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March 24, 2014

» Middle School Sends Students on a Field Trip to a Firing Range
No casualties reported. Unless you want to count the liberal heads that exploded after the fact and upon hearing about it. But that’s a bonus because it’s perfectly harmless … since liberal heads contain nothing there’s no danger of flying debris. Just pure, raw entertainment.

» ATF requiring license for renting out tooling, offering instruction?

Without manufacturing or selling anything that can be considered a firearm under the law, one must, according to the BATFE, still be licensed as a gun dealer before offering access to the tools, and providing instruction in the process of completing an 80% receiver. There is, of course, precisely nothing in any federal statute that would impose such a requirement–the BATFE is making it up from whole cloth

According to the BATFE, one must request (and pay for) the federal government’s permission to provide a bit of basic assistance to those who would arm themselves through their own labor. It becomes more and more difficult to escape the conclusion that the idea here is to eventually outlaw any process by which we the people can obtain firearms that are not on record somewhere. And if the law itself falls short of that, their extralegal interpretation is intended to pick up the slack.

That conclusion is chilling–and should be intolerable..

» White House pauses on Surgeon General pick, recalibrating strategy

New Senate rules state that nominations simply need 51 votes in that body of lawmakers for confirmation and there are currently 55 Senate Democrats. However, as with the Adegbile vote, it could be that several Dems may cross the aisle against a candidate that has received much negative publicity for his past views on gun control.

Murthy is the president and founder of “Doctors for America.” Murthy founded the group, currently comprised of 15,000 medical workers and students, in 2008 under the name of “Doctors for Obama.” Gun control as a public health issue was a large part of that group’s agenda.

~~ via SSI: Weaponizing an idea.

Gentle readers and Three Percenters, we have succeeded, you and I, in weaponizing an idea. This idea cannot be killed. It can be misinterpreted, profaned and discredited by those who pretend to claim it for their own reasons however sordid, which is why I am so jealous of the brand. But the essence of it cannot be killed. It will go on and on. This is something that the tyrants in Connecticut and elsewhere should consider before it is too late.

» Feinstein launches new attack; should ATF be altered or abolished?

All of this once again raises a question that has been discussed and debated for several years: Should the role of ATF be significantly altered – say to nothing more than a regulatory operation – or should the agency, with a reputation for somewhat “rogue” behavior, be abolished altogether?

Sen. Feinstein also raises a question that has been on the minds of gun owners since 1968: Where did this “sporting purposes” test come from? Where in the Second Amendment is there any reference to “sporting purposes?”

has the ATF’s behavior over the years worn out the agency’s welcome? Can the agency that let guns walk to Mexican drug cartels and mismanaged a storefront sting operation be substantially “reformed” or is it too late? Is it time to tear it all down and rebuild from scratch?

ATF’s welcome was worn out, wasted away, eroded into dust decades ago. It is too late and ineligible for reform. Tear it down and bury the scratch.

Paraphrasing former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, perhaps we have to destroy it to find out what it’s doing.

» Behind Enemy Lines: Smuggling routes into the Northeast Tyrannical States.

» Background check battle heats; Connecticut shows future desires of anti-gunners

The King County Sheriff’s office reported that major crimes detectives arrested an 18-year-old Seatac man in connection with the deadly shooting that killed a 17-year-old sitting in a car. A press release from the agency said no other suspects are being sought.

Under Washington State law, an 18-year-old would not be able to legally carry a concealed handgun. He certainly would not be able to purchase one legally, and it’s a safe bet that if the fellow currently in custody is responsible, he did not go through a background check and never would.

Ditto the kid who is now charged in last month’s slaying in the Greenwood district of North Seattle.

But backers of Initiative 594 seem reluctant or unable to discuss this little problem with their proposed law.

You Get What You Tolerate So when you stop tolerating, well …
» States Begin to Exert Their States Rights and Say No to the Feds

… until recently we’ve all felt helpless. Then, it seems something happened – as if a light came on or a voice from above exclaimed, “You know … you don’t have to take it. You have the constitutional authority to take the power back. All you have to do is have the courage to use that authority.”
And that’s exactly what is happening – either recalling or discovering for the first time – states are realizing that the United States Constitution was written to empower them, not the feds.

