Military Appreciation Day III

June 7, 2008

Military Appreciation Day III In North Carolina, there is a group of people that have been making a difference. The name of their organization is

Military Appreciation Day is an event organized by volunteers to provide a day of sea fishing for our Active Duty Military, Guard and Reservists. The event also includes activities for their families and a southern style cookout.

This is a group of Americans that know that our Military deserves Respect, Admiration and Gratitude. Here is an organization that knows how to honor our soldiers.

and their families.

This is Americans at their very best.

June 7, 2008 Military Appreciation Day III.

MADIII was possible due to the hard and loving labor provided by over 200 volunteers. Some of them attended a meeting the day before the event. They met each other, made some plans and achieved proper quacker alignment.
( got their ducks in a row )

The Continental Shelf took out what looked like a hundred soldiers and their families. Just guessing, I never thought to ask the exact number.

They cooked 6 pigs, a slew of chicken, 1.5 slews of hamburgers and ’bout a half a slew of hot dogs.

(GOE)Donnie “Cowboy” Suddarth and (PGR/GOE) Doug “Fatback” Jones

Fatback and “Uncle” Larry Lindley (GOE)

While soldiers fished, their children had the opportunity to fish from the docks.

Who got the biggest kick out of this? The kids or Emmit?

Some caught many, some caught few. They all had fun.

The flag was folded by veterans and soldiers.

And they have to be dealt with.

On this day, the Moonbat was the owner of a Cafe Zito, located on the adjoining property. He came out to complain about noise, parking, interference with his business and then put up yellow tape to contain the flag waving, war-mongerers.

I paid due respect.

One of the pig-cookers, Doug “Fatback” Jones brought his own special sauce, and he gave me a bottle.
Here it is.
Fatback’s Award Winning Pig & Chicken Sauce!

The phone number on the jar is 919-369-6161

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