August 13, 2014

August 13, 2014
» Federal Judge Upholds Maryland “Assault Weapons” Ban

These are scary words for collectivist judges like her. None of this matters. She won’t get any of our guns, and if you are an owner of a weapon capable of holding more than ten rounds in the magazine, keep it. If you turn it in, you are siding with the collectivists. Maryland will pay for their sins.

» Protecting myself with a gun is not academic

Women like me know what “The View” host Sherri Shepherd knows: In that moment when your life is threatened and no one is there to help you, a bat or pepper spray just isn’t going to do it. We also know that criminals break laws, and when seconds count, police are minutes away. When you have children or vulnerable others under your care, you know it even more.

For us, it’s not academic. Not anymore.

» Armed shop owners ward off looters in St. Louis

Business owners in the St. Louis-area rocked by violence over the police shooting of an unarmed black teen have decided to take matters into their own hands in defending what’s rightfully theirs.

… arrived to find a gang of thieves ransacking a Dollar General in the same strip mall that houses their businesses. Mr. Weinstein said the looters attempted moving toward the shop, but were scared off by the guns.

~~ via MoonBattery : Chaos in St. Louis Demonstrates Need to Bear Arms

Seizing on the latest pretext to run amok, the urban savages produced by liberal social engineers through our welfare system have been looting, vandalizing, and even burning down businesses in the St. Louis area.

You can see why Democrats want to disarm law-abiding, productive citizens. Legal firearms ruin the fun for their constituents.

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… like the president I believe that any solution in Iraq is going to be a negotiated solution, not a military solution. We do not want to be pulled into another war in Iraq

No. No.
And again No.

Like the president, Elizabeth Warren is a craven idiot.

Among the animals of IS, the establishers of the new caliphate, this guy is probably one of the moderates.

He looks peacefully negotiable, don’t he?

Perhaps Liz would do us all a big, big favor and volunteer to waltz on over there and do the negotiations in person. Yea, that’s the ticket, I like that idea.

The benefits of negotiation would be very positive and …
well, beneficial.

» Liz Warren: “We do not want to be pulled into another war in Iraq”

While yer at it, Liz, take Hanoi John with you to those negotiations.

» Hillary Clinton: throwing Obama under the bus

The truth is probably more like this: “I found it expedient to play along with Obama while his reputation was riding high, and now that it’s not—and I want to be his successor—I find the better part of valor is to differentiate myself from him and pretend I had little to do with it. And I trust voters will buy it, because they have the attention span and reasoning power of fleas.”

» What took the coal miners so long?

… why did they support Obama in the first place? I know that unions are reflexive, automatic Democrats, but surely if a candidate threatens to destroy your own industry it might give you pause about supporting him?

These are questions that coal miners should be asking of their union reps. It is the question that every idiot that ever voted for (THHO)Obama needs to ask of themselves. These are questions that will never be asked except and only by those of us who asked them in 2008.


How hard are Iraqis supposed to fight when they’ve got ISIS in front of them – gleefully using severed heads as props, raping and pillaging, burying women and children alive – and Barack Obama behind them? Way behind them, in Martha’s Vineyard, taking his umpteenth luxury vacation while the world burns down?

Foreign policy is all about making the right moves at the right time. Obama has never done that, anywhere in the world, not even once. Sometimes he gets dragged kicking and screaming to seeing a situation clearly, but it’s always long after the time for effective action has passed. He doesn’t do anything right until each cascading crisis has turned into an avalanche.

» ‘That’s My Boy’: Islamic State Fighter Tweets Photo of His Son Holding a Severed Head

What scares you more? Ebola or Islam?
Most Americans would answer that with Ebola.
It is a horrible and deadly threat. It can sweep quickly through populations. It crosses borders and boundaries, seen and unseen, and infects and/or kills anyone or everyone.

But when I said “it”, was I referring to the virus or the religion?

I used the words “most Americans” above and that’s not really true – Most Americans, it seems, don’t know squat about ebola, islam or anything else outside their little MTV/smartphone world. If it don’t rap, take selfies, act stupid or play sports they don’t know it exists. They are like buffets for people-eaters – viral and islamic.

A difficult lesson

This is one time an Arab aggressor must be allowed to be beaten so badly that every civilized nation will stand in horror, wanting desperately to step in and stop the carnage… but knowing that the fight will only truly be over when one side gives up and finally admits defeat.
Just as every person who had ever rescued that bully from admitting defeat helped create the cowardly brute I saw that evening in the bar, every well-intentioned power that has ever stepped in and negotiated a ceasefire for an Arab aggressor has helped create the monsters we see around us today.

~~ Via ColdFury : Comment of the century

Iraq failed because of the Western Left’s treachery.
Our problem is our country’s current failure to conduct wars with utter ruthlessness, to understand that mercy is extended after total victory. We have A difficult lesson to learn.

» The Un-Midas Touch

Everything that Barack Obama touches seems to turn to dross. Think of it for a minute. He inherited a quiet Iraq (no American combat deaths at all in December 2009). Joe Biden bragged of the calm that it would be the administration’s “greatest achievement.” But by pulling out all U.S. peacekeepers — mostly for a 2012 reelection talking point — Obama ensured an ISIS wasteland. He put his promised eye on Afghanistan at last, and we have lost more soldiers there than during the Bush administration and a Taliban victory seems likely after more than a decade of lost American blood and treasure. The message seems to be that it is better for Obama to have his eye off something than on it ….

He probably got darted right after saying this.

“Something has happened beyond the fact that there’s utter despair. That despair existed a year ago and 18 months ago.” In particular, Biden blamed “false information” for the influx of illegal immigrants.

Occasionally, Joe’s eye uncross and focus, he stands up straight, palms his hair plugs back and looks around like he doesn’t know where he is or how he got there – and then says something that’s not only true but, usually, something his boss doesn’t really want him to say.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Dictionary.Com Removes Example Sentences Deemed Offensive to Homeschoolers


» Holder Loses in the Carolinas—Again

Judge Schroeder pointed out, the plaintiffs’ “historical evidence in these cases focuses largely on racial discrimination that occurred between a quarter of a century to over a century ago. However, as the Supreme Court recently stated, ‘history did not end in 1965’” when the Voting Rights Act was passed.

Significantly, Judge Schroeder cited the testimony of DOJ’s own experts against it. This included one expert who admitted that black turnout in North Carolina is on par with that of whites, and another DOJ expert who acknowledged that the black registration rate is higher than that of whites. That makes it a bit difficult to argue that state officials have been discriminating against minority voters.

this is DOJ’s second big loss in the Carolinas. South Carolina attorney general Alan Wilson beat DOJ in 2012 when a federal court threw out a claim that South Carolina’s voter-ID law was discriminatory. That law is in place today — and there is a high probability that North Carolina’s voter-ID requirement will also be in place in 2016 for the next presidential election.

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