November 18, 2012

November 18, 2012

» A Moment of Truth in Israel

Seven years ago the Israeli government decided to forcibly evict the Jewish residents of Gaza and withdraw all bases and forces from the area. The experts, some with the government and some with the media, assured everyone that it would be for the best and that withdrawal would actually improve the security situation in the country.
Since Oslo, the slogan of Israeli moderate conservatives has been “Peace with Security” even though it was quite clear that you could pursue peace and have neither peace nor security, or you could pursue security and have peace.

Israel will bomb Hamas targets, kill some of its senior leaders and destroy some of its weapons stockpiles. Its soldiers will enter Gaza, arrest some more senior leaders, walk into traps that will kill some of its best and brightest, and then withdraw again while Hamas celebrates its victory in the Battle of XX or YY where five or six Israeli soldiers were killed, along with ten or fifteen Hamas terrorists. And then the Battle of XX will become the Massacre of XX and lead to a documentary that will be doing an extended tour of American and Canadian campuses during the next Israeli Apartheid Week.

Like so many modern countries it is fighting so as not to fight. It is fighting for peace. It is fighting to escape from fighting. And so like many modern countries it cannot bring itself to fight hard enough to break the cycle. Instead it fights just hard enough to defer the fight by another few years and the cycle continues.

There can be farms and greenhouses on the hilltops of Gaza. Or there can be rockets.

» Ranchers, farmers brace for ‘death tax’ impact

Patrick Lester, director of Federal Fiscal Policy with the progressive think tank — OMB Watch tells a half truth:

The idea behind the estate tax is to prevent the very wealthy among us from accumulating vast fortunes that they can pass along to the next generation …. The poster child for the estate tax is Paris Hilton — the celebrity and hotel heiress. That’s who this is targeted at, not ordinary Americans

And, as always, a half truth is a half lie.

ProgressiveLiberaLeftistParasites (PLLP) are enraged when someone, anyone other than themselves, has a few bucks more than what is necessary to stay alive. Any more than that is the property of the collective, the community, the PLLP.

If daddy dies and leaves you with too much money, the PLLP somehow feels entitled to the excess. Besides, Daddy didn’t deserve all that money in the first place, right? It matters not that Daddy used his skills and intellect to create something that otherwise would never have come into existence – especially if he created way too much of it.

The PLLP assume that if you have two dollars to their one, then you musta took the extra one from them.

Oh, and the half truth/lie in that excerpted quote is “not ordinary Americans”, because the PLLP consider themselves to be the “ordinary Americans”. The group known as “ordinary Americans” to the PLLP is comprised of all those individuals that cannot or will not create any amount of wealth on their own, but instead insist they be fed and kept by others. So I reckon that means the others are the extraordinary?

…. according to the American Farm Bureau, up to 97 percent of American farms and ranches will be subject to an estate tax where the exemption is set at $1 million. At that rate, the federal government will pocket $40 billion in 2013 and up to $86 billion in 2021.

That’s $40 billion to be sucked out of the private sector and spewed into the vacuum known as government – and it will never come back.

Many Democrats argue the tax promotes equality among classes, especially in capital gains — or stocks passed from one generation to another. Since stocks are only taxed when they are sold, the government can’t profit from long-term investments without the estate tax.
“Very large portions of very wealthy estates are tied up in stocks and they have never been taxed,” said Lester. “The estate tax is one of the ways we make sure the wealthy pay a little bit more as an overall share of their wealth and income compared to low-income individuals.”

“We’re not millionaires in the terms of making a million dollars a year,” said Kester who lives in a modest home and whose family — not outsiders or a corporation — runs his ranch. “I have a half-a-million dollars in soil.”
Kester can’t spend it, without selling land. But by selling the land, each year the ranch would become less viable.

Until it (the ranch) is all gone, having been whittled down little by little over generations and the pieces redistributed in a manner in which the government can always extract it’s “share”.

Ironically, many nations historically more concerned with class and wealth — namely Russia and China — have since abandoned their estate taxes.

Maybe because now ‘estates’ are worth less than it costs the governments to squeeze them?

