hamas led him to be banned from entering the United States for a time.
… “In 1991 its operatives attacked the headquarters of Ben Ali’s party, killing one person and throwing acid in the faces of several others, and that same year Ghannouchi called for attacks on U.S interests in the Middle East in response to America’s invasion of Iraq in the Gulf War.”

While “the Arab world is casting off double-talking ‘moderate Islamists’ like Rachid Ghannouchi, the foreign policy think tanks in Washington, D.C., and Yale Law School shouldn’t be trying to fool the rest of us,”

» Most Illegals in Recent Surge Have Vanished

For nearly three months this summer, the Obama administration carefully avoided answering questions about what happened to tens of thousands of immigrant families caught illegally crossing the Mexican border and released into the United States with instructions to report back to immigration authorities.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and others said they faced deportation. But it turns out that tens of thousands of those immigrants did not follow the government’s instructions to meet with federal immigration agents within 15 days. Instead, they have vanished into the interior of the U.S.!

Jeh Johnson, head of the government agency responsible for the security of our homeland, had thousands of foreign invaders of the homeland in his hands and let them go with instructions to come back and fill out forms when they had time. They all faded into the shadows.
But he’s got a plan to fix that ….

» DHS Secretary Says He’ll Do ‘Background Checks’ to Ensure Amnestied Illegals Won’t Commit Terrorism

I am very focused on knowing as much as we can about individuals who are undocumented in this country,” Johnson said. “And I believe that if an earned pathway to citizenship were to become law, that would encourage people to come forward and submit to a background check so they can get on the books.

Lemme Summit Furya
That’s stupid.
That is industrial-strength stupid. You have to wonder how someone that stupid can even walk.

» House Investigators: Holder Played Politics With the Law

“Through strong arming reporters, practically ignoring high level wrongdoing, blocking his own agency Inspector General’s access to information, and overseeing a Department that attempted to stonewall Congressional oversight with denials of what is now established fact, Attorney General Holder abused his office and failed to uphold the values of our Constitution,”

» Dosvedanya, Holder: America’s First Soviet Attorney General Steps Down

When you know deep down you’re a dishonest person, when you have had to eat the bitter pill of your own corruption who knows how many times … you have to invent a narrative for yourself to justify your activities. So over may years Holder developed what I have called elsewhere a “nostalgia for racism.” No matter that racism was diminishing in our culture, he had to keep racism alive, believe it was alive. If racism were going away, he would no longer have a raison d’être, an excuse for his biased behavior, an excuse, as it turned out, to go beyond the law, act unilaterally and punish political enemies.

Toward this end, in a sense, Holder encouraged racism, as did Obama. They are both slightly more polished versions of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Like Jackson and Sharpton, they act as if they care about the black man or woman in the street, but in actuality they just care about themselves. The racial posturing is a form of moral narcissism that works to preserve racism, not to defeat it.

… By the way, apropos Marc Rich, isn’t it ironic one of Holder’s last causes as AG was his attempt to get Dinesh D’Souza put away in prison for years for an illegal political donation of a measly thirty grand?

» JW Forces Holder Out?

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Dinesh D’Souza Forced to Undergo Therapy
» THE ANTI-WAR LEFT: Now Appearing on Milk Cartons Near You
» Spreading Respiratory Virus May Cause Polio-like Paralysis: CDC


It Smells Like Satire
We live in a time when reality and satire have become indistinguishable. Practically every headline available today would have been rejected as satire about twenty years ago and no matter how stupid the story you can no longer dismiss it as a hoax or satire based simply on the magnitude of the stupidity.

» New York artist creates ‘art’ that is invisible and collectors are paying millions

Nothing is too stupid to be true.

~~ via Moonbattery where it is revealed as a hoax.
Nevertheless, for a couple of minutes you had to wonder if it was a hoax. You were hoping it was.

And that’s the point. The state of human affairs has reached the level of stupidity at which something this ludicrous cannot be dismissed as a lie.

» No Global Warming for 18 Years

… what Kerry meant to say is that getting anyone smarter than a box of rocks to believe in global warming is the biggest challenge they face. Changing the name of the phony crisis to “climate change” in tacit admission that it isn’t getting any warmer is not likely to help.

There might be a still bigger challenge on the way for Hanoi John Kerry et al.: dealing with the wrath of the public when people move beyond figuring out that they have been lied to and begin to understand the purpose of those lies — namely, to crush our freedoms, confiscate our wealth, undermine American sovereignty, and destroy our way of life.

