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July 25, 2011

So, I haven’t posted in almost a week. Our internet satellite contraption has given up the ghost and we await the arrival of the 12th techimam to make all things right again. In the meantime, since we still don’t allow television in our home, I have no idea what’s really going on these days.

I know what happened in Norway, I heard that. But I still don’t know what really happened. Think you do?

I know Harry SchmuckReid has promised a couple trillion dollars in spending cuts if the Republicans will surrender their fuzzy little nads and go along with a debt ceiling increase. And they probably will. That’s what they’ve always, always done … surrendered to the dhimmicrats. Reid’s promises earn no more respect than what was due to hundreds of similar promises made by dhimmicrats over the decades past. Always promises to cut spending – at some point in the future. Those cuts never happened – ever. The promises were broken, forgotten and denied.

It will happen again, if the Republicans break and run. They’ve allowed the dhimms to scare them with all the apocalyptic stories of what will happen if the government goes out of business.

Even though you and I know that the federal government shutdown would be just what we need, too many – way too many Americans are terrified by the prospect of losing their only caretaker.

I’m gonna let my conspiracy theorist loose for a minute, while I remember a few events from the recent past.
May 2008: What happened?
The stock market crashed. It didn’t just drop a lot, it crashed. Sure, it came back within a couple of hours and rebounded but the fact remains – it crashed.
No answers were ever provided as to why it crashed. Everyone just forgot about it. How could we just ignore the fact that the market frikkin crashed?

September 2008: What happened?
The government watchers shut down the banks because for a couple of hours they watched billions and billions of dollars being sucked from American banks and disappearing across the seas. They said then that at the rate the money was being withdrawn it would have completely bankrupted the country by lunch. They shut it down.
Two very important questions were never satisfactorily answered: Who took the money? Where did it go? And again, everybody just forgot about it.

Who was leading in the presidential polls on that day? McCain.
Who was leading the next day? Obama

The theorist in me says there’s a button somewhere that can make really bad economic things happen. It was pushed at least twice in 2008. By the dhimmicrats? No. They don’t have big enough nads to push that button.

Have you noticed over the last few years how the dhimmicrats and their media butt-licks somehow managed to coin a new phrase once in a while – to attack Bush, or Republicans or the Tea Party or the military? Think about it. How did umpteen dhimmicrats and reporters all wake one morning and decide to use the term “culture of corruption”? or “right-wing extremist” or a dozen or so other phrases and buzzwords.
Think about it. Simultaneously, they all had these phrases just pop into their little pin heads. Any fool could see the massive coordination. So, who has been giving these traitors their talking points? Perhaps the ones who had the nads to push that button?

What I’m working around to is this: The dhimmicrats are warning of the arrival of the Four Horsemen if the Republicans don’t surrender their fuzzy lumps and go along and get along. If the repubs manage to hang on to their integrity and the debt ceiling doesn’t get raised, what’s the chances of the button getting pushed again? and again?

Well, … it’s a theory. Maybe a nutty one, but nowhere near as nutty as the Bilderberg-Illuminati-TriLateral-Truther delusions.

Besides I feel kinda nutty anyway …. sitting in a hotel parking lot so I can blog using their WiFi.


» Damn the American economy: full speed ahead for the public sector unions!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is reported to have put together a $2.5 trillion deficit reduction package — over ten years — that would lift the debt ceiling until 2013.

This is a joke and the Republicans should not play ball. That figure represents only 18 months of Democrat debt; those minuscule cuts would almost certainly result in a downgrade by Standard & Poor’s.

See, that’s what I was talking about. Reid’s plan is nothing more than another trick. He nor his fellow traitors have any intention of ever cutting any spending …. except the military. They’re always ready and willing to gut the military, especially now that Obama has won the U.S. so many new friends and all.

» If Debt Is the Enemy Then There Are Traitors Among Us

» Armageddon On Or After Aug. 2 Not Very Likely
Unless … ya know, somebody kicks it off on purpose.

» Worse Than Gunwalker? State Dept. Allegedly Sold Guns to Zetas

Phil Jordan, a former CIA operative and one-time leader of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s El Paso Intelligence Center, claims that the Obama administration is running guns to the violent Zetas cartel through the direct commercial sale of military grade weapons

~~ via Wraith, who said:

When can we call it treason?
How about when the State Department sells military hardware–including grenades, grenade launchers and anti-aircraft missiles–to the infamous Los Zetas drug cartel?

So, is it treason now?


How about now, is it treason yet?

» Open Letter To the Most Arrogant and Petulant President in History: Dear Mr. Obama
» Black Tea Partiers to Protest NAACP
» Anders Behring Breivik and the High Cost of Muslim Immigration

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Fox News Sunday today that any proposal from Congress needs to “take default off the table for the next 18 months…through the election.”
That makes it pretty clear. The President first cares about his reelection. House Republicans care about cutting the out-of-control spending that is threatening the lives of ordinary American citizens.

» Answering their own question

Texas’s success — a low-tax, business-friendly, right-to-work state — is an ongoing, highly-visible rebuke for Democrat Socialists and their perpetual-failure statist approach — a disturbing-to-them example of what works and what doesn’t. They almost HAVE to hate Texas, when you think about it; as devoted as they are to an unworkable ideology, how could they not?
What’s new is that we now have an Imperial pResident who has no qualms about using the power of the federal government to try to bring Texas down to the same level of suffering and despair he’s inflicted on the rest of the country. As the editorial concludes: “At this rate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry may have to run for president as a matter of self-defense.” Self-defense is going to be a major motivation for all of us in ridding ourselves of the yoke of tyranny Ogabe and his foul Party have put around our necks.

» BREAKING: ‘New’ ACORN Groups Join SEIU’s Economic Terrorism Campaign Against Lenders, Governments


That’s it for today, gotta get outta the hotel parking lot now.