Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by March 23 2016)
2016: 5,025 / 6,359

2015: 27,588 / 26,136
2014: 32,862 / 27,522
2013: 16,774 / 29,577
2012: 11,546 / 20,254
2011: 9,086 / 16,921
2010: 9,233 / 17,461
2009: 9,176/ 18,612
2008: 10,798 / 18,088
2007: 20,478 / 27,317
2006: 15,245 / 19,496
2005: 7,625 / 12,855
2004: 7,166 / 14,574

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Deaths : 0
Injuries : 0



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May 16, 2014

» A Great Time To Buy A Machine Gun? Lawyer Claims ATF Accidentally Approved Manufacture of New MGs For Trusts

… an attempt by the ATF to play fast and loose with regulations may have opened the door …

I’ll be tickled if the ATF now has to start approving new machine guns for the civilian market, as the Hughes Amendment was passed on a very controversial voice vote to begin with, and never should have become law. Likewise, I find it highly amusing that the ATF’s attempt to do with regulations what the Obama Administration can’t get done through the legislative process has backfired so spectacularly.

All that allowed, expect for this regulatory door to slam shut very quickly, with the ATF rescinding this regulatory change just as quickly as possible.

» Liberty Isn’t A Loophole.

Because … mad cows?

» An Interesting Point On Benghazi That May Prove The WH Is Lying

The security officer had a laser on the target that was firing and repeatedly requested back-up support from a Specter gunship …

One of the former SEALs was actively painting the target. That means that Specter WAS ON STATION! Probably an AC130U. A ground laser designator is not a briefing pointer laser. You do not “paint” a target until the weapons system/designator is synched; which means that the AC130 was on station.

Only two places could have called off the attack at that point; the WH situation command (based on POTUS direction) or AFRICOM commander based on information directly from the target area.

If the AC130 never left Sigonella (as Penetta says) that means that the Predator that was filming the whole thing was armed.

» Susan Rice: ‘Dang If I Know’ Whether There Are More Benghazi Secrets To Uncover

~~ via MoonBattery

Everything You Never Really Wanted to Know About the Welfare State and Didn’t Ask Because You Were Too Busy Working Yer Ass Off
» Everything you always wanted to know about the welfare state, but were afraid to ask

While the Romans may have had their bread and circuses, the modern welfare state started with Otto von Bismarck, who envisioned a world, not of bread and circuses, but of steel and blood. Bismarck was the original nationalist, imagining a people emotionally wedded to the state and financially dependent on it.
… Bismarck’s welfare state, which was the template for all future welfare states, did not disallow private property, which was needed to fund welfare
… The welfare state was essentially a form of bribery using social services, such as health, education, and welfare. The result could be summed up this way: “We, the state, gave you something you consider essential to your well-being. Now you owe us your political support …”

PayGo sounds good: the government doesn’t run up a deficit to fund social welfare. Instead, it pays current expenses with current tax revenues. The government takes money from Taxpayer A and immediately hands it over to Welfare Recipient B. As long as there are more Taxpayers than Welfare Recipients, this system works. Problems start, however, when the balance shifts, so that there are more takers than givers.
… It’s this “if I don’t take it someone else will” mentality that permeates so much of the welfare state, with people lining up for handouts because they’re there — never mind that, with everybody lining up, takers will swiftly outnumber givers. This is so because the takers will include large numbers of former givers who figured “why should I give when I can take?” and jumped in the welfare line.

Wants, Needs and Rights. Entire Societies unable to distinguish the difference.

Unlike the Founders, Roosevelt didn’t bother to convene a constitutional convention to make his new “bill of rights” official. Instead, he relied on politician’s greed for votes to make it happen. He knew that, if you give people things, they will vote for you. The race was on for both parties to give voters the most things. The only differences between the parties were the kind of things they would hand out and whether they wanted to pay for these things now or later. The Democrats usually won this race, because they’d give everything and just put it on the government’s tab, to be paid at some indeterminate future date.
… What we’re see today in America is what happened in Greece, Italy, and Spain in the last few of years: The PayGO system is collapsing because the takers vastly outnumber the givers and, in any event, the givers have nothing left to give.

