November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012
For the time being, I will refrain from posting anything about the current Patraeus resignation scandal.
It’s too hard to see through the dust cloud to separate rumor from fact.

» The Edge of the Abyss

It took the government of the United States two centuries to rack up its first trillion dollars in debt. Now Washington piles on another trillion every nine months. Forward!

Washington cannot be saved from itself. For the moment, tend to your state, and county, town and school district, and demonstrate the virtues of responsible self-government at the local level. Americans as a whole have joined the rest of the Western world in voting themselves a lifestyle they are not willing to earn. The longer any course correction is postponed the more convulsive it will be. Alas, on Tuesday, the electorate opted to defer it for another four years. I doubt they’ll get that long

» Hey Deaf, Dumb & Blind Media – Florida Spawns More Ballots Than Voters.

Questions also persist regarding the military absentee ballots in Palm Beach County. Observers were banned without explanation from watching the ballots being opened. They were permitted to observe the counting process, however there was no way to know whether the absentee ballots that were produced were the same ones that were opened, or if all the ballots were produced.

» Plea Deal For Jackson Jr. Would Include Jail Time

The just-re-elected congressman is negotiating a plea deal for misuse of campaign funds that would include resigning his seat in Congress, repaying the money, and spending time in jail
Since June, Jackson has been on leave while receiving treatment for bi-polar disorder. He was re-elected last Tuesday despite not campaigning ….

Election and reelection: easily achieved in blue states by simply hanging a ‘D’ on your name. Jackson didn’t campaign, didn’t even try. They had to wake him up in his looney-bin bunk to tell him he won. I wonder if he said “won what?”
If and when he recuperates from being nuts, he goes to jail for fraud …. essentially just flat out stealing money from the very peckerheads that voted for him.

The greatest nation to ever exist is facing economic ruin and under attack from all sides – without and within. And the dhimmicrat voters of Illinois want to be represented in Congress by a man whose prison term begins as soon as he is released from the nut house.

And you wonder how Obama got reelected?

…. but just when you think the human race is doomed to extinction by stupidity ….
Some leftist, moonbat, globzy-warmzy leader wakes up.

Or perhaps “Mother Earth’s former advocate” was simply slapped awake by the monster known as Grandmother Reality.


James Lovelock, often known as the father of Gaia theory, or the “highly influential hypothesis” that Earth is a self-regulating, single organism, has radically altered his environmentalist beliefs after being forced to move because of skyrocketing energy costs.
…. outgoings on fuel rocketed …. The experience altered his attitude to the politics and economics of energy ….
“Let’s be pragmatic and sensible and get Britain to switch everything to methane. We should be going mad on it.”

I assume Mr. Lovelock is rich – otherwise he would have petitioned the government to pay his bills for him. But being rich (being the source of income for the entitlted) – means he has no alternatives other than escape or become not-rich.

There’s nothing like self-inflicted poverty – with no hope of handout – to slap a lefty into the harsh world of reality.

Them unicorn farts stink, don’t they?


Hayes seemed to be under the impression he was giving the “Greenhouse Gettysburg Address,” he was so intent on the subject.

After reading Mayor Bloomberg’s endorsement of Barack Obama and its reference to climate change, Hayes began, characteristically exaggerating the articulation of every syllable ….

Perhaps Mr. Lovelock should tell Mr. Hayes that Grandma Reality is looking for him – and she’s totin’ a big hick’ry switch.

» How We Got Screwed by Non-Voters, Libertarians, and “Principled” Conservatives

If it were not for Libertarians and people voting third-party on some mutation of a principle, then there would not currently be as big a perception that conservatism and Libertarianism is so wildly unpopular when the other option is socialism.
At this point I would like to extend a hearty congratulations to Libertarians and non-voting conservatives: my friends, you’ve contributed to your Libertarian and conservative dreams now having no chance of ever being realized.


Bad Article Headline

Cook County in Illinois approved a slew of new taxes Friday, including an extra $1 tax on each packet of cigarettes sold, a $1,000 tax per year on certain slot machines, a 1.2% tax on items costing more than $3,500 purchased outside the county, and a $25 tax on each firearm sold in suburban gun shops

I think it should be called a “Panic Tax”. Too many of us will react to it as an anti-gun move, but it’s more of a ‘oh! Crap! We need mo mOney!’ move. Cook county – being ruled by slow-witted dhimmicrats in a state ruled by dhimmicrat thugs and criminals – simply cannot recognize the logic of maintaining a budget: When youse is outta money, youse stops spending. Instead they do what comes first to the criminal mind: When youse is outta money, take it from somebody else.

Of course, fear has a starring role in the drama as well. Leftist governments get their power by selling themselves to the ‘entitled’ with promises of free stuff (stuff taken from the non-entitled.) Sooner or later, the non-entitled either run out of stuff or take their remaining stuff and get out. The leftist governments are still expected to provide the free stuff and that’s when the panic starts.

» Democrat Death Spiral

The objective of liberal politics is to induce the Democrat Death Spiral, a vicious cycle by which miserable economic conditions lead to government dependency and class envy, leading to Democrat electoral victories, leading to higher taxes and crippling regulations, leading to still more miserable economic conditions. Once the Democrat Death Spiral has been initiated, the more damage left-wing bureaucrats inflict on the economy, the more certain they are of reelection.
The United States of America officially entered the Democrat Death Spiral on November 6, 2012. Obama was not reelected despite the awful state of the economy under his rule but because of it. The more of a mess Obama makes, the more his Marxist rhetoric will resonate, the tighter the grip Democrats will have on America’s throat. This is why Obama will not lift a finger to improve the economic situation, but rather will deliberately worsen it by using taxation to drive up unemployment.

» The Biggest Mistake This Campaign? Republicans Assumed Voters Were Smart

Let’s face facts. Democrats gained in the House of Representatives, the Senate and the chief Democrat in charge was re-elected after one of the worst four year periods in American history, economically and constitutionally. How does that happen? Republicans/Conservatives (which are not necessarily interchangeable terms — but, we’ll lump them together for the sake of this column) gave voters credit for being smart while Democrats assumed they’re not.

Commentary via email from John Macioce

CAIR drooled over “Islamophobia” and an international campaign called “A Million Hijabs for Shaima” was launched following a dignified plea by Kassim Alhimidi to his “wife’s killer” last March in California.
“What did you get out of this and why did you do it?”, he tearfully asked.

Then it turned out that the person who could best answer Mr. Alhimidi’s question was Mr. Alhimidi himself – and CAIR’s
interest in Shaima’s cause vanished even quicker than the “Million Hijab” Facebook page – and the hijabs themselves!

In the last twelve years, over a dozen Muslim-American women have been murdered by Muslim terrorists and Muslim honor killers.
Not one has lost their life to an anti-Muslim hate crime.

John Macioce
Islamonausea, not Islamophobia

P.S. And, our apologizer-in-chief continues to make excuses for these animals….

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