Recruiter Appreciation I

May 18, 2007

May 18, 2007
Raleigh, N.C.

Report by Ross ‘Bubba’ McDowell

Bob Chamerlain
Bubba and Donna McDowell
Rodney Carroll
Ken Meyer of Operation A Bit Of Home

Participants met at the recruiting offices at 11:00.

After greetings and introductions with the recruiters, we setup our canopy and table, raised the flag and laid out the groceries.
All the food came from the Village Deli in Wake Forest, where a substantial discount was given as a donation. There was deli sandwiches, pasta salads and gourmet cookies. We also had two portable coolers with iced beverages.

The recruiting office in north Raleigh is occupied by Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. The Army National Guard is in a neighboring building.
Total number of recruiters is about 32.

Chatting, probably about politics: Ken, Bubba, Bob, Doris and Joe.

Although there was a mysterious absence of media coverage, approximately 30 people still came out to see the soldiers, shake their hand and thank them. Some stayed for quite a while.

One recruiter stated that they were not accustomed to people coming in just to say thanks.
Eagle Rodney Carroll replied “Get used to it”.
The soldier said “That’s an adjustment I think I can make.”

Several members of local Rolling Thunder came out. But that goes without saying, doesnt it? Troop support is a reflex action for these guys.

OORa … Hay! Cookies!

Yuriy Kaknovsky came and brought his wife and two children. They brought $25 gift certificates to their restaurant in North Hills.
Mrs. Kaknovsky, with tears in her eyes, expressed heartfelt gratitude … to the Eagles!
The Kaknovsky family are Ukrainian immigrants. They sacrificed and risked much to come to America and become Americans. The fact that they felt so much gratitude for people that finally demonstrate some patriotism speaks volumes.
Yuriy and his wife pulled their kids from school to come to our humble little O.R.A. Some of the greatest Americans did not inherit their citizenship.

My personal thanks to friends who came to support their troops.

Ed Williams – Rolling Thunder
Andy Whittaker
Levi Regalado
Yuriy Kakhovsky
Aaron Seaver
Marjie Walls
Paul (Unky Paw) Schrum

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