April 5, 2012

April 5, 2012


» Congresscritters Exploit Trayvon Martin Spectacle

And when he says congresscritter he’s talking about this:

Take that seriously now. Stop that laughing. You take that fuzzy cowboy hat seriously, you dang racist.

this is nibbling around the edges. The real prize is the Second Amendment. The right to bear arms is so fundamental to American civilization that authoritarians have settled on destroying it in small increments, using every opportunity to cast armed private citizens as the villains, rather than the criminals they defend themselves against.

Dont Feed the Moonbats
» Obligatory: Original “Dumb and Dumber” duo signed on for sequel
No thanks. I’ll pass.
I’m not entertained by watching a socialist acting stupid.

Gun-Free-Kill Zones
» School shootings: We know what does NOT work–and we keep doing it

…. are there “just too many guns in the hands of people who are not afraid to use them,” or are there not enough guns in the hands of people prepared to use them in defense of themselves and others?

Good question, easy answer. All that’s required to study for that one-question test is to look up how many of the ‘mass gun murder’ events occurred in places where the victims were armed.

Some What-Ifs
» The Supreme Militia

The Supreme Court can’t enforce its judgments. Only the Executive can do that. But what if that Executive, of any administration, goes rogue and decides to simply ignore the ruling?
What if, instead of the President, the Supreme Court had authority, as the ultimate check and balance, to call out the irregular militia to enforce the striking down of laws which violate the Constitution should the President continue down the path he is currently on? Or to remove the former President if he and his team decide they don’t want to leave? And to provide immunity from prosecution for these actions?
1. Assume that the Supreme Court has struck down a federal law, but the DHS shows up in your county to enforce it anyway. What do you do? And no, you don’t have time to consult with the state bigwigs, the DHS is busting down doors and hauling away your citizens, so you have to act now.
2. Assume that the Supreme Court has struck down a state law, but the state law enforcement officials show up in your county to enforce it anyway. What do you do?

» The Stories We Tell

The Trayvon Martin tale is another story in the Big Book of American Racism. There are many stories in that book, some linger for decades, others vanish after a few weeks, but all share a common idea. That idea is that we are not all one country, nor are we northerners, southerners and westerners, or farmers and city folk– we are black and white. Some of us are black and oppressed and some of us are white and oppressors. This is the other thing that stories do– they make us see ourselves in a new way.
The story of racism says that all our other stories don’t matter, the ones about Bunker Hill or the Fourth of July, Omaha Beach or the Tet Offensive. The only story that matters is the story of the slave ship, the plantation, the lunch counter and the hoodie. It says that we are no more than the sum of our skin, that our destiny is to be black and white, the well meaning oppressor and the angry slave, and that any society we create will forever be hobbled by that legacy. It says that we are forever damned by racism.

They cannot give up on the story, because they know no other world but the one that they created with the story. It is an ugly world, but it is all they have, and in that hell they rule, rather than serve. Even if the tale of Trayvon Martin joins the legend of Tawana Brawley and the ballad of the Duke lacrosse team, there will be other stories. We are a large nation and the raw material of stories is out there. And they will be told as long as the words hold power over us.

That is the source of our weakness. Decency. It is our decency which lured us into the story. Our eagerness to prove that we are not bad people, that we may have made mistakes in the past, but that we have put those mistakes behind us. But the storytellers are not decent people. They are deeply and thoroughly corrupt. They understand decency as a weakness to be exploited. A self-righteous lie that we tell because we are as bad as they are. And so they play a game with us. They give us the chance to prove our innocence in a rigged game that always ends in guilt.

» 78 Year Old White Man Attacked 6 Black Youths
Using his face to beat their fists to pulp, the old racist geezer then battered their feet with his stomach and chest.

Ok, all seriousness aside ….

For investigators, it’s unclear whether the assault was motivated by an attempt to avenge the Martin youth’s death or whether Mr. Watts’ “Remember Trayvon” message was misinterpreted as threatening or racist.
“It’s still up in the air who started the verbal confrontation,” Sergeant Kennedy said, adding that stories given by the suspect and the victim conflict and the investigation is ongoing.

What? It’s still up in the air? What does that mean? Does the good Sarge really think there’s a remote chance that a 78 year old picked a fight with 6 teenagers?

But it’s not all bad ….

At his home Monday, Mr. Watts said he has never allowed weapons inside and that when his four children were growing up, they were not allowed to play “cops and robbers, to kill the Indians.”

During the Vietnam War, Mr. Watts, who served in the military from 1950 to 1961, refused to let his boys play GI Joes.

There would be no more killing, he said.

But now, Mr. Watts says he plans to buy a gun and obtain a permit to carry it.

“What happened to me … down here on the corner, that changed my perspective on humanity,” Mr. Watts said.

So Ole Watts was a pacifist pansy. Now he’s been educated.
To butcher a phrase: You really can teach an old dog how to think.

Officially, because of licensing conflict.
Unofficially, according to conjecture, it’s racist to depict a person liking chicken if that person is melanous.
Cause black folks love dat chicken and watermelon, as though dem white folk are too good to eat chicken and watermelon?

Please. Enough a-frikkin-ready. They’ve worn that race card down to powder. Burger King sells chicken. We all like chicken. They hire celebrities to tell us they have good chicken, and when one of those celebs happens to be of the same race as Saint Trayvon we’re supposed to catch our breath in utter shock at yet another racist provocation?

By the way, does Burger King require you to apply black-face before you can eat their chicken?

» Sloppy mainstream reporting on basic gun facts points to pervasive failure

» Live Like a Commie, Get Erased Like One
» BARACK OBAMA, CONSTITUTIONAL IGNORAMUS – Dont you just love story headlines made of only synonyms?



~~ Original image via Moonbattery.com

» A Hometown Vanished

You can’t go home again — at least not if your home has been conquered by Islamic welfare colonists. A native of Luton goes back to her hometown to find it has been absorbed by the ummah …. After liberals are done giving England away, there is no way civilization will ever get it back.

Well, it can be retrieved but it’ll take a while … depends on the half-life of the tools used.

Is it not already?
» Ken Livingstone: I will make London a beacon of Islam
If London is not already a beacon of Islam, what da heck does it take? If the queen is banished to burka and her replacement has a callous-bump on his forehead, would that be beacon enough for you dhimmidiots?

» Greece is going bankrupt … and why
One reason why, at least:

About 1.8% of the island’s population of 39,000 claimed the [blindness] benefit last year, according to the health ministry. That is around nine times the prevalence of blindness estimated for many European countries in a 2004 study published in a World Health Organization journal.

Among those who put in for the blindness benefit on Zakynthos, a local official said, were a taxi driver and a bird hunter. …

[T]he island is hardly alone, according to health ministry officials, who say fraudulent disability claims are a problem across the nation, costing the government hundreds of millions of euros a year.

When the entire population of a nation goes on permanent vacation at the expense of the government, where does the government get the money?

Socialism. It works. For approximately the amount of time it takes for a human to starve to death.

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