Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by Nov 13 2018)
2018: 10,071/ 10,213

2017: 16,386 / 14,360
2016: 21,413 / 26,730
2015: 27,588 / 26,136
2014: 32,862 / 27,522
2013: 16,774 / 29,577
2012: 11,546 / 20,254
2011: 9,086 / 16,921
2010: 9,233 / 17,461
2009: 9,176/ 18,612
2008: 10,798 / 18,088
2007: 20,478 / 27,317
2006: 15,245 / 19,496
2005: 7,625 / 12,855
2004: 7,166 / 14,574

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Injuries : 0



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June 22, 2012


The points and counterpoints of this scandal are going to quickly become overwhelming numerous. It’s going to require a lot of effort to keep it all sorted. Let’s get started.

» President Obama’s Fast and Furious Scandal Grows

If the stonewalling continues, and the privilege is not waived, it will be up to the American people and the media to demand the reasoning for the cover-up.
It is also time for the media to begin responsibly covering this scandal. For more than 16 months, only a handful of reporters have appropriately researched the facts and sought answers. Most members of the national media would not even acknowledge the existence of the scandal. Reportedly, NBC Nightly News ran its first story on the scandal just this past Tuesday.
The national media must now follow the lead of their colleagues CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson or Townhall’s Katie Pavlich and investigate the specific facts and details of the operation and administration involvement. Attkisson, as you may remember, was screamed and cussed at by White House spokesman Eric Schultz in October for asking questions about Operation Fast and Furious.
If it were not for conservative media outlets, bloggers, a few dogged reporters and the steadfastness of House Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA), this troubling scandal would have been buried long ago.

There’s a forest fire analogy in there somewhere …. a conflagration that has intensified past the capabilities of those who were supposed to keep in under control; and all because of the mountains of refuse left behind by the careless controllers. The controllers are the media and now the conflagration is about to burn down their boss’s house.

» Fast And Furious: Executive Privilege Is Illegitimate to Shield Wrongdoing

First, the Supreme Court in United States v. Nixon (1974) held that executive privilege cannot be invoked at all if the purpose is to shield wrongdoing. The courts held that Nixon’s purported invocation of executive privilege was illegitimate, in part, for that reason. There is reason to suspect that this might be the case in the Fast and Furious cover-up and stonewalling effort. Congress needs to get to the bottom of that question to prevent an illegal invocation of executive privilege and further abuses of power. That will require an index of the withheld documents and an explanation of why each of them is covered by executive privilege—and more.
Second, even the “deliberative process” species of executive privilege, which is reasonably broad, does not shield the ultimate decisions from congressional inquiry. Congress is entitled to at least some documents and other information that indicate who the ultimate decision maker was for this disastrous program and why these decisions were made. That information is among the most important documents that are being withheld.
Third, the Supreme Court in the Nixon case also held that even a proper invocation must yield to other branches’ need for information in some cases. So even a proper invocation of executive privilege regarding particular documents is not final.

The American people will now clearly understand that it is President Obama who doesn’t want them to know who is to blame for the Fast and Furious scandal—and whether his Administration has done anything to prevent it from happening again.

CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson was mentioned in one of the above linked articles. What did she do to get yelled at by the administration? Let’s go back and see:
» Documents: ATF used “Fast and Furious” to make the case for gun regulations

Documents obtained by CBS News show that the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) discussed using their covert operation “Fast and Furious” to argue for controversial new rules about gun sales.
ATF officials didn’t intend to publicly disclose their own role in letting Mexican cartels obtain the weapons, but emails show they discussed using the sales, including sales encouraged by ATF, to justify a new gun regulation called “Demand Letter 3”. That would require some U.S. gun shops to report the sale of multiple rifles or “long guns.” Demand Letter 3 was so named because it would be the third ATF program demanding gun dealers report tracing information.

Note the date on the Attkisson report : December 2011

Here, BookWorm explains Executive Privilege and why Obama is in deep doo
» Asserting executive privilege shows desperation in the Obama White House

Because of the way privilege operates, we can understand Obama’s assertion of executive privilege in only three ways. (1) Obama’s White House was either involved in Fast and Furious, which is bad; (2) or it means that Obama’s White House doesn’t understand the nature of a privilege, which is embarrassing, especially with a lawyer at the helm; (3) or it means that the documents Holder is hiding are so dreadful that Obama’s White House would rather risk looking criminal or stupid than take the risk of allowing Congress and the public to see those documents.

