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November 8, 2012

» Game Called on Account of Darkness

The lights have gone out in America now. They may come back. They may not. It’s up to us. No one is going to come help us do it. Other countries have America. We have ourselves.
Every time people ask me why the left has such a grip on this country, my answer is because they worked for it. It’s the answer that most people don’t want to hear, but it’s true. The left has been planning this for a while. They have been playing the long game, building the infrastructure and indoctrinating generations. And to beat them, we will have to do the same thing.
Revolutions are not born out of success, they are born out of despair. They rise out of the dark hours of the night. They come from the understanding that all the other options are running out. Sometimes you have to fall down to rise and sometimes you have to hit bottom, to gather one last breath and fight to reach the top.

This is still a wonderful country. It is the finest place that this civilization has produced. Despite the events of the last day, it is worth fighting for.

I am already sick and tired of hearing/reading rightwing reasons and excuses for Romney’s loss.
I don’t blame Mitt Romney, or Paul Ryan, or the campaign staff, or the GOP or Ron Paul or Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter or ……

After four years of opportunity to learn who and what Obama is, there shouldn’t have been more than 200 people willing to vote for him. Ernest T. Bass should have been able to beat Obama – without Ernest T. even knowing he was on the ballot.

Obama won because 50% of Americans have absolutely no understanding of what Obama is and what is at stake with his re-election. And for that you should blame the media, the liberal education system that churns out generation after generation of good little socialists and the entertainment industry that works to keep them properly propagandized. Blame them. Hold them responsible. Punish them.

You knew four years ago, exactly, that our constitutionally protected free press had become nothing more than the PR arm of the dhimmicrat party. You knew the media serves socialism. You knew the media condemned you as a racist, a terrorist and a psycho.

Did you stop funding the media? Did you stop paying their bills?
Are you still paying for cable/satellite TV? Are you still shoveling money into the coffers of people and organizations that unabashedly facilitated the first AND second term of the miserable piece of shit named Obama?

In the oft repeated words of that POS: “Let me be perfectly clear”. As long as you can still tune your TV to MSNBC or Comedy Central or MTV or CNN (blah,blah,blah) you aren’t serious when you whine about the biased media or the regime they helped put in place …. and until you cut your sponsorship of them do me a favor and SHUT UP.

Don’t tell me about what Romney should have said or the GOP should have done while signing a check to purchase the lies and treachery of the mainstream media.

Here’s a few examples of the blatant bias of the media – all from just the last couple of months!
» CBS Buries Kroft Asking Obama Why He Skirted Using ‘Terrorism’ Term the Day After Benghazi Attack
» Soledad O’Brien Finds the Positive In 14.6 Percent Underemployment
» ABC News Targets Group Fighting Voter Fraud, Hints at Racial Motive
» With Election Over, ABC Wonders About Obama’s ‘Cover-Up,’ ‘Refusal’ to Talk about Libya
» Benghazi a Blip on Media’s Radar – Less Than 2 Minutes of Coverage on ABC, CBS; NBC Punts
» NY Times Called Bush’s 2.7% GDP a ‘Letdown,’ But Obama’s Lower GDP a ‘Steady Improvement’
» Reporter Covering Romney: ’40 Percent Chance He Says Something Stupid’
» Mainstream Media ‘Remarkably Reticent’ to Pursue Benghazi Cover-Up, Burden Has ‘Fallen’ Onto Fox News
» Instead of Exposing Libya Bombshell, ABC Hypes ‘Mystery Monkey’ and Yawning Dogs
» Snooki, Vacuum Inventor Interviews Get More Air Time Than Benghazi
» NBC Brings on Two Obama Supporters to Discuss Election, Bills it as ‘Left vs. Right’
» ABC Cheers ‘Laudable’ Candy Crowley for Propping Up Obama in Debate

So, in the coming bad times when you see and hear those network anchors filling you in on the latest depression update, remember they made it happen.