Filed under

» Leonardo DiCaprio’s Delusional Daydreams of Total Tyranny

I know it isn’t easy to take this twerp seriously, but he is part of political movement that has as its explicit goals the control of all productive human activity and the drastic reduction of our standard of living, so maybe we should try.

As with the wannabe global hegemons who attempt to inflict tyranny through the UN, DiCaprio’s control freak fever dreams are highly ambitious.

So let me ask: when’s the last time you spent money on a DiCaprio movie?
Lemme rephrase that: when’s the last time you donated to DiCaprio’s socialist movement?

Cringe Time

September 26, 2014

While it seems like good news at first, the proposed or tentative or suggested resignation of Eric Holder makes me cringe. I cringe so hard my back hurts, when I try to imagine who – or what – King (THHO)Obama will nominate for replacement. I’m tempted to make jokes about who the next AG will be, but I know that no matter how ridiculous or stupid I get with it, (THHO)Obama will outdo me.

Ah, wot da heck.
Black casino-grade race card dealer? Capable of firing race cards at a frequency best described as a cyclic rate. But no shuffling experience … all the cards are the same. Wait, I just described the incumbent.
Communist? One would think that, given the number of commies in the (THHO)Obama administration, they would have exhausted supply. One would be wrong.
Muslim? Oh, very possible. Since there are so many moderate muslims that only secretly wish death on infidels and so very few blood soaked head choppers with law degrees available, well, the chances of a bearded, ragtop AG is not out of the question. Especially, if he wears a bowtie and hornrims.
Illegal Alien? Why not? A job’s a job, and I don’t think there’s a law that says he has to speak english. There might be something about citizenship, but that’s no biggie. That can be fixed with a quick stroke of the First Pen.
GlobalCluster Greenie? Never mind, I already covered that above, with Communist.
Homer Sekshul? Nah, probly not. All available leftist homers are already camped out under the Resolute Footstool.
FemiNazi? If a [not visually verifiable] woman lawyer can be found that has filed suit against Adam of Eden, decked in jewelry made of aborted baby bones, wears a barbed dildo in an open-carry holster … it would not be passed over in favor of a human being.

The possibilities are endless and no postulation is too ridiculous to be ruled out. Except! this one:
An American who has read, understands and agrees with the Constitution and who will “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that … will bear true faith and allegiance to the same”.

We dare not even hope for that.

September 25, 2014

September 25, 2014
» Kroger Rebuffs Demanding Moms

» Gabby Giffords’ ARS ‘Stalker’ Ad Backfires

» Colorado Springs School District Allows Security Staff To Carry Firearms

Colorado Springs’ largest school district, with nine middle schools and four high schools, will allow its security staff to carry firearms beginning later this year.

… “If you look around the nation at school shootings, they’re over fairly quickly once the first armed officer arrives,”

“So having the ability to have someone armed on campus makes it a lot safer for the school.”

» Hoplophobe Hypocrisy: Dwayne Ferguson Follow-up

The original hand-written document called the Constitution of the United States resides in a vault, inside a building in a city whose ‘leaders’ have to be beaten about the head and shoulders to force them to honor and uphold that document.
» D.C. Council votes, reluctantly, to allow public to carry concealed weapons

The D.C. Council voted Tuesday to grant residents and visitors the ability to carry concealed firearms in public, but the bill would establish a regulatory structure that could make it difficult for gun owners to secure a permit.

So I amend my statement above … they still aren’t upholding the Constitution. The Right that shall not be infringed does not require permission from any government – federal, state or municipality.
Of course, DC is not unique in their failure to understand that being required to ‘apply for permit’ is the same thing as asking for permission.

Australians want their guns back.
But first they will have to fight their left to get back their “screwdrivers, kitchen knives and beer glasses”.
» An assault on our right to self-protection

It should never have reached this stage. Only an authoritarian society would treat its people like helpless victims, with the government masquerading as some kind of guardian angel. Free societies have a strong emphasis on individual self-reliance, including responsibility for personal safety.

It is also the height of hypocrisy for anti-violence groups to fail to promote the availability of practical ways in which potential victims can protect themselves against predators.

» School bans National Guard T-shirts over gun image

~~ via Doug Ross

» No Jackson, Sharpton, or Phleger.

No Holder or Obama talking about ‘If I had a son’.

No CSGV, Brady Campaign, Or Bloomberg’s Mommies carrying signs in front of the homes of the offenders.

It’s almost like they don’t care about a 9 year old boy being riddled with bullets. But why not?

Tactical Success = Acres and Acres of Dead Terrorists

» It’s Time to Kick ISIS Members Out of America

The Muslim fighters rushing to join ISIS hoping to be its “kings of the earth” and “knights of war” and to force the east and west to submit to it are at war with the United States. They have given their allegiance to a foreign power that promises them that they will rule over Americans.

