Jihad Comes to Raleigh Jan 6, 2009

January 6, 2009

‘Some’ will say that my title “Jihad Comes to Raleigh” is unfair; that Palestinian-Americans are not terrorist just because they object to the occupation of their homeland by Zionist Israel and the bombing and killing of Palestinians by the IDF.

I beg to differ, I disagree and I object to and am offended by the profound ignorance of ‘some’.

Yesterday, January 5, a demonstration took place on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, North Carolina. Approximately 300 (my guess) anti-Israel, pro-Hamas protesters lined the sidewalk. They carried signs condemning Israel and the USA while expressing support and solidarity with Hamas (terrorists).

Nothing new about that. The only thing different about this pro-terror demonstration was that they were not un-opposed.

I sat in my truck on the other side of the street and waited till they held up the first sign. I immediately got out and posted up a few signs of my own, picked my spot of sidewalk and began my opposition. After about 40 minutes I was joined by two Marines and an Army soldier that happened by.

I offered them the use of a set of six foot American flags that I just happened to have in the truck. They accepted and picked out their spots on the sidewalk.

The JWBs (Jihadi-Wanna-Be’s) were not amused. They became indignant and insulting almost immediately. Even though my fellow patriots and I stood silently we were the targets of multiple hand signals and shouted insults.

Not a problem. That just let me know that my time was not wasted.

After a while we were joined by more real Americans – Sandra, Kathy and Tina. They just happened to bring flags and signs too. So for three hours the 300 JWBs were opposed by 7 patriots.

Kathy’s shirt was most appropriate.

Note the presence of F.I.S.T. Their “red star” logo was dispersed throughout the JWBs lineup. FIST is a band of communist-wanna-be punks that manage to show up and support any anti-American cause. Also present were at least one of the Veterans For Peace, once again proving their denied association with terrorists and communists.

It’s time to go to work now, unlike moonbats, welfare liberals, terrorists and communists – some of us have jobs. I’ll add more info later.

I’ll tell you about the JWBs that crossed the street to correct our politically incorrect attitudes.

UPDATE: January 7, 2009
After a couple of hours the Marines and Soldier that stood with us had to leave. It wasn’t long after that I noticed a guy talking to Sandra. Since
there were alot of people walking by and stopping to talk, I didnt pay much attention to this one.

I realized he was one of the JWBs when the volume kept increasing and the body language demonstrated agitation and aggression. Sandra and Kathy were standing firm, not backing down. I interupted his jihad speech from stage right and backed him into the street.

Immediately, two more JWB males sprinted across the street to get in my face. I have to admit I do not remember what they were yelling, I wasn’t in
the listening mode. As I advanced on the 3 they backed further into the street till we were blocking traffic.

I challenged them to throw their shoes at me, dared them to do it. That seemed to bewilder them and one of them actually made a move to remove a shoe. That would have been perfect.

A swarm of police stopped the fun and forced all to return to our respective sidewalks. Taunts and hand signals were offered – from both sides.

The JWBs kept at least one chant going for the entire 3 hours, most of the time multiple chants. You know, the usual hippy-moonbat style chant –
1-2-3-4 blah, blah, blah, something that rhymes with four.

But their favorites seem to be the ones not in English – especially “Allah Akbar”. I thought of several responses to that one, but the promises my wife extracted from me before I left home prevented me from using them.

There were many reporters there with big TV cameras. Of course, NBC-11 and (?)moonbat channel 17 managed to cover the entire event in detail without a single frame of video showing the American side of the street. Not like they didnt know we were there. They sat up their massive tripods in front of us to film the JWBs.

I mentioned above that we had several American flags. It should be noted that the JWBs had only Palestinian flags.

OK, not fair. They did send someone to Walmart after a hour and half, who came back with a hand full of little American flags that were passed down the jihad line.

They then waved them at us defiantly.
Dont ask me, I dont know.

By the way, this event was discovered via DurhamSpark blog.

If you follow this link, note the “About Me” section which reads, in part, as follows:
“My political philosophy is anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist communism … ”

He forgot to add that he also supports and rallies to any cause or organization that is anti-America, anti-Freedom, anti-Military or anti-Capitalist. I.E., your typical socialist, liberal, moonbat traitor.

Dont forget to have a look at the list of communist affiliates in the Links section.

I mentioned F.I.S.T. Here’s their report of Monday’s events: Raleigh Demo Against Attacks on Gaza

If you go there, take note of the photo shrine to Che G. ‘the serial murderer’.

And again, Dont forget to have a look at the list of communist affiliates in the Links section.

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