Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by Nov 13 2018)
2018: 10,071/ 10,213

2017: 16,386 / 14,360
2016: 21,413 / 26,730
2015: 27,588 / 26,136
2014: 32,862 / 27,522
2013: 16,774 / 29,577
2012: 11,546 / 20,254
2011: 9,086 / 16,921
2010: 9,233 / 17,461
2009: 9,176/ 18,612
2008: 10,798 / 18,088
2007: 20,478 / 27,317
2006: 15,245 / 19,496
2005: 7,625 / 12,855
2004: 7,166 / 14,574

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Injuries : 0



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August 9, 2014

What’s the news today?
Lemme Summit Furya

Muslims are killing slews of other muslims.
Muslims are killing a bunch of other people without knowing whether they’re muslim, Christian, Jewish or whatever. It doesn’t seem to matter – if it’s humanoid kill it, scream allah dammit and move on.
Europeans have a really sick burning feeling in their stomachs these days – they’ve pandered and coddled muslim immigrants for decades, put em on welfare, put up with all their stupid shit, capitulated to each and every whine and generally groveled in their presence. Now the eurodopes are realizing that the only thing that will stop the muzzies from sawing their heads off is the one thing they haven’t done … convert.
But let’s not be too quick to judge them, American leftists are grovelling just as hard as any limey or frog ever. And American muslims are getting bolder by the day. How long before they get all antsy about their mid-east brethren having all the fun with the new caliphate and all, and decide to go full blown mohammed around here?
Yes, I know, not all muzzies are jihadiis. But how do you tell one from the other?
Meanwhile, somebody wrestled the putter out of (THHO)Obama’s paws long enough to get him to say OK to a question they’ve probably been asking for months … can we start back killing our enemies?
So U.S. is launching air strikes on the sad-sack jihadii goat-humpers in Iraq – by order of the Commander we assume.
Remember that it was only 15 days ago that the Obama administration called on Congress to repeal war authorization in Iraq.
There was a time that I would assume that our top-brass military leaders and the Pentagon have properly identified exactly where the mohammeds are over there before pulling triggers. But that was pre-(THHO)Obama. Now I have to wonder if we’re pounding sand over there … literally.
It’s only been a day, so I’ll wait for pictures before making up my mind. Hopefully, the holes in the sand will be full of mohameguts.

It’s getting easier every day to tell the difference between immigrants and invaders, though Dhimmicrats still can’t do it. The immigrants are the ones that don’t swim across the river, die in the deserts, climb over walls, hide in ranchers pantries, spread disease, collect welfare and vote Dhimmicrat.
Despite all the bills passed by Congress over the decades that promised to close the border, build the fence, stop the invasion blah, blah, blah … the border is wide diddly-dang open, what fence? and the invasion is on – like white on me. (oops, was that racist? well, screw you.) The blah, blah, blah part – spending the allocated money – they did do that. Just not on border stuff, we think, don’t know for sure. They lost the receipts.

Every day, every dang day some leftist hatches a new plan, devises a new scheme to separate We the People from that which Shall Not Be Infringed. It goes without saying, it is assumed, it’s a given that today some Dhimmicrat politician will do something to hasten the day when all their subjects are disarmed – because armed folks is hard to control, ya know. Citizens without guns or even the hope for ever having one are easy to boss around, easy to steal from, easy to herd.

Employees of just about every federal agency, bureau and department are experiencing a severe shortage of ass whooping. IRS has a special unit for thinking up new ways to make Americans hate them. Think to come of it, so does EPA, ATF, DOJ and well … government. Period. Like I said, most of them haven’t had their share of ass whooping. Public ass whooping. By total strangers. Daily.

Today, John ‘Hanoi’ Kerry will reinforce his reputation as a stupid gold-bricking, treasonous asshole. I don’t know how. But it’s a safe bet that he will do today, that which he does every day – something stupid.
Stupid people do stupid stuff all day long, every day. It’s like a dang law of physics or something, but only one of those stupid people has been granted the authority and power of United States Secretary of State. Don’t blame him though, he’s stupid enough to not know he’s stupid. Blame the stupid president that put him in that power slot and the stupid people that voted for that stupid president.

Speaking of stupid …. Jimmy Carter.

Did you know that you’re probably already dead? According to earlier prophecies of the Al-Goracle, Prophet of the Cult of the HockeyStick, global warming killed you three or four years ago. And you didn’t even know it. And if that’s not bad enough, global warming is going to kill you again. Just watch.
And by the way, muslims are caused by global warming. Not the ‘moderate’ ones, just the nasty mean ones.

Today, (THHO)Obama will skip the daily morning intelligence briefing. This will surprise no one. Since he has managed to make it to less than 40% of these meetings throughout his occupation of the office, is it really his fault anymore? For the sake of Peter, this is America! Somebody should have already invented the briefing room golf cart by now. We have Hummer limousines longer than a city block but we can’t make a golf cart on which the president can take intelligence briefings between strokes.
Then again, if there was any intelligence involved in the process, they would have started passing a collection plate at the beginning of every meeting. That way they could call it a fund raiser and be assured of the blessings of presidential attendance.