That last sentence is no news to anyone who has actually read the Constitution with the intent of learning what it says and what it means – as opposed to merely searching for loopholes.

… Many states are simply declaring “enough is enough” to the feds.
Look at Missouri, the “Show Me” state. They are very close to passage of a gun rights bill that will completely nullify any present or future attempt by the federal government to limit the rights of Missourians to “keep and bear arms.”

… according to most attorneys, we are not governed by the Constitution, but by case law and precedent.

» EPA: Just another Democrat constituency

… the Environmental Protection Agency has received numerous requests for information from opposition researchers on both sides of the political aisle. And while Republican requests for information have been left to languish for years, Democratic research requests – which are substantially higher – are getting near-instant approval.
… So far, 28 Democratic requests have been filled; of the four filed by Republicans since 2012, none have been fulfilled. The vast difference in requests appears to signify an understanding among GOP lawmakers and researchers that the EPA has no interest, or at least less interest, in complying with their FOIA requests.
Of course EPA officials defend their approval process as non-partisan and sacrosanct, but it’s a little tough to believe them when most certainly at least some Democratic FOIA’s that have been fulfilled were filled after Republican requests. But apparent we the people are not supposed to be perceptive enough to figure surmise that.

“Not a smidgeon of corruption” at the EPA. It’s just a coincidence that Democratic opposition researchers get better, faster service.
Most Republicans have voiced support for downsizing the federal bureaucracy. Most employees in the federal bureaucracy are unionized and lean Democratic. Mystery solved.

» Obamacare: people who think they have coverage get hit with massive bills

… the articles miss the mark when attributing blame. By limiting its networks, Premera is doing what any company would when faced with government mandates that impose highers costs: find ways to control them. In Larry Basich’s situation, Xerox deserves all the blame that can be heaped on it, but they’re not the root.

The source of the problem isn’t corporate greed or incompetence: it’s Obamacare, itself. All these problems people are experiencing are due to the top-down mandates that are the essence of the Affordable Care Act. A bunch of legislators and bureaucrats trying to control by law something as complex as the health care system of the United States was bound to fail. And that ongoing, rolling disaster is causing real-life misery for Americans all over the nation.

It has to go.

» LAWSUIT: Bill Clinton made multiple trips to fundraiser’s private island where underage sex slaves were held

… part of a pattern. That is, a real “war on women” — and girls — waged by the impeached and disbarred William Jefferson Clinton.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Report: Palestinians Now Throwing Puppies at Israel Yes, Really.
» Britain Recognizes Sharia Law And Enshrines Gender Discrimination For The First Time
» Our criminal justice system has become a crime



The IFG report hypothesized that despite this $120 billion hit, Koch would come out ahead in the long run–the very long run!–by selling two million acres worth of Alberta oil. Just one small problem: they forgot to consider the fact that the size of the Keystone Pipeline, 830,000 barrels per day, limits the speed with which Koch can recoup its $120 billion loss. As I calculated in my post, it would take 476 years for Koch to break even, using IFG’s own numbers. Now that IFG has reduced its estimate of Koch’s leasehold acreage by one-half, it will take Koch just about 1,000 years to break even if the Keystone Pipeline is constructed–again, using IFG’s own assumptions.

Why would the Washington Post embarrass itself by republishing a thoroughly discredited attempt to link the Koch brothers to the Keystone Pipeline? Because that is a Democratic Party talking point, and the Post is a Democratic Party newspaper. But the truth is a little worse than that.

» Taqiyya and the British Courts
In Islam taqiyya is a form of bald-faced lying whenever it is deemed necessary or convenient … or fun.

… There were no second thoughts on Ayoub’s part. The lie came easy to him because lying is actually part of Islam. …. Mohammed Ayoub most definitely knew he was lying. There have been tens of thousands of Islamic stonings since the 7th century. There have been hundreds of Islamic stonings, and worse, in the last twenty years. Somewhere in the Islamic world today there will probably be an Islamic stoning. …

Despite all that, the strength of Mohammed Ayoub’s commitment to Islamic taqiyya must have led him to disregard the large video and photographic evidence of Islamic stonings which can be found on YouTube and elsewhere; as well as all the evidence in history books and other forms of documentation. Yet, none of that mattered to this particular Muslim.

