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June 29, 2014

You Get What You Tolerate
» ATF Backs Down on Gun Sale Reports

For nearly three years, federally-licensed firearms dealers (“FFLs”) in southern border states have been badgered by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (“ATF”) … issued so-called “demand letters” to require indefinite reporting of multiple rifle sales by thousands of dealers, treating the independent FFL businessmen as though they were government employees.

ATF has no authority to require these reports.
… instead of taking its case to Congress to change the law and enact legislation requiring reporting on rifle sales, ATF took the law into its own hands.

In April of this year, ATF issued an “information collection request”

Rather than simply extending its current information collection, ATF’s request would have vastly expanded the scope of the information that it requires. If finalized, all FFLs — not just the ones in the border states — would be required to report all sales of multiple rifles within five consecutive business days. Those reports would be required regardless of whether the sales were to one buyer or multiple buyers. Except for a smattering of small FFLs, this new reporting requirement would mean that all FFLs in the nation could be required to report to the ATF virtually all their rifle sales.

Only two days after GOA and GOF filed comments exposing ATF’s strategy, ATF backed down, submitting to the Federal Register an amended notice

Gun owners are not so naive as to believe that ATF has given up its policy of taking incremental steps to lay the groundwork to create the very national gun registry that Congress has prohibited. Doing the bidding of President Obama, ATF will not stop in its attacks upon American gun owners until either Congress or the courts take strong action to restore the rule of law. The best step in this direction would be the abolition of ATF itself.

Here at the Bubbarosa, we have chickens – and one mean, strutting little bully rooster. He attacked my wife from behind on two occasions, drawing blood and then crowing about it. The third time he tried it I knocked him unconscious with a broke shovel handle – took him 45 minutes to wake up. And when he finally came to, I squatted in front of him and crowed in his face.
My wife got what I tolerated. I stopped tolerating. He steers clear now.

What’s that got to do with ATF? Awno, you figger it out.

» Google Wants to be Everybody’s Mommy — So Stand Up for Children

Google thinks your mom did a cruddy job of raising you and that you are incapable of making intelligent decisions for yourself.
That’s why, starting in September, Google will ban ads for guns, ammo and accessories.

» ‘Feminist’ writer reserves special hostility for armed men

A recently promoted and parroted monopoly of violence cult talking point appears to be that women wouldn’t “need” guns if men were all good.

As though no woman has ever been shot by another woman. Bam! Right there, shot down that thesis with one sentence. What else ya got, ya ole biddy?

» Obama: We Need an Anti-NRA

President Barack Obama, helmsman of a collapsing economy, architect of an invasion of illegal aliens over an unprotected southern border, weapon-smuggler to Mexican drug cartels and ISIS terrorists more brutal than al Qaeda, beneficiary of an IRS plot to undermine the 2012 elections, and the man who fiddled as Benghazi burned, says that his greatest disappointment in office is not being able to exploit the deaths of children to infringe more deeply upon your Second Amendment rights.

» IRS Combined timelines: the scandal is in the details

The Definition of Smidgen has been Fundamentally Transformed
» IRS Admits To A Smidgeon Of A Felony

If IRS Commissioner John Koskinen wants to know which criminal statutes have been broken, he might try reading about one in the morning newspapers, the same place President Obama gets his information about the “phony scandal” du jour.

The National Organization for Marriage has been awarded a $50,000 settlement from the IRS after the agency admitted wrongdoing in leaking the organization’s 2008 tax return and the names and contact information of major donors. The information was forwarded from the IRS to the pro-gay marriage group Human Rights Campaign. That group then posted the data on its website during the 2012 presidential campaign. Unauthorized dissemination of such information is a felony.

… the leaked list led to a “campaign of harassment and intimidation” against the National Organization for Marriage’s financial backers. That included boycotts of their businesses, physical assault and the vandalizing of private property. This leak is a felony that is punishable by five years in a federal prison.

… has identified the individual who divulged the information as an employee in the IRS’ Exempt Organizations Division formerly headed by Lois “Fifth Amendment” Lerner.

The only question now is will the leaker or anyone else be prosecuted for what is a felony?
Attorney General Eric Holder, call your office.
As for the rest of America, don’t hold.

#Commie #Tard #Clown #Show back on stage.
No new material, just the same old acts and skits recycled from the Bush era, that were recycled from the 60s.
Except now they have hashtags. Lots of hashtags. They can’t form a sentence without at least three “#” symbols.

» ‘No New War on Iraq!’ Stalinist International ANSWER Protests War in the Middle East

… taking the way-back machine to FrontPage Magazine in 2002, “What is the A.N.S.W.E.R.?”:
The IAC [International Action Center] has been described as a Stalinist organization and one that supports authoritarian regimes and communist dictatorships. Incidentally, both Serbia and Iraq have retained [former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey] Clark as their U.S. counsel. The IAC is affiliated with the Workers’ World Party, which is affiliated with ANSWER. All of these organizations are advocates of Arafat.

» Anti-War Commies Already Protesting Air Strikes on Al Qaeda in Iraq

George W. Bush went back in time and invented the Sunnis and Shiites and got them to begin killing each other for a thousand years. Not so bad for a dummy.

Also the genocide of the Marsh Arabs never happened. The Kurds were never gassed. And Stalin never killed anyone. Neither did Pol Pot. Just ask Noam Chomsky.