Today, Hamas will break a ceasefire before it’s proposed.

Today, a dozen or so federal agency hard drives will crash. The users of those computers will say “well darn, now I can’t turn over my records and emails to Congress. I’ll just have to find some other way to get reservations for prison.”

Today, something unexpected, unforeseen and unpredictable will happen – and probably happen in exactly the way that was expected, foreseen and predicted by We the Racists.

Today, Liens will be sought against Unalienable Rights. Communists posing as “Gay Rights Leaders” will be thinking of new ways to water down the concept of Rights by fabricating new rights for gays that don’t apply to non-gays. Communists posing as feminists will brush their armpits before racking their brains for some new ‘womens rights’ that will contribute to the dilution of real Rights. Communists posing as animal lovers will propose more rights for animals … and so on. etc.
Maybe not today, but fer sure by Monday, Communists posing as Representatives and Senators will be back at work on schemes to get rid of that pesky, moldy old piece of parchment that resides under glass in the National Archives – it ‘constitutes’ the main impediment to their plans and dreams.

Today, the world’s top mathematicians will meet with administration weasels to devise a new illion, since Obama and the Dhimmicrats have blown through billion, trillion, gazillion and bigger-than-Barrys-Ego-illion in national debt.
The debt will increase by 20% when they order the piece of paper big enough to write down all the zeros that will be required to define the new illion and enumerate what the debt was a few minutes ago.

Today, Putin will poke Obama with a sharp stick and Obama will giggle like a little girl and squeal.

Medea Benjamin will, today, continue work on plans for the next upcoming Code Poink fustercluck to support islamic butchers … hopefully, get it done in time to make the afternoon flag burning ceremony.

Once upon a time there was a nasty little virus that existing only in the deep, dark jungles of Africa … or something. It showed itself only occasionally, wreaked mini-holocaust on small villages, transformed the natives into blood geysers and then went away. Now it has found it’s way out of the jungle, packed up it’s guitar and is touring the world. Some do-goody, feely-goody boneheads have brought it over here – on purpose – and our government that is tasked, constitutionally, with the security of the nation is too busy shuttling disease-dispensing illegal aliens all over the country.

We’re in the middle of a friggin’ Walking Dead episode and Hell’s Handbasket now has afterburners.

» Russian Strategic Bombers Conduct More Than 16 Incursions of U.S. Air Defense Zones
When I was a kid I would walk through the neighbors yard, right by their vicious guard dog, within a foot of its snapping and snarling snout. I could do that because of the big fat chain around his neck that his master never saw fit to unlock.

Why They’re Called Dhimmicrats
» Leadership of Boston Bus Drivers Union Helps Lead Call For ‘Intifada’ Near Scene of Boston Bombing

Palestinians have hijacked tractors and other pieces of construction equipment and used them to murder civilians in Jerusalem. Bus attacks are also regular occurrences. During the Second Intifada, Palestinian terrorists threw firebombs at buses, and blew them up with suicide bombs. In one notable instance, a Palestinian terrorist once hijacked an Israeli bus and drove it over a cliff, killing many of its passengers.

During the month of July, as fighting raged in Gaza between Israel and Hamas, so-called peace activists took to the streets of Boston and demonized the state of Israel and its Jewish supporters …

gay rights organizations have supported these rallies, which seems pretty odd given that in 2011, Hamas declared that homosexuals would be executed. Seeing gay rights activists condemn Israel, which respects the rights of gays and lesbians, as it seeks to defeat Hamas, a group that would murder them is simply bizarre.

What is even more bizarre and contemptible is to see union leaders who represent bus drivers siding with people who have blown up buses.

The rally that took place on July 25, 2014 was a pro-terror event. No one can chant a pro-Intifada slogan and claim otherwise.

By assisting in this rally as they did, Kirschbaum and Gillis, leaders of a bus drivers union, helped violence legitimate against buses, just what we saw during the Second Intifada.

» Shopping the Hopey Changey Way

Attention citizens: be on the lookout for women with dark, medium to long hair … Or maybe you should refer to the video … for a distinguishing demographic characteristic that cannot be mentioned for reasons of political correctness

It worked for IRS and EPA so …
» Key ObamaCare official likely deleted emails now sought in House probe

“Yet again, we discover that this administration will not be forthright with the American people unless cornered,”

» Issa: More Than 20 Obama Officials ‘Lost or Destroyed’ E-mails After House Launched Probes

“The Obama administration has lost or destroyed e-mails for more than 20 witnesses, and in each case, the loss wasn’t disclosed to the National Archives or Congress for months or years, in violation of federal law,”

» State Dept spends $545,000 on “testimony coach” to teach how to evade Congressional grilling

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Why God Gave Us the Intelligence to Develop RPGs
» ACTION NEEDED: Tell the @RNC That We #RememberMississippi
» Next Time Teachers’ Unions Say Teachers Need More Money, Show Them This
» Teachers Union President: “I WILL PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE” if you oppose Common Core


» Sheriff: Armed Mexican Gangs ‘In Military Fatigues’ Marching Through South Texas
…. can’t be seen from any golf course in D.C.

Hippie Shangri-La

Another Earl of Taint Classic