The lie didn’t matter at that precise moment because Mohammed Ayoub knew that the presenter was ignorant (which she was) of Islam and sharia law and that most non-Muslim viewers would also have been ignorant. That was all that mattered to Ayoub at the time.

» U.S. Gov’t Study Pays Mexican Male Prostitutes For Not Getting STDs
That sounds outrageous, but it’s not really that big a deal … half a million dollars is chump change after all, and it’s not like we have anything else to spend it on. If the Constitution or something required government to secure borders or provide for national defense or whatever, and the government was ignoring that and laying off troops and dropping development of necessary weaponry … well, maybe then it would be a big deal.

» The End of Science

“Science” has been reduced to an absolute form of authority that is always correct. The Saganists envision science as a battle between superstition and truth, but what distinguished science from superstition was the ability to throw out wrong conclusions based on testing. Without the scientific method, science is just another philosophy where anything can be proven if you manipulate the terminology so that the target is drawn around the arrow. Add statistical games and nothing means anything.

Like all progressive authority, it now derives its credentials from membership in an expert class and advocacy on behalf of a victim class. Global Warming research covers both quotas. On the one hand everyone ought to shut up and listen to the scientists, as long as their message conforms politically, and on the other hand everyone ought to shut up and listen to the victims of Global Warming. Connect the two and you have the basis of progressive authority.

The science of the “Science is settled” crowd isn’t an open system of skeptical inquiry, but a closed system of centralized authority funded and controlled by special interests, beholden to political agendas and intolerant of dissent.

A serious breach

» ‘Most transparent’ White House ever rewrote the FOIA to suppress politically sensitive docs
(THHO)Obama’s first Constitutional breach was committed within the first three months of his first term.
The ‘A’ in FOIA is for Act – as in Congressional Act or an Act of Congress. Law, in other words. The Constitution grants the power to make, unmake or amend law to Congress and only Congress.
But (THHO)Obama, being the cOnsTituiOnal scholar that he is has taken the initiative – on MULTIPLE occasions – to make, unmake and amend law whenever he feels like it.

It’s Sunshine Week, so perhaps some enterprising White House reporter will ask press secretary Jay Carney why President Obama rewrote the Freedom of Information Act without telling the rest of America.

The rewrite came in an April 15, 2009, memo from then-White House Counsel Greg Craig instructing the executive branch to let White House officials review any documents sought by FOIA requestors that involved “White House equities.”

That phrase is nowhere to be found in the FOIA, yet the Obama White House effectively amended the law to create a new exception to justify keeping public documents locked away from the public.

» Michelle Obama And Her Entourage Living It Up In China – On Your Money

The First Lady, her mother, and her daughters are staying in the presidential suite at the Westin Beijing Chaoyang, a 3,445-square-foot suite designed with the ultimate luxury in mind that costs a whopping $8,350 a night.

Mrs. Obama’s previous luxury romp in Spain cost close to half a million of your tax dollars, and according to the UK Daily Mail, Judicial Watch reports that it cost more than $11 million for President and Mrs. Obama to travel to Africa for Nelson Mandela’s memorial service in December, where the president and his wife and their entourage were in Africa for less than 13 hours. This week-long China trip will come with a heavy tab, what with the increased flying time to Beijing, the five star accommodations and meals and all the additional security.The entire spectacle amounts to over 70 people getting a luxury trip to China on the American taxpayers for what is essentially a tourist excursion with no official business involved at all – yet it’s being billed as an ‘official trip.’

~~ Earl

» Beijing hotel workers already ‘fed up’ with Obama entourage in 3400-square-foot, $8,350-per-night suite inconveniencing ‘pretty much everyone’ – and the first lady’s mother is ‘barking at the staff’
Frikkin’ no class Chicoms … it’s like they already forgot the (THHO)Obama bowed to them first thing … still wearing his inauguration undies.