Westboro Scarabaeus 2008July07

July 7, 2008

scar·a·bae·us (scãr´ə-bē´əs) n. pl.[Lat.]
Scarabs. Insects that live their lives rolling dung into balls.

Of all the groups and organizations exhibiting symptoms of patriotism deficiency, the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas may be home to the vilest and lowest of them all. Though totally harmless, unless taken seriously, they make even Moonbats want to wave a flag. That’s how much they stink.

On July 16, 2008 they came to Fort Bragg, North Carolina with the purpose of breaking the spirit and will of the United States Army.

They failed … miserably.

This is what waited for them:

The U.S. Military is an awesome and formidable power, but do not make their wives mad. After learning that WBC was coming to their town to disrespect their fighting men, the “Fort Bragg Mommies” organized and mobilized. Led by Danell Shafer, they let it be known that WBC would not be welcome; the voice of the WBC hags would be drowned out.
And that’s the way it was.

Danell (right) and friend show off their T-Shirts made especially for the occasion, and worn by all the Ft Bragg Mommies.

The Mommies were joined by fellow patriots from all around. Hundreds of Fayetteville residents, as well as members of various organization including Gathering of Eagles, Rolling Thunder, Patriot Guard Riders and many more; joined the party to help WBC understand they were not welcome – that their anti-America, anti-Military message was a waste of breath outside their little tabernacle of hate in Kansas.

Some more Mommies

Gathering of Eagles’ Dale Smith and Tina Medlin.

The motorists on Bragg Blvd got in on the action as well. The east bound lane was a symphony of car horns and approving yells, while the west bound lane offering a steady stream of one-finger salutes to the “ladies” of WBC.

The North Carolina Gathering of Eagles raised the ‘big flag’ in honor of our soldiers and their wives. At the close of the day’s event, the “Ft. Bragg Mommies” lowered and folded the flag.

Bravo! Ladies! Job Well Done.
Your husbands are very lucky men.

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