April 10, 2012

April 10, 2012


Regardless of claims by the socialist radicals of the Dhimmicrat party, 2 + 2 = 4. Every time.
Unfortunately, for all of us and many generations of future Americans, 2-2 = 0
Math Don’t Lie
» A Wicked Financial Storm Descends On America

If nothing else, the debt we owe will literally drag us into hell all by itself. We’re broke and we aren’t going back to yesteryear anytime soon. That would take massive cuts and pain and no one with that kind of spine exists today in our government. But until the last penny is stolen and the last party is thrown by the Progressives, they will keep spending until there is nothing left but death, war, famine and blood. And they are okay with that, trust me. We face the abyss and our leaders are embracing the gulf.

(THHO)Obama: America’s Number One Gun Salesman, fourth year in a row!

Background checks for gun permits, as well as firearm stocks sales, have continued to soar in 2012 on fears of an Obama reelection.
Shares of firearms maker Smith & Wesson hit a new 52-week high last Monday. On March 21, Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc. said it had received orders for more than one million guns, and has stopped accepting new orders until those back-orders are completed.
“I think the fear about a second Obama administration is driving sales to record levels along with the fact that local, state, and federal governments faced with budget shortfalls are being forced to lay off law enforcement and furlough prisoners,” said Andrew Arulanandam, director of public affairs for the National Rifle Association. “Furthermore, John and Jane Q. Public have never believed the Obama organization claim that they support the Second Amendment.”

Over 100,000 new legal guns entering the population on a daily basis. That’s gotta scare the socialist wannabe tyrants currently inhabiting the DNC.


Translation: What President Obama said about the Supreme Court wasn’t all that bad and the only reason people are criticizing him for it is because, well, they‘re kinda’-sorta’ racist.
Those familiar with Dyson know this to be his common position on anything involving Obama: any criticism of the President is because he’s black. Period. End of story

» Fracking is Blamed for … Well, Everything, Really.

Blaming natural phenomena on fracking is this year’s fad, reminiscent of the mood ring, the pet rock or Anthropogenic Global Warming.

» Obama tries to get one guy a job, and fails
» Obama administration diverts $500M to IRS to implement healthcare reform law
» What’s funnier than Bill Clinton talking about the virtues of chastity? That would be Jamie Gorelick extolling the high ethical standards required by members of the bar.
» San Francisco Police Escorts Occupy to ‘Liberation’ of Archdiocese Property, Then Withdraws


» Arby’s quietly unblocks conservative critics on Twitter
The blocking probably occurred via one liberal employee and Arby’s is trying to reverse the situation without drawing attention.
Too late.
Maybe in the future, they’ll be more careful about hiring left-wing rads and putting them in charge of PR?

“People will slap a ‘Green’ title on anything.”
» A green debate grows in Moonachie as acres of trees are cleared for solar panels

» In Green We Trust

The EPA in the United States acts as the religious police, protecting the mother-goddess from the blasphemous abuses of the infidels. It is above the law and evidence because it is a religious body and not subject to such secular concerns. But its minions are only the enforcers of a vast international community of faith which is convinced that the doom of mankind is at hand and spends every minute calculating the day when the oceans will rise up and sweep man off the earth for his sins against the planet.
Environmental scientists have become inquisitioners, searching out heresy, denouncing it and destroying the reputations and academic positions of the heretics. The media and the entertainment industry have wholly dedicated themselves to the propagation of the faith, their doomsday scenarios showing the apocalyptic end play side by side with their mockery and attacks on competing religions, at least those which have not incorporated the green faith into their doctrines.

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