February 19, 2013

February 19, 2013
» Political Payback: Facts Behind Organized Labor’s Push to Raise the Federal Minimum Wage

President Obama’s call to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.00 per hour should be seen for that it is: Political payback to labor unions for the millions they spent on his reelection.
An analysis of union collective bargaining agreements available from the Department of Labor’s Office of Labor-Management Standards indicates that many service, retail and hospitality industry labor unions—such as UNITE-HERE or the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)—peg baseline wages to the federal minimum wage. Thus, in many cases, raising the federal minimum wage will either trigger wage renegotiations or automatic wage hikes for certain unionized employees.
The contracts examined either set baseline wages as a percentage of the state or federal minimum wage, or mandate a flat wage premium above the minimum wage.

A number of collective bargaining agreements …. mandated that “[w]henever the federal legal minimum wage is increased, minimum wage [in the agreement] shall be increased so that each will be at least fifteen (15%) percent higher than such legal minimum wage.”

How Many Deputies Can a Sheriff Have? Is there a limit?
» Colo. school districts quietly taking up arms while gun debate rages in Denver

Several districts — especially those in remote rural areas far from emergency services — are looking into creative ways to arm teachers, such as by hiring them for a nominal fee to work double duty as security guards or having them deputized by local sheriffs.

War on Women?
» Democratic lawmaker apologizes for suggesting women afraid of rape can’t be trusted with guns

Democratic Colorado state Rep. Joe Salazar apologized Monday for suggesting some women are so unjustifiably afraid of being raped that they are liable to start shooting wildly.

Salazar, arguing in favor of disarming college students, said Friday on the Colorado House floor that women fearing rape may suddenly and haphazardly ”pop a round at somebody.”

» Man Stuff: Boys, Guns and Sissified Windbags

…. the national debate over guns is mired in the dogmatic swamps of leftist BS by those who believe a rifle is not only the lapdog of the devil — but also a lethal proxy penis.

It is due time to take back the debate from these insidiously warped and sissified windbags who are clearly suffering from unhinged gun-o-phobia.

Lest we forget — guns in the hands of responsible and honorable men have produced much good fruit. From the Minuteman to the Navy SEAL to the husband/father protecting his castle — firearms have been used to defeat tyrants, despots and invaders.


» Eliot Engel reintroduces his perennial confiscatory gun ban bill

…. the ostensible justification for this ban is the supposed ability of the gun …. to defeat police body armor. This is claimed to be a problem despite the fact that the purpose-designed “armor piercing” ammunition, with an aluminum core and a steel penetrator, is already illegal for private citizens, and the fact that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has determined that no commercially available 5.7x28mm round is capable of penetrating standard Level IIIa body armor.
Engel’s strategy for getting around that little objection (and the fact that in all this time, there seems not to have been one law enforcement officer in the U.S. killed by a 5.7x28mm round fired through his body armor) is to set the bar determining what constitutes “armor piercing” much lower ….

In other words, the strategy is to eventually have all ammunition currently available to civilians, classified as armor piercing and thereby rendering all civilians’ guns useless.

Reckless Abandonment of Duty, Insubordination and Childish Defiance
» Senate Dems might renege on budget over sequestration

Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., indicated that Senate Democrats would renege on their promise to pass the first budget in four years if Republicans did not agree to raise taxes in order to avert the automatic spending cuts mandated by sequestration.

Passing an annual budget is one of the Senates’ primary obligations. This Senate of Dhimmicrats has refused to do so for four years straight. Now they want to hold their responsibility hostage in demanding that they be allowed continued unrestricted access to the national cookie jar.
If, as a child, I had demanded a blank check for allowance from my father by going on strike in my chores …. yea, he would have cleared three acres of woods while wearing out switches on my pompous little ass.

It’s time for a butt whoopin’ in D.C. – but instead of taking the tree to the ass, we need to take the asses to the trees.

Gonna need a lot of rope – this could get expensive.

