Charlotte, 2007Oct10 : Countering CodePoink

October 10, 2007

October 10, 2007
Charlotte, NC
East Blvd and Scott Ave.

Report by Irene Holland
Photos by Waldo Pepper

Your Charlotte Eagles rocked East Blvd once again! Not only did we receive great response from the public, but we reveled in giving the local mOOnbattery a very special surprise: a nice sign placed discreetly over their heads which read,

“Communist Party USA
Voter Registration
Sign-Up Below”

At first, they didn’t see it. We were starting to wonder if they were even literate (which would explain a lot, you know.) Soon enough they noticed. One dude stood with his pink sign lifted as high as he could get it. The idiot didn’t realize that all he did was change the message to,

“Communist Party USA

It was positively hysterical! We stood there the whole time laughing and taking pictures of the fools. But as could be expected, they called the cops. The first moonbat must have gotten tired of holding his sign up, so another one of them came over and held his there for a while. Same message,

“Communist Party USA

One of the women had a cow bell, which set off a round of boisterous “MOOOOOing” on our side of the street. I don’t think she particularly cared for that.

Then some mOOnbat freak showed up in a striped jailbird costume, wearing a Bush mask and carrying a globe and a sign that said something about Bush being a war criminal.

Around that time, the police arrived. We’re actually getting kind of friendly with him, he’s a really super guy. He told us, though, that some of our hand-held flag poles were too long, but he let all the flags spiked into the ground stay. And he told us that the mOOnbats had complained about the sign we placed over on their side. Seems they were too afraid to take it down themselves (darn! talk about a photo-op), so he took it down for them. He brought it back over to us and we feigned innocence and he just smiled.

But we pressed the point of the masked “jailbird” across the steet (there’s a law against wearing a mask) and the officer went back across the street to talk to the freak. He refused to remove his mask, and instead chose to leave the rally altogether. As he left, Waldo and I sang to him…. (more on that later.)

So, your 8 Eagles not only held off but absolutely flustered about a dozen CodePINK moonbats. Debbie, our scout, reported about 5-6 at their second location, so they’ve split again. Upon hearing that, their numbers at the East Blvd location made perfect sense. Consequently, their number of “bait” cars that ride in a circle honking was significantly reduced also.

So, as their crowd was leaving, we all lined the street and serenaded them,
“Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na
Hey Hey Hey

With that said, I’m declaring VICTORY IN CHARLOTTE once again!


Highlites of the evening’s event.

Begin with a group of people displaying a multitude of American flags, and patriotic signs. Can you guess which side this is?

Eagles arrived early and put up a sign for the benefit of motorists that might not know who was who.

Moonbat dont like sign.

Moonbat try to hide sign.

Moonbat only enhances message of sign.

Moonbats love to dress up, dont they?

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