Chapel Hill 2007Nov15 Ruining the SDS Party

November 15, 2007

November 15, 2007
Chapel Hill, NC

A Moonbat’s Diary


White Area represents the Army Recruiter Office,

Blue represents the Police

Red represents the Gathering of Eagles

Yellow marks the path of incoming Moonbats

Appropriate color codes, eh?

After crossing Estes Dr, the Moonbats broke right and attempted to approach the Army office from the east.
The Police stopped their advance well before they reached the Army office.

The Gathering of Eagles moved around and came in behind the Moonbats. After pausing for a minute, the Eagles moved forward and formed a line.

After only a few minutes of verbal abuse the Moonbats retreated back to the south. They were escorted all the way back to the intersection and given an appropriate send-off.

Note, at no time did the Moonbats get even a glimpse of the Army Office. They came to do “creative action”, were opposed, and retreated.

The End

Who Wants Pictures?

Next two photos were taken as Moonbats approached the intersection.

These next four photos were taken as the Eagles escorted the Moonbats back out to Franklin St.

The Eagles closed the day, as usual, with a Pledge of Allegiance.

Report by Tony, Orange County Coordinator

I arrived at 2, and hour before I advertised people to show up… only to find I’d been beaten by half a dozen patriots! The plan was simple- set up along the road to make our presence known, and fall back to the recruiting center when the moonbats got close. I was pleasantly surprised with the number of honks, waves, and salutes, given that we were in Chapel Hill! It restored a bit of faith in the world. By the time things got going we had 27 by my count, they were at about 50.

About 45 minutes later I was introduced via the police to a very nice woman (whose name escapes me!) who was the owner of the shopping center in which the recruiting center was located. Her official position was to remain neutral between sides, but we all had a very nice chat, and she told us most of her family are vets! The good and the bad news: no one was allowed to protest on the property, them or us.

The police drew lines on the sidewalk (not literally) for “them” and “us” and told us to stay put. We asked what would happen should SDS turn down Estes and try to enter through the back of the center- the police told us not to worry, and we’d cross that if it happened. Sure enough, that’s what they did, defying police orders and entering the back of the shopping center into the parking lot, where they were surrounded by squad cars. Our side showed hurculean reserve in staying put while we negotiated for a spot closer to the communists. But permission was eventually granted, and we went around the corder behind the moonbats, who did a quick 180 while we engaged in dialogue. They still looked pretty cocky.

Then one of the officers explained the lines again. “You can come up to this line of cars” he said with a HUGE grin! And we certainly did, rushing forward like a tidal wave. The tone of their protest changed drastically- they looked simply terrified. It didn’t take long for them to tell the police they wanted out, as they were now trapped between us and a police blockade. The police moved us over to the side, and they had to run a nice gauntlet to get out.

At this point I stopped to talk to some press. One woman came by and asked if they were from the papers, and they said yes. “They treated me very badly” she said “calling me all kinds of names. They called me a communist!”
I said “But SDS is a communist organization.”
“I know” she said “but it was the tone!”

I realzed she was hopeless, and we back around the corner where our guys had chased them down the street. “Where’d they go?” I asked the cops. There wasn’t a single moonbat left, after only just a few minutes with the reporters. “They got a free ride out of here!” he said. Appearantly they were “escorted” out by police and jumped the first transit bus back to campus!

We celebrated, and talked to some of Chapel Hill’s finest for quite a while. After a bite at El Rodeo next door, a bunch of us went over to the recruiting office. It had been closed during the protest, but was now manned again, so we thanked the recruiters for their service (and they thanked us for watching their back!)

So in summary, as Bubba said… “They had a miserable time, and we had a ball!”

No harm came to the recruiting center, because the didn’t even get to the door! And we got our message out to quite a lot of people, and picked up several new recruits (including one of the officers). A success 110%! Thanks again to everyone who turned out, it was amazing!

Eagles up!

The following is copied from a comment left at a TechnicianOnline article. The comment to the Technician author, Megan Peters, is from Eagle Charles Phillips of Smithfield, NC.

Ms. Peters,

I am a State student, a member of Gathering of Eagles, an a member of the North Carolina Army National Guard who has served in Bosnia and Iraq in my career. I was at that rally yesterday and feel the need to give more to this story than you did. I’m sure your quotes from the captain of the police department are accurate but what you didn’t report is that GOE wasn’t on private property other than to park our vehicles. We were on the sidewalk. We were there long before SDS showed up, getting our support from the people of Chapel Hill in the form of car honks, waves, and thumbs up. We were told by the police officers, via Tony Stevenson, that we could be anywhere on the sidewalk until SDS showed up and then we had a point we had to back up to and they had a point that they could come up to. They didn’t come up that way. They turned the corner like the cowards they are and went up the back way and they tried to get on the property that the recruiting station is on.
Their website, at ChapelHill SDS says that the rally would end with “creative action.” Previous “creative action” has resulted in three paint vandalism attacks on military facilities in Chapel Hill in the last year, once at the ROTC office and twice on this very recruiting station.

An Attack on the ROTC

That is violent behavior. (Hope you are reading this, too Miles Holst. Past behavior shows who is really violent and GOE members don’t get arrested.) The police officers then informed us that we could go around the block and counter the moonbats from SDS. We did. We yelled them down and they turned their frail little bodies around and went straight to the bus stop and left. We hung around a little while and many of us got handshakes from the fine officers of the Chapel Hill Police Department that you said “warned” us, the same ones that escorted SDS down Franklin Street.

For Daniel Foster…I’m not sure which one of those moonbats was you, but if just one of the officers, even the smallest female, had assaulted you, you wouldn’t be able to even type your letter today.

And for Miles Holst…if you really support troops, how do you reconcile that statement with the fact that your rally was organized by Kosta Harlan, notable for his article “The Iraqi Resistance is Just, and Should be Supported” in which he brags of increased attacks on US soldiers as a sign of the strength of the resistance. He has traveled to Iran and personally met with members of the Iraqi insurgency.

That recruiting station is not a backdoor draft. No one is making you enlist. In case you hadn’t noticed, it IS a free country. You may have noticed that no one was at the recruiting station. My hope is that is was because the recruiters were with men and women who have enlisted at the Military Entrance Processing Station, [Chuck’s hopefull assumption is 100% correct. ~Bubba] so little boys and girls like SDS could protest. Your beef is not with Soldiers, it is with the U.S. government, so leave us alone you mean old troop supporter, you.

Our message is clear. We will have peace when we win the war against jihadists who have declared war on us and the entire western world for that matter. For those who say the US brought this on ourselves, I would ask them to explain the Islamic attacks on places such as Bali, Tunisia, Argentina, Spain and others. I would also ask NCSU ROTC students and veterans to check out Gathering of Ealges.

Charles Phillips

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