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January 26, 2008
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Letter to BoneFish

On Thursday, July 21 2011, my wife and I sat and prepared to have a wonderful meal at your fine restuarant; BoneFish at North Hills Raleigh. Halfway through the appetizer of Bam Bam Shrimp, which is one of my wife’s all time favorites, we had a visitor at our table.

A member of the North Hills mall security came and asked if I was in possession of a sidearm. When I answered yes, I was asked to remove my weapon from the premises. I went to my vehicle, removed the sidearm which was in an open carry, belt-mount holster, and locked it inside.
Then my wife and I decided to leave, even though the manager invited us to stay and finish our meal, free of charge, apologizing for the incident.

This letter is not a protest nor a complaint of service. We were not harrassed by management, security or any employees. We were not embarrased or treated disrespectfully. We are not going to try to sue or organize a boycott.

We are not claiming violation of our second amendment rights.

The purpose of this letter is to express only our disappointment in the decision made by your manager. He was forced into making the decision due to a complaint by another patron who either felt offended or threatened by the presence of a firearm. He had to choose between one patron whose sensitivities, ignorance and bigotry precipitated the event and another patron who had accepted responsibility for his own protection and defense – as well as the protection and defense of those around him. He had to choose which patron to possibly offend.

He chose poorly.

In this decision, he had to realize that he could have informed the complaining patron that I had broken no laws, had done nothing to provoke fear of myself or my sidearm and that as such was welcome to remain – armed. Instead, he chose the more politically correct option of asking the only armed person in the building to disarm. In doing so, he accepted responsibility for my protection and the protection of my wife. Without any implied slight, I can say that I did not think he was capable of fulfilling that responsibility.

My wife and I refuse to place our lives in the hands of a restuarant manager, so we had to leave. Please understand that. And, having been asked to disarm once, I must assume that my sidearm is unwelcome in the future as well. Therefore, we can never patronize BoneFish again.

As stated above, this is not a boycott. This is a matter of not going where I am not certain of the safety and well being of my wife.

Now if I may, I’d like to clarify a few things I’ve said.

I referred to the bigotry of the complaining patron. That may seem like a overly strong word to use, but it is correct in the context. The right of every American citizen to keep and bear arms, as recognized and protected by the second amendment is essentially a civil right. Many people use the words ‘civil rights’ without actually understanding what they really mean. Civil rights, by definition, are the rights belonging to a person by virtue of their status as a citizen – or more specifically, the rights enumerated by the Constitution.
A person who refuses to recognize and respect the civil rights of another, who seeks to abrogate those rights, is a bigot. In this case, a gun-bigot.

In saying that I was not claiming violation of our second amendment rights by BoneFish, I am stating that I recognize the fact that my right to keep and bear arms did not follow me into your restuarant. Your right to private property trumps my 2nd amendment right. So, whether or not there’s a sign on the door, I know that while I’m on your property my right to bear arms is subject to your approval. Unfortunately, this is a point that far too many ‘gun advocates’ simply do not grasp.

I used the term ‘politically correct option’, applying it to the decision of the manager, because I do not believe the manager had any motivation other than satisfying one patron at the expense of the another. His choice as to which patron was more socially acceptable was based on his acceptance of decades of politically motivated propaganda, misinformation and frankly, outright lies.

And he doesn’t even realize it.

It’s a sad testimony to, and example of, the moral poverty of modern Americans when an American is asked to stop doing that which is so wonderfully unique to Americans.


In the comments, Jake asks:

Is this chain of events confirmed, or merely a reasonable assumption? I’m just curious if maybe a patron put the manager in a bad position by going directly to mall security, or if the security guard might have noticed it and approached the manager. If the mall has a no firearms policy, the manager would probably be required to comply or risk the restaurant’s lease.

Jake, I guess it’s a reasonably confirmed assumption. Both the manager and the security officer told me it was due to a complaint by another patron.
The mall does not have a firearms policy. North Hills, Raleigh is not the usual indoors strip mall, it’s one of those modern ‘community’ type places. I frequent several businesses there routinely – always armed. Although this is the first incident of this type I’ve experienced, there have been other similar incidents reported.

pdb asks :

Does Bonefish not sell alcohol for consumption on the premises?

Indeed it does. But that is not relevant.
I assume you refer to the laws restricting concealed carry in establishments that serve alcohol. I was not carrying concealed, I never carry concealed. I was not drinking alcohol, I never drink alcohol.
There are no restrictions regarding open carry and the availability of alcohol.

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