March 6, 2014

March 6, 2014

… anti-gun Moms recently pushed Facebook to establish policies that would halt all private gun sales on its social networking sites
… Bottom line: you might not be lawfully buying and selling guns on Facebook any more, but you won’t be lawfully buying and selling guns on Facebook any less.

The Moms got Facebook to restate the obvious—out loud

» Obama Regime to Prevent Use of Force to Defend Border

America is undergoing an invasion, with literally millions of hostile “immigrants” sneaking across our border in violation of our laws, often to engage in the drug trade or to climb aboard the welfare gravy train.

    In congressional testimony last week, Jeh Johnson, the new Homeland Security secretary, said that U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which manages border agents, would announce new policies for the use of force “any day now.”

Jeh Johnson is a barking moonbat who achieved his position by raising money for Obama. He has asserted that foreigners invading our country have “earned the right” to be American citizens.

Try to get your head around the insanity. The point of the Border Patrol is to defend the border. Yet all an invader has to do to get past border agents is drive a car at them, in which case the Border Patrol is expected to dive for cover, or throw potentially lethal rocks, in which case the Border Patrol is expected to run away.

Why even have a Border Patrol? Why not officially proclaim that America committed suicide on November 4, 2008, and that there is no United States of America anymore, just a political vacuum presided over by treasonous lunatics?

» Sigh. Lawless president issues yet another unconstitutional Obamacare delay

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. President Obama has unconstitutionally delayed a portion of his signature health care plan.
… he understands fully that these delays are unconstitutional but does them anyway….and mocks those who call him on it.

… and one is too many

» Obama Lashes Out at ‘Wildly Unfair Character Attacks’ as DOJ Nominee Rejected in Senate

“As the Fraternal Order of Police stated in its letter of opposition, in the decades Mr. Adegbile pushed this effort, he ‘falsely disparaged and savaged the good name and reputation of a lifeless police officer’ in order to further his case,” Flake said. “The National Narcotic [Officers] Association shares this analysis of Mr. Adegbile’s advocacy, noting that he ‘fabricated a baseless and unproven defense while also defaming the victim, Police Officer Daniel Faulkner, which raises serious questions about the nominee’s judgment, especially considering the important position to which he has been nominated.’”

“This is an embarrassment for President Obama and the Democrats who thought it was a good idea to nominate a convicted cop-killer’s most ardent defender to head a DOJ Department and failed … Vulnerable Democrats running in 2014 just voted to confirm a radical nominee whose positions on civil rights, religious liberty, voting rights and the Second Amendment are far outside the mainstream.”

» Mary Landrieu and Kay Hagan Call It Quits

Today the Senate voted down a particularly noxious Obama nomination. Debo Adegbile, whose only claim to fame was agitating on behalf of a convicted, unrepentant, and vicious cop killer, was voted down 47-52. Pressing this nomination was a stupid act by the White House, though it has become boring to write that phrase over the course of the past six years.

… Kay Hagan is circling the drain a vote against Adegbile would have helped, or worst casing it been neutral, while a vote in favor would hurt.

… Both Landrieu and Hagan have avoided Obama when he visited their states. This indicates that they are not members of the Obama fan club. Why make this counter-intuitive vote? Because they want jobs in the Obama Administration after they are defeated in November. Rather than making a vote for the benefit of the voters back home, they made their vote to curry favor with Obama.

Russian Today Hosts speak out against Russia.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Thorough Critique of Obama’s Handling of Russia
» Wendy Davis Pummeled in South Texas Polls By Opponent Who Raised $0
» Black People Duped
» It’s pointless to pay attention to foreign policy when a Democrat is president
» For a blast of moonbat hypocrisy …


» Will Putin Destroy Rand Paul?