» Rallying Against Enormous National Wealth

“The federal estate contains vast energy resources, but the federal government allows energy production on a very small percentage of taxpayer-owned federal lands. The Interior Department has leased just two percent of federal offshore areas and less than six percent of federal onshore lands for oil and gas development.”

“It takes 307 days for the federal government to process a permit to drill, but only 27 days for Colorado and ten days in North Dakota.” Both states are reaping the benefit in terms of jobs and revenue generated while “energy production on federal lands is stagnating.”

In a nation that is $16 trillion in debt with trillion dollar annual deficits this runs counter to anything that makes any sense at all.

» Confirmed: Obama Regime Is Deliberately Importing Massive Welfare-Dependent Underclass

…. high-skill immigrants tend to have skin color that will not advance the demographic “fundamental transformation” of America. Keeping out welfare recipients would defeat the purpose of the Obama Regime’s immigration policy, which is to secure a permanent Democrat majority by displacing working Americans who believe in industry and independence with millions upon millions of government-dependent Third Worlders who are just here for the free money.

» Saving 1 Billion People From Themselves

The Muslim world is not backward by their standards, it is backward by our standards. It refuses to make the social and political changes that the West did, but that is because it does not like the trade-offs that come with those changes. And that is a choice that each Muslim country and society has to make. Individualism, freedom and tolerance are not acceptable values in the Muslim world. And totalitarianism, theocracy and repression are not acceptable values in ours. The Muslim world has no obligation to accede to our cultural standards, but we accordingly have no obligation to accede to theirs.
If the Muslim world has raised up a wall of sand against freedom, tolerance and the recognition of our common humanity– then it is best for their sake and ours that they remain on their side of that wall of sand.

If they refuse to coexist with us, either locally or globally, then that is their choice. They may have their paradise of hefty-bagged women, towering mosques and cowering infidels– so long as their bigotry and oppression remains on their side of the wall of sand. When they breach that wall, then they have to live by our laws, not theirs. If there is no room for our laws in their lands, then there is no room for their laws in ours.

» A Fraternity of Scoundrels

If John McCain, Lindsey Graham, or any other senator finds Chuck Hagel unqualified to lead our armed forces, they have an affirmative duty to stop this disaster before it unfolds with catastrophic consequences. To do any less is to spinelessly subordinate the security of the United States in deference to a fraternity of professional scoundrels.

» Tom Harkin: No Spending Problem, Just a Misallocation of Wealth

…. just because we have already spent the next two generations into debt is no reason to slow down the explosive growth of government, because there are still people out there we haven’t looted into bankruptcy yet. “Misallocation” is when people who create wealth don’t have it stolen from them.

Harkin sits on the Appropriations Committee. Most lowlifes have to wait for a riot to go looting, but Harkin does it for a living.

~~ Hope n’ Change Cartoons : Par for the Coarse

Boo hoo
» ’93 WTC bomber feels lonely, wants company
If real justice was served, Ramzi would be halfway through this 13th set of 72 virgins a’ready.

The letters s, a, f, e, t, and y – in that order, are the new alternate spelling of the word “Control”
The substitution is easy and seamless, the words ‘safety’ and ‘control’ are now synonymous.

» Big Brother Buys End to Your Freedom — With Your Money

On the taxpayer dime, the Department of Homeland Security announced last week that it has received more than 70 “excellent” responses to its request for proposals to create a line of drones for its Robotic Aircraft for Public Safety Control program.
…. The goal, according to Janet Napolitano, is “to give us situational awareness in a large public safety control [matter] or disaster.”

» Crossing a Line

Brevard Community College announced on Friday that it would seek to fire a faculty member who it found to have inappropriately pressured students in classes last year to back the re-election of President Obama.
the college’s report said that Sweet’s action “constitute harassment, incompetence, misconduct and unprofessional behavior in the workplace.” The report added: “The investigation’s evidence calls into question Professor Sweet’s compliance with college policy in compromising student learning time in class to impose her personal political beliefs, and misrepresenting her intentions regarding the distribution of partisan political pledge cards in class.”

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