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January 26, 2008
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October 15, 2014

» Dem governor threatens if he loses race, he may pardon mass murderer on his way out

Dunlap is the man who shot 5 and killed 4 at a Chuck E. Cheese in Aurora in 1993 …

Governor Hickenlooper granted him a “temporary reprieve” when the date for his execution came up in 2013 …

Hickenlooper indicated to a CNN reporter that he could take it further by granting the mass murderer full clemency if he were defeated by his pro-death penalty Republican opponent in November …

I’m trying to sort this one out in my head, trying to lay out the documented facts in a manner that would allow me to go about my business today without feeling guilty for not loading up and going on a leftist-ass-whipping rampage.
So here’s the documented facts:

* Dunlap used a gun to slaughter as many people as he could – because he was angry at being fired. This happened in Aurora – same town where another oxygen-waster (James Holmes) later went Cocoa Puffs Coocoo with guns in a theater.
* The Dhimmicrat’s response is to outlaw guns because without the influence of guns nuts don’t go nuts.
* The Dhimmicrat governor says that one of those murderering nuts doesn’t deserve the death penalty because …( I can only guess, but it seems to be because) Dunlap is black.
* The Dhimmicrat governor has stated that if he is not reelected he will use his execute powers to free Dunlap, forgive his transgressions and set him on the path to fame and fortune as the next-new figurehead of the leftist version of civil rights. So, shall I assume that if Loopy Hick is reelected then Dunlap remains in prison? Will the leftist idiots protesting Dunlap’s imprisonment while seeking Hick’s reelection be able to detect the paradox?

Holmes? Screw him … he’s white. And since both mass murders were the fault of the guns Dunlap deserves freedom because he fell under the evil influence of the gun. Holmes is white, so he should have know better? Should have had more resistance to the gun’s evil than the black guy? Because being black means being a little less cognitive or connected to reality? Well? What?

None of it makes sense. None of it follows any logical thought process. None of it should be tolerated.

[sigh] I guess I’m just lazy. I’m gonna do today as though everything is just hunky-dang-diddly normal and logical and there’s no reason to go on that leftist-ass-whipping rampage …
Just like you.

» Israel-Bashing Westerners Beg the Caliph for Mercy

Airstrikes and hypocrisy.

Against Israel this summer there were the entire solar system, the intelligentsia of the newspapers, the United Nations, the NGOs financed by Brussels, the clerks. What are all these people doing now about the Islamic State?


How can we forget the images modified through photoshop and published by Reuters during the Second Lebanon War? A woman in Beirut was rescued from the ruins, and used again in a different place.

For the dead of the caliph, nothing.

» Ben Affleck: Portrait of Islam’s Clueless Apologists

Sharia most certainly does call for any number of things — subjugation of women and religious minorities, war on “infidels” and the enslavement of their women and children, bans on free speech and apostasy — that even Affleck would normally condemn.

… can one say with similar certainty that every single Muslim alive today believes that the apostasy penalty should be upheld? Obviously not. Yet this is not a reflection of Islam; it is a reflection of individual human freedom — a freedom that ironically goes against Islamic teaching.

… for roughly one millennium — punctuated by a Crusader-rebuttal that people like Affleck are obsessed with demonizing — Islam daily posed an existential threat to Christian Europe and by extension Western civilization.

Yet today, whether as taught in high school or graduate school, whether as portrayed by Hollywood or the news media, the predominant historic narrative is that Muslims are the historic “victims” of “intolerant” Western Christians.

… the apologist believes there is no other recourse than to be an apologist; that the best policy is to ignore Islam’s violence and intolerance, since the alternative — open acknowledgement — will lead to something worse, a clash of civilizations. War. And that must be avoided at all costs — so let us pretend.

What such apologists fail to recognize is that the clash of civilizations is already upon us; and it is not a product of Western “bigotry” but Islamic teaching. Whether we acknowledge it or not, here it is.

