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October 20, 2014

Monday Morning
Back from a four day trip to the beach – but not a vacation.
I and my better 7/8s spent the weekend volunteering at MAD 9 Southport, the last of four 2014 events organized by Military Appreciation Day. More on that later.

Four days without internet or TV or phones … without the news of “Hope & Change”, hope and change actually began to sprout. But alas, here I am back at the computer screen that sucks me back into the real world – where I see that

Fundamental Transformation Continues Unabated.

For starters, the Progressive-Socialist-Leftists (PSL) still seek total control over our lives – and recognizing the main impediment to their control is our guns, they still try to trick us into giving up our only means of defending ourselves (and our Constitution) from them.
In the news are two Pennsylvania politicians existing in paradox. They carry and have now used a gun for defense while wearing the big (D) on their title … in seemingly oblivious ignorance of their official party’s official stance on guns.

So far, Ebola has killed more Americans (one) than Global Warming. But it’s still early, and the climate has time to prepare strategy. Neither are very hopeful of catching up with islam.

Our military, while enduring the pussification of PSL leadership, while being handed termination of employment slips as they reach around for a fresh magazine and while being subjected to embarrassment (umbrella corpse) and contempt (coffecup salutes) by their CIC, may have to go to the mid-east to face marauding head-choppers (again²) armed with baskets of hope and change or to Africa armed with whatever caliber rifle has been designated for shooting a virus.

Organized criminal entities are ticked off that some State governments aren’t going to do their work for them. They have to do their own arm-twisting threats to milk dues money from private and public employees who are no longer forced to join unions.

John Hanoi Kerry is still a raving idiot.

Muslims are still way, way ahead of Global Warming and Ebola in the race to exterminate the human race.

We are only 15 days away from finding out just how mean and nasty (THHO)Obama can be when he doesn’t have to pander to voters anymore.

Those WMDs were there, still there – W’s vindication being provided by (THHO)Obama’s Islamic State … who ain’t a bit shy about wiping out entire populations with a single trigger pull.

And if Barry has to cut short just one more round of golf, just one more! He’s gonna kick some viral butt.

» A Gun Ownership Primer: The Philosophy Of Gun Ownership

TIMES HAVE CHANGED, and not for the better. Wide-open borders admit terrorists, but even when jihadists are captured, the Secretary of Homeland Security denies it, and then denies they’re jihadists. What is apparently a justified shooting of a robber by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer sparks massive rioting, reminding Americans of how fragile race relations have become. On top of this, the very real threat of governmental tyranny, compounded by the serial lying of the President and virtually everyone in his administration is a stark reminder that we are, in every way that matters, on our own.

If there is no right to self-defense, no right to mere survival, your life is forfeit to the whims of those cruel and strong enough to take it. This may not be a concern if you are a young, strong, physically imposing male well schooled and practiced in the martial arts. However, even the strongest may be overcome by force of numbers or trickery (ask Samson about that), and no one is young forever, as Edmond Rostand made plain in Cyrano De Bergerac. If you are not young, strong and physically capable, things are rather different.

In this understanding we can find the ultimate women’s issue, for women are nearly universally and undeniably in trouble where physical size, strength and aggression are the primary determinants of mere survival.

Some–primarily Progressives–would have us believe that refusing to pay with tax dollars for every woman’s contraception–which is cheap and available at every pharmacy in the nation–constitutes a “war on women.” The real war on women is continually seeking to deny women the most effective means to preserve their very lives.

» Dana Loesch, vets pour scorn on ‘Family Guy’ writer’s Second Amendment dare

It’s only a drop in the bucket compared to the number of New Yorkers that proved their insanity by voting Dhimmicrat.
» NY Gun Registry Deems Almost 35,000 People Too Mentally Ill To Carry a Gun

» UK gun owners now subject to warrantless home searches

The new policy from the British Home Office went into effect Oct. 15, permitting police and constabularies to conduct surprise home visits to legitimate gun owners.

“Americans should view the UK’s ever-expanding gun control efforts with grave concern,” the National Rifle Association’s lobbying arm said on its website Friday.

Britain’s gun owners were subject to the home visits before the update, but the inspection had to be conducted with prior notice.

“Where it is judged necessary, based on specific intelligence in light of a particular threat, or risk of harm, the police may undertake an unannounced home visit to check the security of a certificate holder’s firearms and shotguns,” the updated policy says.

Unless, I assume, the gun owner happens to be muslim – because this is Englandistan we’re talking about and no insult to the protected class (the ones most likely to use guns to commit violence) will be tolerated.

» Health care cancellation avalanche hits Colo. Democrats weeks before election

The Colorado Division of Insurance announced Friday a surge in health-care policy cancellations in the wake of Obamacare, just what Democratic candidates in high-profile races didn’t need less than three weeks before Election Day.
… 192,942 Coloradans will lose their policies at the end of 2015.
That would bring the total number of cancellations in Colorado to more than 550,000 by the time the Affordable Care Act has been fully implemented and non-compliant plans have been phased out.