The problem for Rand Paul is that his father Ron Paul didn’t quite grasp this message, simple as it is. In the World According to Ron Paul all would be well on the foreign front if we here in America would just mend our evil imperialistic ways. It’s as if a perfectly libertarian USA would somehow, magically, render the rest of the vicious thugs referenced above (not to mention all the other thugs we don’t know yet, planning their little adventures in every corner of the globe, including, quite possibly, your neighborhood shopping mall) quiescent.

Put briefly: that’s insane. In fact, it would more than likely be the reverse. A disarmed, or relatively disarmed, America would only encourage these lunatics, as it has with Putin. To al-Qaeda and company it would be an obvious show of weakness. Allahu Akbar and away we go.

We can’t be isolationists anymore, even if everybody in the country voted that way, closed the international airports and mothballed all the 747s. Isolationism isn’t happening. It’s naive nonsense.

» Lawmakers: So, now would be a pretty good time to start greenlighting natural gas exports, no?

» Belligerent Russia Could Deny U.S. Access To Space

Putting an economic and political squeeze on Moscow over the Ukraine crisis could bring another Obama chicken home to roost — our president killed the U.S. space program and made us dependent on Putin.

Since 2011, when America’s space shuttle fleet was retired and our space program was dispersed to various museums, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which proudly put the first human beings, Americans, on the moon some 45 years ago, has largely been fixated on things like monitoring nonexistent climate change and Muslim outreach.
… our manned presence in space has been limited to hitching rides on Russian spacecraft to fix toilets on the International Space Station (ISS).

» We could see Obama’s conflict with Russia coming from miles away!

» BOEHNER BRAGS OF EASY REELECTION: won’t repeal Obamacare, top priority is Amnesty for illegal aliens

Johnny Boehner admitted that his top priorities are Amnesty and not repealing Obamacare. In that order. Confident of his reelection, Johnny doesn’t seem to remember that the citizens of his district have a choice: in this case, a very capable young conservative named J.D. Winteregg.

Let’s put this in simple terms:

• Boehner doesn’t give a crap what the people of OH-8 think.

• Rather than protect America’s defense budget, combat unemployment, push for Keystone XL, or investigate the most lawless administration in American history, Boehner’s priority is Amnesty and handing Obama a political victory.

• And, once again violating a promise, Boehner has no intention of repealing Obamacare — he’s going to ‘fix’ it.

Does this p*** you off as much as it p***es me off?

I urge you to donate time or money to J.D. Winteregg, Boehner’s conservative challenger in OH-8.

Send a message to this disastrous “leader” that his time is up. It’s time for him to enter the private sector.

Ready for Hillary: Don’t know why, they just are.

» Science and reason vs. political correctness

The president still talks of “settled science” in the global warming debate. He recently flew to California to attribute the near-record drought there to human-induced global warming.
If the president were empirical rather than deductive and political, he would instead have cited the logical reasons why this drought is far more serious than those of the late 1970s.

The administration has delayed construction of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, citing concern about climate change.
… There is no scientific basis from which to cancel the Keystone, but a variety of logical reasons to build it — such as moving toward North American energy independence and protecting ourselves against energy blackmailers and cartels abroad.
… for the new anti-empirical left, science becomes an ally only when refuting absurd religious theories that the earth is 5,000 years old. Otherwise, it can prove irrelevant when it does not necessarily support pet causes.

We have to stop making jokes about the GlobalZ-WarmZ idiots, it just gives them ideas for new idiocy.
» As Climate Cools, Chipotle Talks of Suspending Guacamole Due to Global Warming

Chipotle Inc. is warning investors that extreme weather events “associated with global climate change” might eventually affect the availability of some of its ingredients. …

Or to put it more accurately, the drought effects of Chipotle’s fellow moonbats denying water to farmers on behalf of a useless minnow called the delta smelt.

According to liberal ideology, cold weather is caused by hot weather, which in turn is caused by insufficient taxation and regulation.

The scariest thing about anthropogenic global warming is that even now there are people walking around unmedicated who literally believe it is real.

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