What we have … is a government playing a perverted Robin Hood game — it steals from those it decides are rich and gives to those whose votes it wants.

Because welfare states always bankrupt themselves, default is inevitable.

» Obama Regime Threatened to Stop Giving Nigeria Our Money for Not Being Nice to Boko Haram Terrorists

    Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only Obama administration official who went to bat for Boko Haram over the past few years.

    Soon after John Kerry took over as Secretary of State, the U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, Terence P. McCulley, accused the Nigerian government of butchery during a confrontation with Boko Haram terrorists in Baga, a Nigerian town on the shores of Lake Chad, and in May 2013 threatened to withdraw U.S. military aid from the West African nation.

Fortunately the Worst Lady has made it all better with her hash tag.

Quoth the Bookworm:

Unfortunately, a lot of Americans think they’re being brave when they hashtag popular causes. They’re not being brave; they’re being passive. And sometimes, they’re just being unintelligible. It took me a while to figure out that these Hollywood stars were castigating Boko Haram Islamists for “buying” girls. My first thought when I saw “real men don’t buy girls,” was that this was some sort of anti-prostitution public service announcement. I then thought it was a joke, a la “real men don’t buy girls [fill in the blank].” So you might say “real men don’t buy girls flowers.” Or “real men don’t buy girls crystal meth.”

I wanted to say to these bozos (1) these girls weren’t “bought,” they were stolen and (2) Islamists have been trading in African girls as free labor and sex slaves since the dawn of Islam. They are no going to be moved by little make believe men tell them that “real” men don’t do precisely what their culture’s real men have been doing for 1,300 years.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» ‘I loathe the hijab. I too like the feel of the sun and the wind on my hair. Is this a big sin?': Iranian women go bare-headed on Facebook in defiance of country’s strict Islamic laws


I get a lot of email. Enough to drive me nuts.

This one, I gotta share.

You Get The Government You Deserve! VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veterans dying because Alison Hickey of the VA and her supervisors are so hell bent on receiving bonuses that they hide and fudge numbers that result in the deaths of the most precious Americans among us; and VA Secretary Shinseki claims he doesn’t know anything about anything??!!

36,000 illegals are released onto our street and a record number of them are murderers and rapists, and this administration knew about it and did nothing to stop it;

4 Americans are slaughtered in Benghazi and this administration and this coward Commander-in-Chief knew about it and did nothing to stop it;

Over 300 girls are kidnapped by a terrorist organization that Hillary Clinton refused to classify as terrorists, in spite of being warned and warned and warned that they were terrorists;

Our Troops aren’t allowed to fight, that might offend the terrorists, so they try to defend themselves and their brothers by the politically incorrect ROE’s and insane catch and release policies that appease the psycho terrorists, and so many brave American Sons and Daughters have died and been maimed in this sick and twisted appease and apology tour of this cowardly and cavalier administration headed up by an arrogant narcisstic little boy;

AND what is so outrageous is that our Sons continue to sit in Leavenworth while this derelict Commander-in-Chief releases terrorists right and left with the blood of our American Sons on their hands and when I ask a Democrat Legislative Asst up on the hill recently what he has to say to a mother whose Son is serving a life sentence for his actions on this lopsided battlefield, I am told “BUT WE ARE TRYING TO CLOSE GITMO!!!” So Be Quiet Mrs. Perlson because we have a political agenda to appease and apologize to terrorists because that is what our looney leftist base demands, no matter that we are endangering your family and our country??!!!;

AND now we find out scores of employees are hired to process Obamacare applications and they are given no work, nothing to do all day but sit at their desk and “PRETEND” to work, and when they question why this is, they are told if they process 1-2 applications per month they are doing good!!!

Folks, please call your Congressman and Senators and ask them to sign HR 4031 and S. 2013 so that inept employees at the VA who willingly hide lists and fudge numbers that result in the deaths of the most noble Americans among us, can be fired! Please do this for these brave men and women who have risked their lives to keep you and your family safe.

