February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013
» The Wrong Track

The troubling thing about people is that if you throw a torchlight parade, people will join in. If you hand out armbands, they will take them. And if you tell them to kill someone else or themselves, some of them will do it. Not all of them, but enough of them to make for a bloody ugly scene. Most dictators already know this. So do most reporters. And both use the phenomenon for their own purposes.

Obama said the following:

“I, like most Americans, believe that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the right to bear arms. We have a strong tradition of gun ownership in this country and the vast majority of gun owners act responsibly…”

“We recognize the traditions of gun ownership that passes on from generation to generation, that hunting and shooting are part of a cherished national heritage.”

The first two sentences are true. The last sentence reveals Obama’s intent and agenda. He has continued the leftist campaign to dilute the 2nd amendment, to reinforce leftist sponsored public conception that the 2nd amendment grants the right to hunt and shoot for fun. As such, the 2nd amendment becomes trivial to the uneducated low-info citizen and can easily be dismissed, can be easily ignored, violated and repealed.

It’s sad that supporters of, and believers in, the 2nd Amendment have allowed that narrative to evolve over many decades.

That’s why it is so important to keep repeating the truth: The 2nd Amendment provides for the People’s defense from the sort of rotten government that would perpetrate a slow and gradual brainwashing of the citizenry.

» Sixty mayors to gang up on gun companies unless they stop defending their rights

Odd, how that definition of extortion sounds very similar to what Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and a gang of other left-wing mayors are proposing to do to firearm and ammunition companies that don’t accept the Democratic Party line on gun control …..

» Powers, groping towards enlightenment

What we today call “liberalism”–one of the more grotesque abuses of the language imaginable, that term as currently used is, and whoever dreamed of misappropriating it and applying it to the swine generally referred to these days ought to be criminally liable for it–is founded on Progressivism, which was founded on nothing anywhere near so laudable as “cherishing dissent” or “freedom of expression,” but on absolute control of the populace by an elite cadre of experts.”

» Demand a Vague Celebrity-Backed Emotional Noneffective Silly Plan

…. forgets the cardinal rule of advancing the liberal agenda. Experienced moonbats never say what they are actually saying. They don’t say “kill inconvenient babies”; they say “choice.” They don’t say “ban guns,” they say “demand a plan.”

» ATF Loses FULLY Automatic M-4 .223 Caliber Rifle In Milwaukee: ATF Sting Store Sells Jewelry and Drug Paraphanalia
» GEE, WHO COULDA PREDICTED IT? Sales of Electric Vehicles Collapse
» How the Charlotte Observer tries to do your thinking for you
» Jesse Jackson claims semi-automatic rifles can ‘blow up railroads’
» Liberals on Twitter celebrate murder of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle


» Taco Bell pulls Super Bowl ad because it, um, ADVERTISES TACO BELL

The health advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest asked Twitter users to tweet their disappointment at Taco Bell for encouraging people to eat delicious tacos rather than carrot sticks, The Associated Press reports.

Soon after, Taco Bell pulled the ad. “We didn’t want anyone to misinterpret the intent of the ad,”

CSPI is the same group of meddling hacks who pushed trans fats as a healthier cooking alternative to saturated fats in the ’80s and ’90s, pressuring restaurants to switch. And then, when they did switch, CSPI turned right around and attacked trans fats. Y’know, the fake, unhealthy fats that nobody wanted in the first place and were doing just fine without.

You Get What You Tolerate
Requesting permission to be extremely politically-incorrect.

» “Burkas for babies”: Saudi cleric’s new fatwa causes controversy

A Saudi cleric has called for all female babies to be fully covered by wearing the face veil, commonly known as the burka, citing reports of little girls being sexually molested.

When a large enough percentage of your male population is so obviously deviant, so frikkin’ sick, perverted – having no control over themselves or their libido ….. that you have to resort to carrying your baby girls in duffel bags to hide them from rapists …..

I don’t know how to continue this thought and remain civil …. I’ll try startin’ over.

An arab/muslim leader has announced that all baby girls must be covered up to protect them from sexually depraved males of the population. That is an admission that arab males or muslim males or muslim-arab males are nothing more than their genitals. It is confession that they have no discipline, no self-control … none, zero, nada. They are self-proclaimed animals, and that is really an insult to animals.
No wonder then that their women have to be dehumanized, subjugated, enslaved and kept under wraps. It obviously scares the crap of them that they are so easily devolved into rutting apes at the mere sight of the female of the species.

And I’m supposed to respect and take seriously their religion/cult founded by a child-molester?

No, I won’t do it.

» Climate Change Models Got It Wrong, Say Researchers

The global warming models, as we have said repeatedly, are hopelessly flawed. Earth is not going to heat up as they have projected. Scientific research out of Norway confirms this.
The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, maybe the most hysterical organization ever established, has predicted temperatures to rise by 3 degrees Celsius by 2050 if by then, carbon dioxide levels double from their preindustrialized levels of 1750. Such a projection has prompted much hair-pulling and routine public hand-wringing.
But never mind.

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