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June 6, 2012


Clean Sweep
» Tonight the voters saved Wisconsin, in November we’ll save America

The public employee unions went all in. But SEIU’s purple people beaters got beat. Handily. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker survived his recall election. As did Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, and all 4 Republican state senators targeted by the angry mob.

We call that a sweep.

Suck it unionistas. Your days of feeding at the public trough are over. Where are your drum circles now? Because power has been returned to the people. And the people don’t want to pay for your Cadillac benefits.

Oh, by the way. Hey Barry, you’re next.

“Om the dome” sing-a-long and group meditation

And not one of them felt silly, not one thought about how stupid they looked … I guaranteezit.

» Guardsman, peace-loving landlady are at odds over apartment rental
If he was a club-toting black panther he would be welcome. If he applied wearing nothing but panties, high-heels and nipple clamps, he would be welcome. If he had a golf ball sized callous bump on his forehead, shaggy beard, smelled of cordite and followed at a respectable distance by a whimpering burqa-clad wife, he would be welcome. If he spoke not a frikkin single word of english he would be welcome. If he was wearing a diaper made from an American flag, he would be welcome.

But no, he’s none of that. He simply gave up a couple years of his life for a shitty job and shitty pay to serve his country tromping all over a shitty shithole sandpit, getting shot at and bombed at by the scummiest scum of the earth … 130 degree summers, minus umpteen degrees in winter … begging the boss for ammo, food and batteries, wondering if he was going to ever make it out alive and get the opportunity to be belittled and disrespected by some sniveling moonbat apartment manager.

There’s boots that fit that ass, but they’re not being used.

» New Mexico court: Gay rights trump religious freedom

An article at WND noted that “Attorney General Eric Holder admitted in a congressional hearing” that under a federal “hate crimes” bill signed into law by President Obama, “an attack on a homosexual would be dealt with differently than one on another citizen.”

“Homosexuals got exactly what they wanted,” Benjamin Bull, chief counsel for the ADF, said at the time. “In the marketplace of ideas, one side has now been censored. This [situation] is exactly what homosexual activists have in mind.”

Note that I highlited “homosexual activists”.
Like “muslim activists” and “hispanic activists” and “anti-war activists” and “race activists” – occupiers, 99%ers, dhimmicrats, anarchists and dumb-clucks with Obama stickers on their cars ….. all under the deadly influence of the ….
(Yup, here I go again) Communists.

See 26 and 27 of the 45.

Oh! Well den! I feel Sigh-mo-tain-e-us-lee relieved and foolish. Here I’ve been harping about commies for a decade only to find out that they’ve been extinct for that long a time.

» Bill Clinton Claims There Are No Communists in Washington

“This is not the 1950s. At least Joe McCarthy could skate on the fact that there were one or two living Communists walking around. Nobody’s seen a Communist in over a decade!”

Silly me …. uh, wait:

Back in reality, Obama’s former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones is an avowed communist who to his credit hasn’t always hidden behind the euphemism progressive. He was forced out when it was revealed that he is not only a Marxist and a “rowdy black nationalist,” but a 9/11 Truther.

Dang. Shoulda known. Uncle Bill don’t notice anybody not wearing knee-pads and/or a blue dress. So, I guess he wouldn’t know a communist if he was married to one.

As in the case of Van Jones, does one have to do or say more than announce to world from the highest of bully pulpits “I am communist” to qualify as a communist – to simps like Uncle Bill, that is.

Of course, I jest. Bill Clinton was lying when he said that – through his teeth and out his rear. We know he’s seen a communist very, very recently … there’s mirrors all over the place.

Is that a bad sign?
» CBO: Massive rise in U.S. debt crashes our economic forecasting model in 2035

A stunner from the Congressional Budget Office in its new long-term budget forecast. When the government budget scorekeepers took into account the worst-case scenario impact of debt on the U.S. economy, its economic forecasting model, well, broke ….

…. chart shows the U.S. economy in a long recession starting in the early 2020s and then just … stopping. There be dragons!

~~ via Doug Ross : Non-partisan CBO: dude, we keep trying to run our computer models with the Obama budget and we keep getting blue-screens

The smartest man in Congress, Paul Ryan (R-WI), believes that America has only two or three years to slash federal spending and reduce the deficit before it’s too late. And by too late, I mean let’s imagine Mad Max in Road Warrior, only without the fancy amenities.
Folks, they talk about important elections, but to say that 2012 is make-or-break for this country is an understatement.

