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Gathering of Eagles

January 26, 2008
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March 13, 2013

The flag of the Three Percenters is flown by those who will not give up their Second Amendment rights voluntarily.

» A Little Encouragement

Fortunately, we don’t have to defeat the entire federal machine. We just have to put up enough principled resistance so that it turns against itself.

Obama, Holder, Napolitano, et al. won’t personally show up in front of your house in an MRAP to confiscate your firearms and/or drag you off to a detention camp in the time-honored collectivist tradition. They will have to send their personnel to do it for them. This personnel consists of Americans; many of them are Americans in the full sense of the word, meaning they will not side with tyrants against the Constitution.

» Prelude to a revolution: Shumer’s gun transfer ban

Chuck Schumer’s S. 374, the Orwellian “Protecting Responsible Gun Sellers Act of 2013,” has been an empty shell… until he slipped in Amendment ALB13180 …. an extremely aggressive attempt to destroy the Second Amendment by isolating and criminalizing extremely common behaviors among gun owners.

  • If you leave home for more than 7 days and leave anyone at home, that becomes a felony illegal transfer. 5 years in prison for each of you.
  • if you take a friend shooting and allow him to fire your gun, that is a felony illegal transfer. 5 years in prison for each of you.
  • If you have a gun lost or stolen and don’t report it within 24 hours, you’ve committed a felony. 5 years in prison.
  • If you lend a gun to someone for to try out at the range, provide a loaner for a student in training, let your son shoot a rifle you purchased while hunting, or provide a gun to a woman for self-defense, you’ve committed a felony. 5 years in prison for each of you.

» The New Hope of Gun Control Advocates

How stupid does the New York Times think we all are? And are we to believe that no one at CNN, or the New York Times, are aware that the new, moderate voice of gun ownership is in fact a radical activist with a group that has been accused of engaging in piracy on the high seas?

» Who’s in charge of implementing Obamacare and why it matters

For conservative critics of Obamacare, who saw in the over-engineered law, the architecture for a liberal takeover of healthcare, this sort of outcome couldn’t be worse. And it was entirely predictable.

Good. I was hoping for this:
» Maine town rejects mandatory gun ownership

Residents of a small western Maine town have rejected a proposal that would have required a gun in every home.

…. Even Anne Simmons-Edmunds, head of the select board, who initially supported the measure, says she voted it down.

The measure was proposed by her father, Bruce Simmons. He voted it down too, saying the wording was wrong. He says it should have read “recommend’ rather than “require.”

Government has no authority or right to force gun purchase or ownership, no more than it does to force purchase of insurance. No more than it does to ban gun purchase or ownership.
Kudos to the citizens of Byron, Maine for rejecting absurd reaction to absurd action.

If only the anti-gun bigots had so much respect for individual sovereignty.

Tuition assistance for soldiers and access to White House tours by kiddies still sequestered.
Meanwhile, the important stuff is still swimming in the dough:
» Feds Spend $1.5 Million to Study Why Lesbians Are Fat

» Sequester the Ammunition

» The GOP congressman who destroyed Obama’s sequester scare story

In questions directed toward Tom Frieden, who is director of the Centers for Disease Control, Harris brought up a White House estimate of the number of children in Maryland who would go without vaccinations if sequestration went into effect. The document said clearly: “2,050 fewer children will get vaccines for diseases like measles and whooping cough.”
It was a serious charge, one that could result in suffering and death; the cuts would apparently devastate something known as the 317 vaccination program.

…. after claiming in the 2013 budget last year that $58 million could be cut without harming vaccinations, the CDC this year claimed that sequestration cuts to the same program, estimated at $30 million, would have devastating effects.

» A World of Refugees

The melting pot myth was that people leave their identities behind to join in a mass identity. That worked only marginally back in the day, it doesn’t work at all today when the refugees are immersed in their Little Mogadishus, which have popped up in a frightening amount of American cities foretelling the day when those cities will become as violent and broken as the original Mogadishu.
The EU is working off another melting pot model, much like the national governments who think that they can create a pliable left-leaning electorate by opening up the borders. What they actually end up creating is chaos and chaos eventually becomes order. The only question is whose order it will be. It isn’t likely to be their order, which leaves few options.

» Cincinnati poll worker charged with voting half dozen times in November
» Federal judge: Arizona can ban classes promoting ‘racial resentment against ‘whites’
» African American Education Czar to Reduce “Resegregation”
» Top 10 Organizations Slashing Workers And Hours Thanks to Obamacare


Dennis Rodman. Only 14 brain cells short of being as not as stupid as Sean Penn.

» For Detroit, a Crisis of Bad Decisions and Crossed Fingers

The financial crisis that has made Detroit one of the largest cities ever to face mandatory state oversight was decades in the making, a trail of missteps, of trimming too little, too late, of hoping that deep-rooted structural problems would turn out to be cyclical downturns that might melt away as the economy picked up.

…. recent findings from a state-appointed review team and interviews with past and present city officials also suggest a city that over the years was remarkably badly run.
“Detroit is a microcosm of what’s going on in America, except America can still print money and borrow,” …..

» Malden High Gun Scare Caused by Water Pistol

The student will face internal disciplinary action.

» Democidal Brainwashing

White “privilege” is a liberal euphemism for hatred of Caucasians. It is promoted by Caucasians who preach self-hatred to gain political leverage and out of sheer vileness.

Helpful hints on how to hate yourself from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website include:

    Wear a white wristband as a reminder about your privilege, and as a personal commitment to explain why you wear the wristband.

Sign #1 that your new president has plans that you’re not gonna like:
» Chavez successor tells Venezuelans to ‘voluntarily disarm’

Finally, the Harlem Shake video I’ve been waiting for –

Note that the use of a plastic bat as a weapon in an assault makes it an assault weapon