» Union enrollment plummets for Wisconsin teachers under tough law

Given no choice but to join and pay dues to the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) for decades, teachers have for the last three years been able to opt out. And that is what tens of thousands have done

WEAC has been accused of having a partisan political alliance with the Democratic Party in the state and backed a failed recall against Walker. Despite losing the policy battle, the union still pressures teachers to join
… WEAC often uses fear to recruit new teachers, suggesting they need protection from administrators.
… “If the union is so beneficial and good, people will want to join on the principle and the merits and not be forced to join,”

» CORRECTING KERRY: Because Stupid On Islam Is Dangerous

One of the major enemies of freedom is the ideology of Islam. Its precepts and practices all stand in opposition to individual freedom.

… be it far from me to tell a Secretary of State … that he’s wrong…but HE IS!

There’s way too much stupid here to handle in a brief article, but since our security is too critical to ignore this, I’ll truncate it …
— There are 164 Jihad verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islam.
— Based upon various legit polls, more than half the world’s population of Muslims are radicalized (a core will commit the acts, the rest show support verbally and fiscally).
— Human Rights, my Aunt Fanny! Human Rights are as Islam dictates:
** Islam promotes Slavery & Sex Slavery
** Islam forbids Freedom of Expression
** Islam forbids Freedom to Leave Islam (Apostasy)
** Islam forbids Religious Freedom

… remaining stupid on Islam is too dangerous to tolerate.

At Least It’s not Racist or Insulting to Muslims

It’s unbelievable that a nation that became the powerhouse of the planet, that set the standard for freedom, that churned out manufactured goods that made us the envy of the globe, that enabled its people to make that famous 5,000-year leap … now cannot be trusted to roast our own marshmallows without government guidance.

“You can’t do anything about terrorists, but you’ll keep us safe from marshmallows.”

It’s all for our own good, of course. It always is. The government rarely makes suggestions unless it’s in the name of “safety,” which is its universal code word for “control.” Of course, where safety really is a concern (as with foreign diseases), the government’s incompetence is staggering.

What else are we too stupid to do? Eat? Hold jobs? Choose health insurance? Buy homes? Educate our children?

Own firearms?

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Dope of the Week
» A Quick Question for Michael Moore, Andrea Mitchell, & Co.
» If You Think Obama Is Bad Now, Wait Until After the Midterm Elections
» Email Conversation with a Drone


» Here’s Info Justice Dept. Won’t Give Congress in Fast & Furious

On June 28, 2012, Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over Fast and Furious documents. It was the first time an Attorney General was held in contempt. President Obama then exerted executive privilege for the first and only time of his administration to keep the documents secret.

Judicial Watch sued the Justice Department over the withheld documents and a federal judge has ruled that the government must turn over some information by October 22.

Shortly after that ruling, Attorney General Holder announced plans to retire but did not provide a reason for the timing of his announcement.

“wounds that never happened” from “that stuff that didn’t exist.”
» The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons

In the difficult calculus of war, competing missions had created tensions. If documenting chemical weapons delayed the destruction of explosive weapons that were killing people each week, or left troops vulnerable while waiting for chemical warfare specialists to arrive, then reporting chemical weapons endangered lives.
Many techs said the teams chose common sense. “I could wait all day for tech escort to show up and make a chem round disappear, or I could just make it disappear myself,” another tech said.
The tech who exploded a mustard shell in 2004 said the disposal teams had little time to register and report each item they found in Iraq’s stockpiles. Everything, he said, went into demolition piles.
“You set up these huge shots day after day and you don’t research every single round because you would just use up all of your time doing research,” he said. “There were more chem rounds that were discovered and just blown in place.”

In late 2005 and early 2006, soldiers collected more than 440 Borak 122-millimeter chemical rockets near Amara, in southeastern Iraq. And in the first nine months of 2006, the American military recovered roughly 700 chemical warheads and shells … British forces also destroyed 21 Borak rockets in early 2006, including some that contained nerve agent …

… Army made its largest chemical weapons find of the war: more than 2,400 Borak rockets. … At least 38 techs worked for weeks, excavating rockets, crushing many of them and then reburying them and covering them with concrete. Mr. Lampier said he was told to describe the work in blandly bureaucratic terms: “Nothing of significance.”

Like staring at the slot reels, over and over, America watches (THHO)Obama and waits to see if we’re gonna hit that “President Gives a Damn” combination.
» ‘Play time AGAIN’: Obama hits the links; new ‘Ebola czar’ plays hooky

… the president had to act quickly and did just that on Friday when he tagged Democratic operative Ron Klain to be his “Ebola czar.”
To stay on top of the narrative, Obama scheduled a Saturday meeting for “his national security and public health teams to update him on the response to the domestic Ebola cases …

Because nothing scares a virus more than a czar with it’s name on it.

But the meeting was held AFTER his golf game.