No country can sustain trillion-dollar deficits, year after year, without catastrophic repercussions.

Tell your family, your friends and your colleagues. Mobilize them. We need to crush the Marxist Left at the ballot box. We have no choice if we are to save this country.

» Jesse Jackson: We Are Going to March on Gun Shops

Last night in Racine, Wisconsin, while demanding jobs for the unemployed, Jesse Jackson decided to slam job creating gun dealers and called for a march on gun shops all over the country.

Jackson wants to get rid of the very thing that has kept the economy afloat during Obama’s presidency. The firearms industry has not only created jobs in the past three years but has also provided the government with a steady revenue stream.

Jackson makes a good living extorting companies, groups and individuals. Gun shops are just the newest target, the next on the list to badger till somebody pays.

Or is it that simple? We already know that the race-hustlers are in the race-hustling bidness only because it’s extremely profitable, but we also know that they are some of the most well-worn tools in the Communist toolbox.
One of the highest priorities of the commies is to disarm the American people, so it makes sense that they would put this idea in Jackson’s itty-bitty lil brain. And in said peanut-sized organ, it’s a righteous cause given the number of black victims of gun violence – plus he really thinks he can squeeze another bundle of cash out of the gun industry.

From the comments, as good a summary as …. :

Let’s get right to the point shall we. Yes we have a race problem in America and it’s circling the wagons around anybody who is black if they have committed a crime and a white person is involved.

Fact; 60% of the “VIOLENT” crime in this Country is committed by people with African decent, mostly against each other.

Fact; that doesn’t seem to bother Al Sharpton, Jessee Jackson or Barack Obama!!! Why is that?

Fact; On the last Holiday weekend 45 people, “45 PEOPLE” were murdered, in one weekend, in Chicago, including a 6 year old little girl caught in the cross fire, all “Black” on “Black.” That doesn’t seem to bother Reverend AL, Jessee the Reptilian or bo, your buddy your pal either!!!! No protests, no public outrage, just silence,

Fact; There are more black people murdered in Chicago then soldiers murdered in f**kin Afganistan!!!

If any of you phony, lying scum bags here would like to walk down a Chicago street, or any street in Camden, Washington, Detroit, at night and see 5 black guys in hoodies approaching you;

A; you would pray to God they don’t attack you!!!
B; wish they had a law like in Florida where you could defend yourself, and you had a gun to defend yourself!!! NOT!!!
C; most likely be a victim where the city happily picks up your bloody body and then quizzes you as to what the hell you think you were doing walking down the street bothering the local thugs.

Do we have a problem, “YES” and you know exactly what the problem is!!! You are “ALL” happy to sit back and watch black youth murder and slaughter each other and everybody else who gets in their way and pretend like it doesn’t exist!!!

SO STOP with the BS and pretending white people are out terrorizing the Cities and suburbs.

» People Don’t Think That Way Anymore

If everyone who has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States would act with sacred Honor, our politicians in Washington, DC would already be in prison or hanged for treason. We would not be living in a police state where the first amendment has no meaning. We would not be living in a nation where 18,000 police departments will subject us to the threat of drones. We would not be living in a nation where the Department of Justice not only fails to defend freedom, it selectively enforces our own laws. Once we lost the rule of law, we lost the Republic.

» Republicans balking on Fast and Furious help suppress new information


Dont Feed the Moonbats
» Martin Short Hits ‘Crazy Catholic’ Santorum, ‘Taliban’-like Bachmann, and Other Republicans
Now you can add Martin Short to your boycott list of moonbat hollywood clowns. Of course, it’s hard to boycott someone who produces nothing.

» The Ozombie economy

Obama’s solution to these multitudes of problems caused by too much debt? More spending. More debt. More bailouts. But, he’s had his chance.
All the trillions of bailouts, deficit-spending, and money printing have accomplished is cementing an economic, financial, and political system that is too big to save. Like the living dead, we’re limping along, with the only magic bullet being a return to free market principles and sound money.

» Moonbat Tech: The Swap-O-Matic

They do love that word sustainable. Just as racist means anything moonbats don’t like, sustainable means anything they do.
…. Egalitarianism: it’s not just for people anymore. Now even inanimate objects are of equal value, regardless of their usefulness.

I do hope, I mean I really hope that they invested their fortunes on this brain-spark idea. Few things tickle my gizzard more than the whiney boohooing of moonbat liberal commie-suckers that have lost their butts trying to experiment with anti-capitalism capitalism.