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January 26, 2008
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October 6, 2011


» From Eric Holder, we get a liar’s ‘justice’

Lying to Congress under oath is perjury. Perjury is a crime. We the people, however, are expected to trust our nation’s justice system to this . . . criminal. This we cannot do. A government that puts “justice” in the hands of a criminal bears no legitimate claim on the people’s loyalty. If the government seeks to illegitimately claim that loyalty, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is going to have a lot of updates to make on their “Insurrectionism Timeline.”

» ‘Gunwalking’ then and now: The differences

by 2009, even the most Underpants Gnome-stupid government officials had the benefit of hindsight (provided by “Wide Receiver”) to see the folly of “gunwalking” as a “crime-fighting” tool. By then it should have been clear that the only value such a technique offered was the pile of dead bodies that could then be blamed on U.S. gun dealers.

Indict Eric Holder

Somewhere, Scooter Libby must be scratching his head. He was indicted and convicted simply because his recall of when a meeting occurred differed from others. He didn’t lie about a gun-running operation that led to the deaths of two American agents and at least 200 Mexicans.

But Attorney General Eric Holder did

From a comment at CBS reporter: White House, DOJ reps ‘yelled’ and ‘screamed’ at her over ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal

I’m cool with the “Holder doesn’t understand how testimony works.”
That gives the White House two options, both of which result in the dismissal/removal of Holder.
Option 1: White House has to admit Holder is incompetent. (sorta goes with your line about Holder not understanding how testimony works)
Or 2: White House cans Holder, because Holder knew about Fast and Furious but “neglected” to inform the White House.
If there are any options that allow Holder to remain in office, I’d like to hear them, simply because the excuses are sure to be very creative.

» This Is What a Mob Looks Like

I am not the first to note the vast differences between the Wall Street protesters and the tea partiers. To name three: The tea partiers have jobs, showers and a point.
The tea partiers didn’t arrogantly claim to be drafting a new Declaration of Independence. They’re perfectly happy with the original.

Tea partiers didn’t block traffic, sleep on sidewalks, wear ski masks, fight with the police or urinate in public. They read the Constitution, made serious policy arguments, and petitioned the government against Obama’s unconstitutional big government policies, especially the stimulus bill and Obamacare.

Then they picked up their own trash and quietly went home. Apparently, a lot of them had to be at work in the morning.

In the two years following the movement’s inception, the Tea Party played a major role in turning Teddy Kennedy’s seat over to a Republican, making the sainted Chris Christie governor of New Jersey, and winning a gargantuan, historic Republican landslide in the 2010 elections. They are probably going to succeed in throwing out a president in next year’s election.

That’s what democracy looks like.

» Due Process With a Bullet

Until the Warren Court began making up its own Constitution, there was no question about any of these scenarios at all.

An American citizen who defected to join an enemy army, or simply defected or even deserted was denaturalized. Denaturalization stripped him of his status as an American.

The Warren Court, making up its own laws as it went along, decided that when the Founders outlawed cruel and unusual punishment, they meant stripping a deserter or traitor of his citizenship, rather than say keelhauling. Justice Thomas has already shown the absurdity of this reasoning, but until the decision is overturned, we still have a Supreme Court ruling that says a man who turns his back on his country, joins an enemy army, vows its destruction and fights against it cannot be denaturalized.

If Ron Paul and the other Constitutional “scholars” concerned about due process were really serious about restoring the Constitution, they would address the Al-Awlaki case by calling for the return of “Denaturalization” as the original Constitutional solution for dealing with American citizens who defect and join enemy forces.
Due process is an important thing. For American civilians it’s the due process of the legal system. For enemy combatants who are members of an enemy force but happen to hold American citizenship, it’s due process with a bullet.

» When Drones Attack

There isn’t a corporation on Earth that can force you to pay it whether you want to or not.

There isn’t a corporation on the planet that can throw you in jail for failure to adhere to its millions of pages of laws, regulations and dictates.

There isn’t a corporation anywhere that can make you buy a one-size-fits-all health care plan, or a certain kind of light bulb, or a low-flow toilet, or a certain kind of car, and so on and on.

There isn’t a corporation anywhere that can command you — the citizen — to participate in multi-trillion dollar Ponzi schemes like Medicare, set to collapse in only ten short years.

No, there isn’t any corporation powerful enough to do these things.

Only a giant, enormous, bloated federal government can ruin our economy in these ways. And, then, only because a certain group of power-hungry, easily corrupted politicians, lawyers and judges have ignored our highest law: the Constitution.

» An EMP Attack on America?

William Forschen, in his novel “The Minute After,” helps us to imagine what America would be like after a major EMP event. Survivalists have even invented a new acronym to describe it: TEOTWAWKI – The End of the World As We Know It.
No cell phones, no personal or business computers. No gas stations, no natural gas or water service. Cold storage, down; food processing plants, off-line. No trucking, no railroads, no airplanes, no ATMs, no inter-bank transfers. Americans would revert to eating whatever food they could hunt, fish or forage within walking distance of their homes. City-dwellers would flee en masse, or face starvation.