It’s useless to bomb ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria, if we let them march through our airports.

» Maniacal Terrorist Killed, Muslim Community Whines in Australia

By now everyone with an IQ above plant life understands that the root cause of the violence we see literally everywhere there are Muslims is Islam, not “alienation and disaffection.” Yet the nauseating PC rhetoric goes on and on.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Transgender Fighter Breaks Woman’s Eye Socket
» Everything Biden mocked Romney for on the campaign trail has come true


» The Science Is Settled: Fracking Is Safe
So twinkles up! Dude.

The science is settled, as the climate change supporters like to say. Only this time, science confirms the safety of hydraulic fracturing. According to a new study published by the National Academy of Sciences, fracking is safe. End of discussion.

» John Kerry: Threat From Climate Change is Just Like ISIS

While there isn’t much evidence to support Kerry’s claim that climate change is creating “climate refugees,” over the past four days more than 130,000 people have fled Syria because of ISIS.

» UN climate change: Obama gives cash to developing nations without any strings attached

How compassionate is it to ask a country of hungry, unemployed people, many of whom live amongst human trafficking and terrorism, to watch millions of dollars spent in their country on wind turbines and carbon reduction programs?

» Climate justice now! Occupy the climate!

… the People’s Climate March was one long, loud, loosely organized demand that vast sums of money be taken from the wealthy and given to the clients of the coalitions and alliances and networks and task forces that make up today’s environmental justice movement. They’ve had enough of debating climate models. They want to start taking — now.

» Climate Movement Drops Mask, Admits Communist Agenda

… in Oakland — always on the cutting edge — the entire “climate change” movement at last fully, irrevocably and overtly embraced communism as its stated goal. Any concerns about “optics” or operating in “stealth mode” were abandoned.

The “climate change” “crisis” is now nothing but the latest justification for “total revolution” and getting rid of capitalism forever.

Until recently, those attacking the capitalist system as the cause of global warming were intentionally a little vague as to what will replace it if we are to solve the problem. But on Sunday in Oakland, that curtain was drawn back and the new system was finally revealed: Communism.

» Please Don’t Feed the Eco-Intellectuals

I have always been wary of intellectuals. They love arcane theories that often have little to do with real life and this is particularly true of eco-intellectuals who have embraced a panoply of lies and claims about the “environment”, “fossil fuels”, “sustainability”, and other notions that permit them to bloviate without once addressing reality.

This has been a week of eco-propaganda on a global scale. On Sunday there were “Climate Marches.” On Tuesday there will be a UN “Climate Summit”, and there will likely be an avalanche of nonsense in the media intended to make us believe we have control, influence, or impact on the climate when it is obvious to the rest of us that we—the human race—have none.

» New Yorkers Angered At Trash Heap Left By Climate Marchers
Just wondering if these are the same New Yorkers that were angered by the Tea Parties that did not leave any trash behind.

» Moving to a More Constructive High School Curriculum Won’t Be Easy

America’s restoration will not come about unless we put an end to the deliberately corrosive propaganda that is passed off as education, which in turn will not happen unless patriots fight tooth and nail to make it happen. Backing down from this fight is not an option.

» Barack Obama: The Ghost of Columbia University

I just returned from New York, where I attended my 30th Columbia University reunion. I celebrated with my esteemed classmates. Everyone except Barack Obama. As usual- he wasn’t there. Not even a video greeting. Not a personalized letter to his classmates. Nothing. But worse, no one at our 30th reunion ever met him. The President of the United States is the ghost of Columbia University.

I’m certainly no “Johnny come lately.” For five years now (since 2007 when it became clear Barack Obama was running for President), I’ve been quoted in the media as saying that no one I’ve ever met at Columbia can remember ever meeting, or even seeing, our college classmate Barack Obama. Don’t you think the media should be asking questions? Isn’t this a very strange story?

Tip of the coffee cup to the umbrella boys

» Obama Praises Muslim Cleric Who Backed Fatwa on Killing of U.S. Soldiers

President Barack Obama favorably quoted and praised on Wednesday in his speech before the United Nations a controversial Muslim cleric whose organization has reportedly endorsed the terror group Hamas and supported a fatwa condoning the murder of U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

…The State Department’s Counterterrorism Bureau (CT) was forced to issue multiple apologies earlier this year after the Washington Free Beacon reported on its promotion of Bin Bayyah on Twitter.