AND then PLEASE VOTE IN NOVEMBER!!! Barak Obama said he would fundamentally change America and I believed him and that is why I voted for Mitt Romney in the last election. There are those who stayed home because they said Romney wasn’t “pure” enough for them??!!! And now, these are the same groups that constantly send me emails begging for money because Obama is destroying the country??!!! I conclude they are not happy with their lack of participation in the last election!

What were they thinking, or maybe folks should ask, what were they up to??!!!

Please help our Veterans, they deserve the support and concern for their welfare that they have shown you and your family. Every American lives a beautiful and safe life because of all the very brave men and women who serve and have served in the United States Military!

Proving Yet Again that going to college to get smart is a waste of money.

Lemme Summit Furya

Airheads for Hillary

Said the airhead – “I think it would be really cool to have a woman president…”
So, you would vote for Sarah Palin then? No, of course not. That’s not what she meant by ‘woman’.

Said the airhead – “If we have our first African-American president and then immediately follow that with our first woman president, that would just be amazing.”
True enough. But following with our first invertebrate president would be amazing too. Because: Synonyms amazing, astonishing, astounding, blindsiding
Oh wait. I think we’re in the second term of our first invertebrate president … never mind.

Said the airhead – “Ready for a new fresh face in office”

it ain’t fresh. it aint new. What else ye got, Precious?

What do think is her greatest achievement as Sec. of State?

… [blink,blink,blink]

… [glance at friend for desperately needed answer]

… [thinking to self, ‘crap, didn’t see that coming’]

… uh.

And “Uh” is the correct answer! Congratulations! We have a winner.

» What If College Is Making People Stupid?

» The Last Communist City A visit to the dystopian Havana that tourists never see

Many tourists return home convinced that the Cuban model succeeds where the Soviet model failed. But that’s because they never left Cuba’s Elysium.

Outside its small tourist sector, the rest of the city looks as though it suffered a catastrophe on the scale of Hurricane Katrina or the Indonesian tsunami. Roofs have collapsed. Walls are splitting apart. Window glass is missing. Paint has long vanished. It’s eerily dark at night, almost entirely free of automobile traffic. I walked for miles through an enormous swath of destruction without seeing a single tourist. Most foreigners don’t know that this other Havana exists, though it makes up most of the city—tourist buses avoid it, as do taxis arriving from the airport. It is filled with people struggling to eke out a life in the ruins.

Communism destroyed Cuba’s prosperity, but the country experienced unprecedented pain and deprivation when Moscow cut off its subsidies after the fall of the Soviet Union. Journalist and longtime Cuba resident Mark Frank writes vividly about this period in his book Cuban Revelations. “The lights were off more than they were on, and so too was the water. . . . Food was scarce and other consumer goods almost nonexistent. . . . Doctors set broken bones without anesthesia. . . . Worm dung was the only fertilizer.” He quotes a nurse who tells him that Cubans “used to make hamburgers out of grapefruit rinds and banana peels; we cleaned with lime and bitter orange and used the black powder in batteries for hair dye and makeup.” “It was a haunting time,” Frank wrote, “that still sends shivers down Cubans’ collective spines.”

» What ‘Nakba Day’ Really Means – And Why Israel And the Civilized World Should Ban It

What does ‘Nakba Day’ really represent? Like every one of the other ‘holidays’ the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians observe, it celebrates violence and terrorism.

Even before Israel was declared a state by the UN in 1948, many of Israel’s Arabs, aided and abetted by the British authorities were engaged in violence and terrorism against Israel’s Jews.With the British appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj-Amin al-Husseini spurring them on, the Arabs attacked Jewish communities throughout Mandatory Palestine in a violent campaign leading up to Israel’s independence in May of 1948. Even after that, al-Husseini’s ‘irregulars’ aided the Arab armies attempting to invade Israel, with one goal in mind, one they openly stated -a jihad ending in the ethnic cleansing and genocide of every Jew in Palestine.

You see, to the Palestinians, that’s what they’re mourning. The ‘nakba’, the ‘catastrophe’ was that they failed at an attempted geniocide.