The nightmare of EMP attack is not new. The effects of such a hypothetical event have been known for decades, but until recently (10 years or so), the possibility and probability of it happening have been so remote that none of us really considered it a risk. Unlike the bizarre and unfounded fears of global warming, nothing has been done to protect our infrastructure from a threat that actually exists. We have allowed our government to cripple large portions of our economy and industry to forestall an imagined threat of global warming and in the process have effectively crippled our ability to protect ourselves from a very real threat.

We are woefully unprepared, even though solutions are cheap and near at hand. This is why Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) and several colleagues have proposed legislation known as the SHIELD Act (H.R. 668) that would promulgate standards necessary to protect the grid and require the utilities to install hardware solutions to protect the main components of the grid.

As if the utility companies (or their customers) could afford those solutions after being financially raped by the global-warming greenies and the EPA for over a decade.

The EMP commission issued a public report in 2004 that ought to be required reading for every American. They determined that a single EMP warhead exploded over the center of the US could bring down the power grid all across the country.

Here’s what too many are thinking: Oh, that’s not a problem. After all, this is America, we have all kinds of ‘stuff’ that would make it impossible for an enemy to shoot a missile into our upper atmosphere. If that’s what you’re thinking then you haven’t been paying attention for the last … too dang many years.

Contrary to most of Washington, Iran and North Korea have understood that the US power grid is extremely vulnerable to attack by an EMP weapon, and have tasked their scientists and military planners to study the strategic impact of an EMP event.
North Korea appears to have successfully tested a “Super-EMP” weapon during its 2006 and 2009 nuclear weapons tests, while Iran has tested ballistic missiles in an EMP mode – that is, detonating them at high altitude, not in a ballistic trajectory – and deemed those tests a success.
Many experts believe the weapons programs of these two countries have been developed as joint ventures, since Iranian scientists traveled to North Korea to assist in North Korea’s 2006 and 2009 nuclear weapons test campaigns, and North Korean scientists regularly travel to Iran to take part in Iran’s missile tests.


The official estimate of the U.S. Geological survey a few years back said the Bakken was between four and five billion barrels. Mr. Hamm disagrees, and says that fully developed the entire field contains 24 billion barrels. That would double America’s proven oil reserves. He expects the reserves and production to triple over the next five years.

When it was Mr. Hamm’s turn to talk briefly with President Obama, “I told him of the revolution in the oil and gas industry and how we have the capacity to produce enough oil to enable America to replace OPEC. I wanted to make sure he knew about this.”

The president’s reaction? “He turned to me and said, ‘Oil and gas will be important for the next few years. But we need to go on to green and alternative energy. [Energy] Secretary [Steven] Chu has assured me that within five years, we can have a battery developed that will make a car with the equivalent of 130 miles per gallon.’” Mr. Hamm holds his head in his hands and says, “Even if you believed that, why would you want to stop oil and gas development? It was pretty disappointing.”

Wasn’t there a fairy tale about some idiot that starved to death during his epic struggle to find a way to extract nourishment from the beautiful white, fluffy, edible-looking clouds? No? Shoulda been.

» Free Ponies will be the Death of America

It would be political suicide for any candidate – Republican or Democrat – to suggest aloud, “You know what? As a candidate I can fix things around the edges and start us on the road to recovery, but if we’re being perfectly honest with each other, it’s going to be a long time (if ever) before things get back to the way they were.”
America is going to go through a difficult time of readjustment and we will only get through it by knuckling down, determining to generate more productivity and make do with less – in other words, doing the things that brought us through before. If we have become so cushy and coddled that we can’t even stand to hear that it needs to be done again, then we are lost.

» Naaaaaa – The U.S. Isn’t Capitulating to Sharia


» The President of Contempt

the contempt Mr. Obama felt for the Bush administration was merely of a piece with the broader ambit of his disdain. Examples? Here’s a quick list:

The gratuitous return of the Churchill bust to Britain. The slam of the Boston police officer who arrested Henry Louis Gates. The high-profile rebuke of the members of the Supreme Court at his 2010 State of the Union speech. The diplomatic snubs, petty as well as serious, of Gordon Brown, Benjamin Netanyahu and Nicolas Sarkozy. The verbal assaults on Wall Street “fat cats” who “caused the problem” of “10% unemployment.” The never-ending baiting of millionaires and billionaires and jet owners and everyone else who, as Black Entertainment Television’s Robert Johnson memorably put it on Sunday, “tried rich and tried poor and like rich better.”

For the heartburn of the above doom & gloom, try this little ant-acid:
» Late Night Headlines
Feel better? Not really? Whassa matta? You can’t feel better after laughing at stupid people?

Fine. Try this then:

Actually, this one was for Booboo.