Dont Feed the Moonbats

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That term is used here in reference to liberals, leftists, socialist dupes, Dhimmicrats, globalzee-warmzee ecofreaks, open-border amnesty fools, OccuCommie anarchists (otherwise known as Occupy Wall Street), antiwar-holes (like CodePoink), dhimmis, truthers and all those who support and align with them.

While most Moonbats are parasites there are certain groups of them that thrive only by the voluntary funding of the general public – you.

These are Hollywood Clowns of the cinema and entertainment industry, radical musicians, the Mainstream Media Networks and moonbat-owned businesses. They are typically rich on dollars supplied by their patrons and fans – and they use their riches to support leftist causes that are contrary to your personal beliefs …. like electing and reelecting (THHO)Obama.

It’s time to stop patronizing them, stop giving them money – Stop Feeding the Moonbats – allow them to starve.
As the BookWorm said:

You can live without seeing the latest action flick, but the movie producers cannot live without your money.

Start with the Mainstream Media Networks. If you still pay for subscription TV (cable, satellite etc.) then you are feeding the media (, as well as the hollywood clowns and the radical musicians).
Stop it. Cancel those subscriptions.

My wife and I cancelled our subscription to DirecTV in November 2008. We had just watched the networks do everything in their power to elect Obama, they had become nothing more than a repulsive propaganda department for the Dhimmicrat party. And they did it with our money.
We cut that supply immediately …. if you have spent more than one second crying about Obama’s reelection and still pay for TV, you can look in the mirror for someone to blame.

But don’t just cancel that subscription. We made sure that DirecTV entered our reasons into their records (via their cancellation interview process) – that we could no longer stomach paying for our own indoctrination.

Once you have stopped feeding the media, turn your attention to the hollywood clowns.
I am attempting to make that easier to do by producing a list Moonbat Celebrities. Use it. Reference it before you spend.

I am also attempting to compile a list of movies that star or employ Moonbats.

For a list of nation-wide businesses the good folks at The People’s Cube have put together a dang good starting list, see that HERE.

The time for pouting and tolerating is past. It’s fighting time and for now we’re still able to fight with our dollars.