Enough for now about the media. What about those celebrity clowns that funneled money into the dhimmicrat party and the Obama re-election campaign? All those ‘stars’ that hosted fund raisers, made ads and videos, sat in Letterman’s chair to make fun of you, mock you …. and did it with your money in their pocket?
Still feeding the moonbats? Still buying, renting or otherwise paying for the products of the people that work so diligently to destroy everything you claim to believe in?
Are you still rationalizing that you’re not really stabbing yourself in the back, not really sacrificing your children’s freedom, not really paying your executioners?

Are you still paying for entertainment without regard for who produced it? Who is making money from your entertainment purchase? Do you still donate to the bank accounts of Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock after they publicly insulted you as a racist? That is, they label you as a racist for opposing a Marxist president, while proudly admitting proclaiming their support is based solely on his skin color.
How about Matt Damon, John Cusak, Bette Midler, Ashely Judd, Sean Penn, Johnny Depp (and a couple thousand others) who are absolutely anti-everything-you-believe-in? Do you still purchase movies without studying the list of participants in it’s production? If so, then you’re not really serious when you whine about the next four years. Do me a favor and SHUT UP.

I know it’s hard to keep up with, hard to remember whether Danny Glover is a patriot or does he kiss commie-tyrant butt? Is Gwyneth Paltrow an American patriot or did she denounce America as an evil empire and move to England? Does Steve Earle cherish his American heritage or does he proudly label himself as a devout communist?
I’ll try to help you with that.

» Don’t Blame Romney, And Don’t Blame The Campaign…

Obama ran and won with an atrocious record, without anything remotely resembling a positive agenda for a second term, with a campaign based on lies, slander and hatred.
That’s what he ran on. And that’s what he won on.

It’s the electorate’s fault.
The current iteration of the Democrat Party is socialist to the core. It isn’t amoral, it’s deliberately immoral. It believes in government-sponsored infanticide, government-sponsored theft, unpatrolled borders, the destruction of the 2nd Amendment, the deliberate destruction of Pax Americana in favor of what can only be envisioned as the rise of a Muslim caliphate and the deliberate destruction of the nuclear family. It believes in the redistribution of wealth rather than its creation, which is perhaps the most offensive concept to the American economic ideal imaginable.
It believes these things and it no longer hides from them, as it once did.

And one more thing …. What does it mean when I hear a Republican say it’s time to move to New Zealand?
It means I’m close enough to slap the crap out of them.

» Detroiters Elect Ex-Con Brian Banks As State Rep

Among the new group of state lawmakers to emerge from Election Day on Tuesday is Brian Banks, who has been convicted eight times for felonies involving bad checks and credit card fraud.

» Jesse Jackson Jr. Wins Reelection From Mayo Clinic

Jackson Jr. likewise suddenly disappeared from the public before the primary, in early June when he left for a treatment center in Arizona. He later moved on to Mayo where he was diagnosed with bipolar depression and gastrointestinal issues.
Between June and November, nary a constituent saw their Congressman — not working, not campaigning, not fundraising — because he avoided press and voter alike. Jackson, the junior, won.

What does it mean?
Do you think it’s a race thing? that any black can elected to anything regardless of criminal record, treasonous affiliation or mental instability? If so, then you have taken the same racist hook as the minions of Obama-phoned, entitled blacks that voted for Brian Banks, Jesse Jackson Jr and Barack Obama.

What about Allen West – Mia Love? They are black. They are also conservative. They were rejected by voters. It’s not a black thing, it’s a leftist thing – a dhimmicrat thing.

The majority of today’s blacks have been raised on a strict diet of socialist, racist entitlement manufactured by the communist party and dished out by the dhimmicrat party. The media and the entertainment industry provided the advertisement – the seasoning.

» Dear Republican Congress- Give Obama Everything He Wants

Give it to them and let’s find out once and for all who is right. If we are right, they will have no one to blame but themselves and maybe we will finally get true change in this country and maybe we will finally get true change in the Republican party and have a real choice in the years to come.

If we are wrong, then so be it. I will gladly repent from my evil conservative ways and become a socialist, I mean Democrat.

Interesting Reminder
» Come Down Off the Ledge

Richard Nixon won every state but Taxachusetts.