… Obama and the White House are still supportive of Bin Bayyah, who, despite his past statements, is still hailed by some as a moderate alternative to ISIL and al Qaeda.

So, in our search for the definition of the term “moderate islamic” our dhimmi brethren on the left side of the aisle have defined it as those who seek only to kill Americans and Jews … as opposed to the ‘radical islamics’ like IS that seek to kill everyone.
Well, either that or Obama and his comrades have no idea who or what the enemy is and seemingly doesn’t care enough to identify the generals.
As pointed out by Noah Rothman : In UN speech, Obama praised Muslim cleric who backed killing American soldiers

Few in the mainstream press, however, are likely to make note of this careless and offensive choice of words from the President of the United States.

There was a time not long ago that the president insisted he thought he was “a better speechwriter than my speechwriters.” Maybe he should give crafting his own remarks a try. He sure couldn’t do any worse.

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» Countermoonbat Therapy

September 23, 2014

September 23, 2014
» REMINDER: Mary Landrieu, Claire McCaskill, and 44 other Democrats Voted to Cede Your Gun Rights to the U.N.

… the treaty is exceedingly dangerous because it can be amended by a majority vote of signatory countries, which would negate the Senate’s constitutional authority to approve treaties by ceding it to foreign countries
… In addition, the treaty could prevent the U.S. from providing arms to strategic allies like Taiwan and Israel.

» Australia, ISIS And The Role Of Guns

Most readers probably pondered how ISIS was able to infiltrate a country and the awful acts they were prepared to perpetrate. I didn’t. My thoughts ran immediately to the fact that at least one of the individuals had a “prohibited” weapon and ammunition. As with all gun control, law abiding citizens are unarmed and unprotected, while the criminals have their weapons.

Australia has some of the most restrictive gun control laws on earth.

    Any and all home-grown Islamic terrorism should be able, if need be, to be met by a well-armed civilian militia. The United Kingdom has had two beheadings of members of the public in the last two years, with neither police nor civilians able to prevent it. It has prohibitive gun laws.

    With news of the ISIS plot to randomly abduct members of the Australian public and behead them, Australian sentiment on guns is dramatically shifting.

    It appears Australians are finally understanding the importance of gun ownership and craving it at a time when the world is increasingly unsafe.

Self defense is a luxury when times are safe. When times become hard, the giggling and jokes go away, and people begin to think grown up thoughts. Those who want to continue to think as children pretend that the police will take care of them. Adults know better.

» Brady Campaign lawsuits against online ammo dealers aim to cripple 2nd Amendment

Ares Armor: Wadding Liberal Panties Since Day One

» Army National Guard Sgt. Imprisoned for Life for Saving his Squad

Have you ever heard the name of Army National Guard Sergeant Derrick Miller? If not you need to know who he is.
Sgt. Derrick Miller was charged with the murder of an Afghan man who turned out to be a spying insurgent. He has been sentenced to life in a military prison with the possibility of parole for defending himself and saving his squad from an imminent attack.

» Mayor objects to timing of Islamic mailing

Last week, I received a copy of the Quran.

During a heightened period of instability in the Middle East, beheadings of Americans by Islamic terrorists, and ongoing national security threats, the Council on American-Islamic Relations sent me a copy of the Quran for my reference library.

Here’s what he should have been able to say next:
I ran it through the shredder, put it back in the package and wrote ‘return to sender’.

On its face, the distribution of the Quran may seem innocuous. At any other time, I may not have been so bothered by its delivery. However, the package arrived three days before the 13th anniversary of Sept. 11. This is noteworthy.

CAIR’s cover letter does not acknowledge in any way the anniversary of our country’s worst terrorist attack. It’s not what the letter says, it’s what it doesn’t say. CAIR does not condemn terrorist attacks or recent actions by Islamic terrorists. The expectation appears to be that we’re to simply accept this peaceful gesture and overlook what terrorists are doing in the name of the religious book.

» The Democratic Party’s White Voter Problem

The Democratic Party’s poor performance among white voters is leading it to engage in some very questionable behavior. If Obama and his party weren’t polling so poorly among white voters, it’s doubtful that the Democrats would be nakedly exploiting racial tensions in Ferguson in the hopes of turning out black voters for the midterm elections.

White voters have less faith in government. They believe that the country is on the wrong track. They aren’t committed Republicans, but they are deeply skeptical of a deeply racist Democratic Party that no longer speaks to their needs and values. The Democratic Party’s response to its loss of support among white voters has been to accuse them of racism. In the same New Yorker interview in which Obama claimed that ISIS was a JV team, he blamed racism for his poor approval ratings among white voters. Both claims were delusional and wrong.