The reason apologists can get away (for now) with their reasoning is because the U.S. is ostensibly immune from Islam — so they can spin and pass off feel-good fables about Islam all they want.

Whether projecting Western intellectual maladies such as relativism onto Muslim teachings and persons; whether mindlessly crying “racist!” whenever Islamic teachings are criticized; whether confusing the matter by conflating the actions or beliefs of some Muslims with the actual black-and-white teachings of Islam; whether turning history upside its head by turning persecutors into victims and victims into persecutors; or whether, after being backed into a corner, exclaiming that one has no choice but to apologize as true speak will make things worse — in a nutshell, Ben Affleck’s few minutes on Islam nicely summed up the Islamic apologetics game.

In the end, of course, Affleck may be excused. He’s just a simple actor and not expected to know much outside of the realm of pretense. The true guilty ones are all those Americans in political positions whose job requires them to be honest with the American people but who continue to act — to lie — about Islam.

» MERIA Special Report: Did ISIS Use Chemical Weapons Against the Kurds in Kobani?

According to expert Israeli sources who have seen the pictures, they appear to indicate the use of some form of chemical agent, probably mustard (blister agent) …
Where might IS have acquired these agents?

The probable possession by the Islamic State of a CW capability is for obvious reasons a matter of the gravest concern, and should be the urgent subject of further attention and investigation.

» Survivors of Kobane massacre reveal the brutality of ISIS rampage in Syrian border town

Thirteen-year-old Dillyar cannot get the image of his cousin being beheaded out of his mind. The pair were fleeing Kobane and running down a street when Islamic State fighters blocked their exit.
Dillyar managed to slip through their grasp but his cousin Mohammed, 20, was seized, and gave a blood-curdling scream as one of the black-clad maniacs drew out a knife.
‘They pushed him to the ground and sawed his head off, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’,’ the schoolboy told me yesterday. ‘I see it in my dreams every night and every morning I wake up and remember everything.’

Headless corpses litter the streets of the besieged Syrian border town, they say, and some of the mainly Kurdish townsfolk have had their eyes gouged out.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Threat Assessment In Our Schools…I’m So Confused


» Even in Houston, Texas, You Will Be Made to Care

In short, if a guy decides he’s a girl and wants to go hang out in the girl’s bathroom, it is a-okay in Houston …

The Mayor of Houston and her legal eagles have decided to subpoena pastors and other religious leaders who have spoken out against the insanity.

» The End of Columbus Day is the End of America

The shift from celebrating Columbus’ arrival in America to commemorating it as an American Nakba by focusing on the Indians, rather than the Americans, is a profound form of historical revisionism that hacks away at the origins of this country.

No American state has followed Venezuela’s lead in renaming it Día de la Resistencia Indígena, or Day of Indigenous Resistance, which actually is a Marxist terrorist group’s holiday, the whole notion of celebrating the discovery of America has come to be seen as somehow shameful and worst of all, politically incorrect.

Anti-Columbus Day protests are mounted by La Raza, whose members, despite their indigenous posturing, are actually mostly descended from Spanish colonists, but who know that most American liberals are too confused to rationally frame an objection to a protest by any minority group.

» Angry protesters target ‘wealthy’ whites; vandalize home, burn US flags, assault reporter, call for officer’s death
Because there’s a limit to how many times you can burn down your own neighborhood

» ACA navigators used as union recruiters

Rathke’s groups have a long history of using workers hired with federal funds for political purposes. ACORN’s implosion amid scandal in 2009 is widely known, but the very first complaint against the group is much the same as Anthony’s. In 1977, ACORN had a $470,000 federal contract to assist the poor through the Volunteer in Service to America program, which it lost after a congressional investigation found VISTA workers were being used as union recruiters.

A congressional report on those events bears an uncanny resemblance to the present case. If you change a few names – ACORN to SUN, ULO to ULU, and VISTA to ACA – the old story sounds rather familiar