Dont Feed the Moonbats : Judd, Ford

July 25, 2010

Crossing Over
Starring Moonbats Harrison Ford and Ashley Judd.

Looks like it could have been a good movie. I’ll never know, because I will not sell my principles for a couple of hours of entertainment.

Ray Liotta, I have no beef with you except you can afford to be a little more selective about who you’re willing to work with.

Harrison Ford is a minor league moonbat with only an associate degree in Bush-bashing and mindless anti-war rhetoric. He also did a little stump time for hopey-changey boy in 2008.

The stink rolling off this product is coming from Judd; Ashley Judd. Lil Ashely was, at one time, on my personal list of favorite hollywood cutie pies. That was before I found out what a psychotic, self-absorbed, spoiled rotten little brat she is.
And for some reason, that particular combination of mental defects makes a girl vulnerable to the soul-rot of liberal moonbattery. So, of course she’s a global-warmy, a radical feminist, a Bush-hater, a socialist, (probably an Obamabot) and harbors contempt for everything that makes America the greatest.

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