Recruiter Appreciation II

May 16, 2008

This aint Berkeley, this aint Olympia, Washington.
It’s not Toledo, D.C., or even Chapel Hill.

This is not another tale of worm-hearted protesters attacking a military recruiter.

This is a group of people that are genuinely proud of their country – grateful to be able to call themselves AMERICANS. – and anxious to honor the men and women who have volunteered to protect America.

This is the second annual Operation Recruiter Appreciation day organized by the Gathering of Eagles.

The national GOE has visited recruiter’s offices across the nation this weekend to let them and all of our soldiers know that their sacrifice and service is appreciated. This is a day we chose to express our Gratitude, Admiration and Respect.

This particular report is of a simple lunch served to the soldiers that man the Recruiting Station on Calvary Drive, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s 26,000 words worth.

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