(THHO)Obama will get serious about Ebola when it wipes out the entire caddie population. Until then, yawnyawn*.

» WH: Ebola Czar has no medical background but will implement the hell out of the virus

Obama has chosen an Ebola Czar who will be charged with preventing the unthinkable: Any blame spreading to the left side of the aisle, especially the White House …

Klain will report his Ebola findings to Susan Rice. Great. At what point does the producer of the movie “Outbreak” get thrown in jail?

~~ via Obama Taps Fat Slob Policy Wonk To Head Ebola Response

» Why Weren’t US Hospitals Equipped to Handle Ebola Patients?
You can click on over and watch the short video if ye wanna. But! I can summit furya:
Because Ebola has been, for decades, a nasty problem that existed only in sparsely populated African crap-holes. It appeared, wiped out small populations and then disappeared.
And for decades nobody paid much attention because it was there, and the assumption was no chance of it coming here – because we had common sense on our side; we had huge, competent and ever-vigilant agencies in place to make sure it didn’t come here. We had presidents and stuff like that.
So, of course, hospitals weren’t equipped or trained to handle a mass-killer virus that’s never been on this side of the pond and could never be … because presidents and stuff.

But not to worry, oki? President Obola has sent some guys over there to kill that danged Ebola bin Laden. Armed with a new caliber rifle for shooting virus, I reckon … fires itty bitty lil bullets.

But since he said there will be no boots on the ground, and that includes hazmat boots …
» 101st Airborne Won’t Get Full Protective Hazmat Suits for Ebola Mission in West Africa

» Bobby Jindal: Ebola crisis enters Phase II of Obama plan

» ANALYSIS: Ebola Czar Ron Klain was Appointed to Cover Up New Cases of Deadly Virus, Not Protect Americans

Did you know that President Obama already has an “Ebola Czar”? Dr. Nicole Lurie is the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Lurie has been mysteriously absent from discussions of the Ebola outbreak. The media seems rather incurious about her even though she’s served in her very high-ranking position for five years. She is one of only eight direct reports to the HHS Secretary.

But Lurie has a sordid background …
… has been carefully written out of the media’s stories on the government’s response to Ebola. She’s an embarrassment; one of thousands of incompetent, political hacks who have burrowed into the federal bureaucracy, seemingly more intent on thievery than on their actual jobs.

» Obama’s First Ebola Czar Was Embroiled in a Massive Scandal in 2011 and Still Holds Her Job

In November 2011, David Willman of The Los Angeles Times described another instance of taxpayer abuse by the Obama administration, this time in the Department of Health and Human Services. Obama’s first “Ebola Czar” — Dr. Nicole Lurie — is said to have directed nearly half a billion dollars to a huge Obama donor for a vaccination no one wanted.

Perhaps some of the geniuses in the GOP can dredge up this article when they’re accused — falsely — of slashing someone’s budget. First off, no one’s budget’s been slashed. Second, MRC has documented the copious, criminal waste of money by the National Institute of Health and the Center for Disease Control.


… a draft solicitation for bids issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Oct. 6 says potential vendors must be capable of handling a “surge” scenario of 9 million id cards in one year “to support possible future immigration reform initiative requirements.”
The request for proposals says the agency will need a minimum of four million cards per year. In the “surge,” scenario in 2016, the agency would need an additional five million cards – more than double the baseline annual amount for a total of 9 million.

As clueless and ignorant as Dhimmicrats are, they maintain enough logic-processing grey matter to realize that the majority of Americans are sick and tired of their shit and are about to kick their asses out in approximately 15 days. However, as history would predict, Dhimmicrats ain’t smart (or moral) enough to change their policies to maintain their grip on power. The obvious solution to their problem is to replace the American voters by diluting them with non-American but pro-Dhimmicrat voters.
The progressive-socialist left (PSL) is willing to forego this election and maybe the next while incubating and cultivating their future non-english-speaking voting base.
Note that so far the PSL hasn’t grown big enough nads to grant citizenship to aliens before said aliens actually enter the U.S. … but if we give em time and space (and continued use of oxygen) they will get to that point. Mark those words – and these: Dhimmicrats will replace American voters that don’t vote Dhimmicrat.

Caesar has no jurisdiction over the pulpit
» Houston to pastors: Forget your sermons, now we want your speeches
Quiz Time!
Question #1 How come leftists attack and persecute Christians who just turn the other wimpy cheek while ignoring the muslims who have demonstrated not just willingness but eagerness to pitch hissies, raise hell and riot.

Aw dangit, the answer is in the question. Never mind.

The city’s attorney said the pastors were subpoenaed because they were helping to lead opposition to the Bathroom Bill.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Mayor Parker said on Friday, “We don’t need to intrude on matters of faith to have equal rights in Houston, and it was never the intention of the city of Houston to intrude on any matters of faith or to get between a pastor and their parishioners.”

Folks, that’s a load of grade A fertilizer.

* yawnyawn: Bubbonics for Yer on yer own