Or dig up Howard Zinn, if you have a ten foot pole, a strong stomach and tenure.

The only interesting thing about this Communist clown show is that the media, which always covered these marches under Bush, and never under Clinton, has gone back to ignoring them.

» There Is No Conservative Case for Amnesty

There can be no conservative case for amnesty because there is no such thing as a conservative case for a policy that will not have a conservative outcome.

The only meaningful argument for a policy is based on outcomes.

If the outcome of a conservative policy is more liberalism, it was never a conservative policy to begin with. That is the simplest and most reliable acid test of any “conservative” policy agenda.

Will Policy X put the country on a more liberal or conservative track?

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» SFSU Is Okay With Funding Anti-Semitic Pro-Terror Trips
» It’s Jew-Hatred, Stupid
» Massachusetts SWAT Teams Claims They’re Private Corporations, Immune From Open Records Laws


» Don’t Blame Bush for Al Qaeda in Iraq, Blame Obama

The leading factor behind the resurgence of Al Qaeda in Iraq didn’t come from Iraq. It came from Syria.

The theory that turned Al Qaeda into a regional monster didn’t come from Dick Cheney. It came from Obama’s Presidential Study Directive 11 which helped pave the way for the Arab Spring. The definitive speech that opened the gates of hell wasn’t Bush’s speech on Iraq, but Obama’s Cairo speech.

Al Qaeda in Iraq was a vicious terrorist organization before the Arab Spring, but it was not capable of menacing Baghdad with a sizable army while crushing numerically superior forces along the way.

That didn’t happen in Iraq. It happened in Syria.

» Looking Back at Iraq

So who lost Iraq?

The blame game mostly fingers incompetent Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki. Or is Barack Obama culpable for pulling out all American troops monitoring the success of the 2007–08 surge?

Some still blame George W. Bush for going into Iraq in 2003 in the first place to remove Saddam Hussein.
One can blame almost anyone, but one must not invent facts to support an argument.


… many get hung up on the semantics of whether Obama is trying to destroy America. Few are willing to believe anything so sinister of a twice-elected president. It’s an easier sell to say that he doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism or decries the very idea of nationalism and prefers to consider us all citizens of the world. He believes that capitalism yields unfair results, which leads him to desire a redistribution of our resources within the United States — and from the United States to the rest of the world. So he is pursuing an agenda that will bring America into line with the rest of the world, which is to say, he is making us weaker and less prosperous.

He wasn’t just bluffing when he smugly declared, “I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone.” He was expressing his frustration with his political opponents’ sometimes refusal to roll over to his dictates and his resolve to circumvent them every time he gets a chance.

As for his propensity for lawless unilateral action, remember when he admitted he didn’t have the authority to pass the DREAM Act on his own and then two weeks later went ahead and issued an executive order implementing important provisions of it?

So if you choose to believe that Obama’s presidency is imploding, I hope you understand that this doesn’t mean he no longer represents a threat to America as founded or is impotent to do any further damage.

Whatever you do, people, please don’t get complacent.

Complacency, in conjunction with apathy and sloth, is the reason Obama managed to jive his way into the white house. Complacency is a luxury we can no longer afford.

Hope They Choke on it
» Professors Suddenly Don’t Like ObamaCare Either

Adjunct professors are steamed at the way their employers are interpreting the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate, which forces them to cover full-time but not part-time workers. Typical of liberals, they blame their employers instead of the job-killing law they supported.

“This is an unfunded mandate that’s coming down on us,” UNC System COO Charlie Perusse complained. No kidding. Belatedly, academia is waking up to the business realities of ObamaCare.
A Stark State College adjunct professor facing cuts at his Ohio institution whines that it should cover part-time workers, too. “It goes against the spirit of the law,” says the English prof.
Complained another adjunct: “The university canceled one of my courses. The reason was to avoid having to give me any benefits due to the Affordable Care Act.”
Welcome to the real world.

» ‘Diversity’: The Idol of Academia

“cultural diversity” not only doesn’t correspond to a rise in intellectual diversity; it invariably corresponds to a rise in political uniformity. This is crucial, for the promotion of “cultural diversity” is nothing more or less than the promotion of a left-wing ideological agenda.
While academics, like my colleague, look upon predominantly white colleges as insufficiently “diverse,” they wouldn’t even think to level this same criticism against “historically black colleges.” They cannot, however, have it both ways: if a predominantly white Christian school is educationally inferior because of its mono-racial character, then, mutatis mutandis, black schools must also be educationally inferior because of their racially homogenous character.

» Act of War: Mexican Chopper Invades US, Fires on Border Patrol

It could be that Mexico was sending a message regarding who calls the shots at the border, now that the USA is leaderless and therefore pathetically weak. If they think the message wasn’t received, they might send a louder one.

» A SWAT Team Blew A Hole In My Two Year Old Son

… the cops got to push around some folks, blow a hole in a child, perhaps inflict TBI, and go home safely at the end of their shift …

I’m not a math wiz, not even close. But I see a sorta, kinda equation in that excerpt.
If X = cops causing severe injury while abusing authority, and Y = go home safely and X+Y=Z where Z = a form of police-state tyranny; What does Z become when Y is drastically altered or nulled?