Yet within a few years, Nixon had resigned in disgrace and left-wing Democrats were completely ascendant. Predictably, they used their power to plunge the country into malaise.

Richard Nixon won every state but Taxachusetts.

Yet within a few years, Nixon had resigned in disgrace and left-wing Democrats were completely ascendant. Predictably, they used their power to plunge the country into malaise.

» Mother-of-four who abandoned family to join Occupy camp in New York divorces banker husband… and pockets $85k while giving him custody of children

The mother-of-four who made headlines last year leaving her children to go join Occupy Wall Street is divorcing her husband and cashing in on his banking-earned riches in the process.
Stacey Hessler cites protesting as her profession and famously devoted herself to the Occupy movement, demonstrating against the very banks behind her recently increased cash-flow.
She walks away from former banker Curtiss Hessler with a total of $85,385 from his stock-filled retirement fund and bank account.

» After ditching her family, Occupy mom snags $85K in divorce

Professional protester Stacey Hessler is legally splitting from her hubby, Curtiss, but not before waltzing off with a portfolio that includes cash and his 401(k) retirement fund, filled with stocks and other instruments of American capitalism.
The filing lists Curtiss’ occupation as banker and says he earns $65,000 a year. Her job is listed in court papers as “protester” and her employer as “Occupy Wall Street.” Annual salary: $0.

» IRS Surrenders: Time For Churches to Get “Political”

Despite hundreds of thousands of threatening letters sent by these liberal outfits (and as many complaints filed with the IRS) not a single church has ever lost tax-exemption for socio-political activity – zip, zero, nada. Not even for endorsing candidates from the pulpit. The left has cried wolf far too many times. No one will come running. Especially not the IRS.

That’s because churches, unlike other nonprofit organizations, don’t need a letter of tax exemption from the Internal Revenue Service. Churches are constitutionally tax-exempt simply by virtue of existence. It’s automatic. The only way the IRS could revoke a church’s tax-exempt status would be to disband the church, which, obviously, the government has no authority to do. It’s simple. Pastors, if you get a letter from the ACLU, PFAW or AU, I suggest a singular use for it: bird-cage liner.

Is there a silver lining?
Bronze maybe?

Michelle Malkin makes some good points here:
» 20 things that went right on Election Day

Voters in Alabama, Montana, and Wyoming all passed measures limiting Obamacare.

While many, many are saying that chances of repealing the Obamacare travesty are now 0%, it’s very relevant that more States are saying “No, not here”. Just like the States that have rejected federal immigration laws, States that have decriminalized marijuana use, or States that have defied the federal government in other ways; individual States are reclaiming their rights.
This is good. After all, the name of this country is the United States, not the Federal Government of America.
When you get right down to it, purdy much the only thing the feds can do is withhold funding. I.E., not give us back the money they took.

Despite entrenched teachers’ union opposition, a charter school initiative in Washington state triumphed.

Thereby sending a message to the federal Department of Education

Montana voters said no to boundless benefits for illegal aliens.
For the first time since Reconstruction, the GOP won control of the Arkansas state house.
Louisiana voted to protect gun rights.

Molon Labe to the gun-grabbing administration, DOJ, ATF, DHS and the dhimmicrats.

Across the country, Republicans reached a post-2000 record number of gubernatorial victories.
Wisconsin: GOP wins back control of state government.

…. and the biggie for me:

North Carolina Republicans claimed the governor’s office, congressional gains, and control of the state’s general assembly.

For the first time in over a hundred years, my North Carolina is not under the control of the socialist party.

» And, about blogging…

The American politics posts draw more traffic but are clearly out of the mainstream of a coddled, self-absorbed electorate that thinks their vaginas, their abortions, and their welfare checks are more important than national security, chronic unemployment and respect for the Constitution.

Half the country doesn’t even pay federal income taxes. They do not value the effort of those of us who do.

Our forebears went through hell to create this great land. They risked everything: life, limb, property.

They knew that defeat was certain only with surrender.

“Give me liberty or give me death”?

Our ancestors’ sacrifices were too great and ours too meager to surrender.

Not now. Not ever.

» The Big Election Post-Mortem Pundit Post