We’ve grown accustomed to being lied to by dhimmicrats, most of the time we just shake our heads and leave it alone. We have also gotten rather used to dhimmicrats saying things that are obviously scripted or embarrassingly quacker-doodles. An example of the quacker-doodle would be Hank Johnson’s statement of concern that the island of Guam may tip over from the improperly distributed weight of U.S. military; and just about everything that Sheila Jackson Lee has ever said.
Now and then a dhimmicrat says something that leaves you not only stunned but scared. Here’s one of those:

McCaskill is actually talking about the Budget Control Act of 2011 ( I think … that assumption may well be giving too much credit and benefit of doubt) that was not a budget nor contained a budget.

I hesitate to say she’s lying, because lying would mean actually knowing the truth but willfully conveying something else. I don’t think she knows she’s telling a non-truth. She actually thinks she voted for and helped pass a federal budget in August 2011. That’s what’s scary about it – either she doesn’t know the difference or she wasn’t paying enough attention to know what she voted on.

Missouri, you can do better than this. Please do so.

And by the way, the Budget Control Act that McCaskill thinks is a budget and is so proud of …. may very well be non-constitutional.

» Taxmageddon Is Slowing the Economy Now

The uncertainty caused by Taxmageddon—the one-year $494 billion tax increase that looms on January 1, 2013—is strong enough to slow the economy months before it actually strikes. In fact, it is already doing so.
Highly knowledgeable and highly influential market observers have been warning Congress of this for weeks. Their goal is to get Congress to do its summer job and stop Taxmageddon.


The Supreme Court dealt a chastening blow to the liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and organized labor Thursday, ruling 7-2 to reverse a decision that would force nonmembers of public-sector unions in California to pay a fee that would help to finance the unions’ activities.

Associate Justice Samuel Alito, a George W. Bush nominee, delivered the opinion of the court, with a concurring opinion by Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and dissent were given by Justices Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan.

The case centered on a California regulation that allowed unions to charge employees in a particular “agency shop” annual fees to pay for union activities, even if the employees opted not to join the union.

» Supreme Court Halts One Kind Of Labor Extortion

Unions have been allowed to collect money from nonmembers to prevent them “from free-riding on the union’s efforts, sharing the employment benefits obtained by the union’s collective bargaining without sharing the costs incurred,” as the court stated in its unanimous 2007 Davenport ruling.

But as Justice Antonin Scalia stated in that case, “agency-shop arrangements in the public sector raise First Amendment concerns because they force individuals to contribute money to unions as a condition of government employment.”

In Thursday’s ruling, the court called its acceptance of the free-rider argument “an anomaly” and had this to say about the SEIU’s “opt-out” system placing the burden on the nonmember rather than the union: “This aggressive use of power by the SEIU to collect fees from nonmembers is indefensible.”

The union’s gall in this specific case in underlined by the fact that it was taking money from nonmembers to defeat, in 2005, California’s Proposition 75, which would have prohibited the SEIU from using dues or fees for political contributions without employees’ written consent.

» Reverting To A Backwater Won’t Be Easy For Greece

…. the problem with returning to the nostalgia of a world long gone is just not the creeping return of Third World-like poverty, but rather the psychological shock of Greeks losing the European lifestyle that is now considered an accustomed birthright.
Take away the veneer of European membership, and Greece is a tiny, broke, isolated and terribly vulnerable nation — once again. Given its neighborhood and its inner demons, the current insolvency is the very beginning, not the end, of Greece’s problems.


Did you know that the massive farm bill, which will cost nearly $1 trillion, isn’t really about America’s farmers, except indirectly. Three quarters of the expenditures are for food stamps. If the Bill becomes law, nearly $80 billion a year will be spent on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, a much more refined name for the old food stamp program.

The stories about abuse and waste in the program are constant, and observed by people in line at the grocery store. Tales of Prime Rib and Lobster Tails bought with food stamps infuriate ordinary people struggling to balance their food budget. The program is, and is intended to be, a massive wealth redistribution scheme. We now have 46 million Americans on the program.

» Why I Do Not Like The Obamas
» You know, Obama’s not really what you’d call a ‘public servant.
» Earth Summit Babble


Nothing brings together ignorant blacks and stupid whites better than Jooooooooz.
» David Duke endorses leading New York Democrat

» North Dakota’s Oil Boom in Pictures

The economic boom taking place in North Dakota is a result of fracking in the Bakken oil fields. …. North Dakota surpassed Alaska in March and California in December to become the second-biggest producer of crude oil in the United States.
It was made possible by sensible state regulations, advancements in technology and the ability to drill on private lands. The state is attracting unemployed workers from all corners of the country and boasts an unemployment rate of 3 percent — lowest in the country — with some areas of North Dakota falling to around 1 percent. North Dakota also leads all states with the largest percentage increase in employment over the past year.

Could this happen elsewhere in America?

Not if the EPA can help it.