Obama (THHO)

August 31, 2011

I am a Right Wing TeaBaggin’ Terrorist Racist, and any references I make to the current president can only be racially motivated … good or bad, evidently. My heart is not made of stone so the constant barrage of charges of racism is starting to weigh heavily upon my spirit. I must change my ways, change my rhetoric and be the hope. I see that now, thanks to Marxine (Go to Hell) Waters, Al (Kill the Jews) Sharpton and Sheila (Only This One) Lee.

So, how do I proceed from here? My wife gave the answer, the inspiration, the key.

Henceforth, until further notice, (or I just get too ticked off), I will direct all negative comments at the white half of Obama. I will do this by adding (THHO) to all uses of the One’s holy name, lest I use it in vain.
(THHO) : The Honky Half Of

6 Responses to “Obama (THHO)”

  1. Outstanding insight, Mrs. Bubba !

    It must be the contamination of his “cracker soul” that causes such a mean spirit.

    Absolutely friggin beautiful !


  2. AWESOME… I’m passing that one along :)

  3. Well how very tolerant, diverse, and multicultural of you. I must adhere to this policy. Think it will make a difference? Change has to be good.

  4. Outstanding idea Mrs Bubba… Implementation ASAP.

  5. OMG, this is KILLIN me! Thanks, Bubba, I needed that!

  6. I will, of course, heap full credit and praise upon this masterful sidestepping of the “racist” charge.

    Yep, I’m borrowing.