Welcome to WhatBubbaKnows

This is not a blog, this is an aggregator website – of sorts.

Aggregator refers to a web site or computer software that aggregates a specific type of information from multiple online sources

Blogging takes more time and patience than I have at my disposal … as well as smarts and talent.
So I aggregate. That means I just pass on stuff that I’ve read and learned from …. I aggregate it into one place and offer it to anyone interested in investing the same amount of time into learning what the liberal media has been hiding from us … to learn what the dhimmis, the socialists, the coddlers of illegal aliens and the crooks and liars of the dhimmicrat party have been doing to our country.

I include approximately half of the material I personally read each day. If I feel like I’ve learned something from it, or you can learn something from it … I’ll link it up.

In other words, what I put on this website each day is what I’ve learned that day – thus it is What Bubba Knows – today.

One of the main reasons I do this website is the opportunity to talk back to the leftist liberals. The left has dominated the narratives for several decades due to their ownership of the media and the entertainment industries. Their opinions and phobias have become accepted as the conventional wisdom. The conservative’s voice has only recently found a medium that allows us to be heard over the din of moonbat chirping – the internet.

Of course, the idiot liberals don’t read my words (as far as I know) but I get a lot of satisfaction by being able to put my opinions out there – whether or not anyone ever reads it or knows about it or agrees.

Here, I get to tell, or show, the world what I think.

This site is the 4th adaptation of WhatBubbaKnows, the first began in 2003.