White voters did not belatedly become racist. The Democratic Party stopped listening to them and went down a racist rabbit hole trying to defend an administration where Al Sharpton and Eric Holder are dictating a national conversation on race.

» Why aren’t liberal women outraged by Sharia law?

In August, ISIS kidnapped 3,000 women and girls at Mount Sinjar and are using them right now as “war booty.” These women — and girls as young as 12 — are being beaten, humiliated and raped daily.

Yet American feminists and liberal women’s groups have remained shockingly silent on this barbarism. Instead of focusing on this very real war on women, Democratic women reserve their vicious attacks for Republicans and the Tea Party.

» Top-level turnover makes it harder for DHS to stay on top of evolving threats

An exodus of top-level officials from the Department of Homeland Security is undercutting the agency’s ability to stay ahead of a range of emerging threats, including potential terrorist strikes and cyberattacks, according to interviews with current and former officials.

Homeland security don’t mean what it used to mean. It is a concept that has been fundamentally transformed. So when folks report that DHS is failing to fulfill its mission they are referring to the old mission.
Also transformed is the concept of threat – terrorism, bloodshed, colonization, invasion are not threats to the new mission.

Any top-level turnover is simply the result of Americans taking positions in the ” Department of Homeland Security” only to realize that homeland security is a target of the department – not a goal.

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» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky correspondence revealed
» Obama Admin Threatening to ARREST Agents Warning of Terrorist Attack at Border


» ClimateChange: ClimateMarch Of The Goofy-Footed Alarmists
Everything you need to know about the climate-change global-warming screechers in one photo:

» What the Climate Commies Really Want

We don’t have to guess at what the moonbats participating in yesterday’s People’s Climate March really want. All we have to do is ask them ….

Given the political leverage to “turn everything off,” many of these nuts would do it — never mind the tens of millions who would die as a result.

When authoritarian screwballs got the chance to impose their wacko ideology on Cambodia, they killed a quarter of the population. America wouldn’t get off that lucky if hardcore environmentalists took control.

» People’s Climate March

Even if bureaucrats can’t impose the optimal temperature, they can sure seize wealth and power in the attempt.

There was a time, not too long ago, that you could accuse a greenie of being a communist and get a denial. You could actually watch them pretend to be insulted, it was entertaining. Now, at least some of them don’t pretend anymore.

» The Left Doesn’t Really Believe in Climate Change

We anachronists who retain a bias toward the hard sciences would employ very different measures to prevent a freezing ocean and a boiling one. To an engineer, soldier or plumber, this is obvious.

But how do leaders of the environmental left address these opposing doomsdays? By raising taxes, increasing government, impeding capitalism and reducing national sovereignty. Coincidentally, the same policies they would promote if their supposed environmental catastrophe was utter fiction.

When natural gas production was a too-expensive alternative to oil, the environmental lobby promoted it as a surefire way to reduce carbon emissions. Close the coal- and oil-fired plants; convert cars to run on CNG. Yes, it will devastate industries, cost jobs and burn billions of dollars, but think of the children!

Since even malevolent industrialists love their kids, energy barons took the greens’ advice and found cheaper, more efficient ways to extract and transport natural gas. What a victory for the movement! But instead of celebrating, envirolobbyists rent their garments over their once-miraculous fuel. The instant green energy translated into Big Oil profits, progressives placed the CNG and fracking on their naughty list.

… their true religion is raising taxes, increasing government, impeding capitalism and reducing national sovereignty. Climate change is just a temporary excuse to achieve those ends.

» Some people noticed something peculiar about attendees of climate marches and it’s hilarious
» If you want to play the all-weather-is-influenced-by-global-warming game, you are going to lose

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» Student Suspended Over Non-Diet Soda Pop

The more things become criminalized under encroaching totalitarianism, the more people become criminalized, the less respect anyone has for the law. You can’t get out of high school without observing the phenomenon

» Student put in detention for sharing school lunch

Lemme Summit Furya
When I was kid, if I had been suspended for such, my father would have whipped some school tyrant butt. I can promise you that. He’d a done it or died trying.
Cause wanna-be tyrants who know their actions will get them an ass-whoop, remain just that … wanna-be.

Fencing Lesson

The Secret Service is in some not-too-secret trouble following an incident Friday in which a man with a knife climbed over the White House fence, ran 70 yards across the lawn, and then entered the White House through an unlocked front door.

Fortunately, and entirely unsurprisingly, neither the president nor his family were in the White House at the time, having left for a weekend retreat at Camp David. Not that one man with a knife could really do much damage anyway without access to ISIS’s YouTube account.