» Obama Begins Push for New National Retirement System

…. the government needs to get involved because 401k plans and IRAs are unfair to poor people

“These people want the government to require that ultimately all Americans buy these government annuities instead of saving or investing on their own. The Government could then take these trillions of dollars and redistribute it through this new national retirement system.”
“This effort ultimately is designed to grab the retirement nest eggs of America’s senior citizens. This new government annuity scheme, even if it is at first optional, will turn into a giant effort to redistribute the wealth of America’s older citizens …. This scheme mirrors what I expect the President will try to do with Social Security. He wants to turn that program into a welfare program, too.”

The goal of the (THHO)Obama administration, the socialist regime, the PLLP is to get possession, control and ultimately ownership of all the “excess” wealth in America. If you have more wealth than is required (by their standards), you must not be allowed to save or accumulate excess money. Your 401K, your IRA, heck, even your private savings accounts must not be allowed to sit idle when the government has so many parasites that are entitled to the redistribution of your success.

You Get What You Tolerate

» Campus bans Ann Coulter, invites professor who calls sex with animals potentially ‘satisfying’

Reference #17 and #26

After effectively barring conservative columnist Ann Coulter from speaking on campus last week, the Jesuit college Fordham University welcomed infanticide and bestiality advocate Peter Singer for a panel discussion on Friday …. Singer has long lamented the societal stigma against having sex with animals ….
“Occasionally mutually satisfying activities may develop” when humans have sex with their pets, he claimed.

Merd have Lorcy! What must Coulter have done to be considered far more dangerous and degenerate than a guy who porks puppies ?!?

Coulter has referred to former U.S. Senator John Edwards as a “faggot” and President Barack Obama as a “retard,” each time defending her word choice and rejecting what she claims are the hysterical politics of political correctness.

Well, yea, that’s some purdy seriously deviant rhetoric right there. Referring to a cockroach like Edwards as a faggot is deviantly anti-roachy …. and of course, anything said about (THHO)Obama without peeing one’s panties is blatant racism. So, ok, I get it.

Now where’s that chicken? I’m in the mood.

Watchu mean “we”, white boy?

“The only thing we’re certainly not prepared to do is give in,” Dolan said at a news conference. “Not violate our consciences, and not obey what we consider to be something immoral. That we’re committed on.”

If I rememer kreckly, Catholics turned out in droves to vote for the Abortionist/Contraceptionist-in-Chief ….. TWICE! … in essence giving in on whatever mandate the miserable commie bastard tosses out.

Seems to me that the good Cardinal is preaching to an empty choir, all his singers traded their choir robes for a glass of (THHO)Obama koolaid. So when he’s taken the confession of “Forgive me Father, for I have been sorely stupid” a couple millions times, then maybe – maybe – he will have some solid ground to dig his anti-mandate heels into.

» Interview With Our Potential Next Secretary of Defense

If there is a lower life form than Barack Hussein Obama, it could only be the repugnant Hanoi John Kerry. How better to complement the gob of saliva in every patriot’s face that is the Obama presidency than to place Kerry atop the Armed Forces true Americans revere and liberals despise?

» TURBOTAX-CHALLENGED TREASURY SECRETARY: Let’s just eliminate debt ceiling to ensure smooth road to collapse

When the founders warned of men without virtue, they had the likes of Tim Geithner in mind

» Why Lower Tax Rates Are Good for Everyone
» Manhandling Hostess, Big Labor Costs 18,500 Workers Their Jobs

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In 2005, CBS ravaged President Bush for holding a press conference in an air-conditioned tent as victims went without and pointedly said that residents wanted Bush to “wake up and smell the coffee.”
CBS spent weeks attacking George W. Bush for his response to Katrina. You’ll also recall that the storm was used as another excuse for race-baiting by the whole of the Old Media.
But this time, our President is presented as a hero. One has to wonder what has changed.

No. One does not have to wonder. One has had this smeared in one’s face for the last four years. The leftist media has their boss in place now and job one is covering his butt.

» FBI Opens Fire on Unarmed Girl During Unexplained Raid of DC-Area Home
Are you starting to get the impression that all government agencies are staffed and managed by morons and tyrants?
yea, me too.

» Video: Van Jones Praising the Tea Party?

If you haven’t had enough of Van Jones yet, watch him just a few months back calling Tea Party activists insane hostage takers who want to destroy America. Yep, he said it.

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