Little Washington Moonbat Infestation Week 5

August 24, 2007

August 24, 2007
Washington, NC

Report by Bubba

Friday August 24: Week 5 in Washington, NC on Stewart Parkway, at the waterfront.

Dont Tell Me that I am wasting my time and money traveling around making counter protests.
Dont tell me that enthusiastic, cheering displays of Patriotism are outdated.
Dont tell me that most Americans have no respect for our flag.
Dont tell me that America’s youth are anti war.

I dont believe it. I know the opposite to be true, and I have pictures to prove it.

Last week, our little flock of Eagles was reinforced by 40 (+/-) members of Rolling Thunder. They arrived in formation and made an entrance that demanded the full attention of everyone. When they rolled down the parkway towards our location, the Moonbat infestation reacted with fear.

(Dear Moonbats, dont deny your fear. It was far too obvious to be denied.)

I told myself then, that it’s not going to get any better than this.

Well, I was wrong. This week the Eagles were reinforced by local patriots. Of course, we have enjoyed the support of several Washington area residents since the very first week, and those numbers have increased each week. But on August 24, we were backed up by local youth. Dozens of teenagers began showing up – individually, in pairs and in groups. They lined the curb, took up flags and held signs. They raised their voices in opposition to the anti-war crowd. They raised their voices in support of America and the soldiers that fight for it.

This was the fifth week that men and women have made the trek to this little town from all across North Carolina, Virgina and even New York and New Jersey. We came to Washington to counter the anti-war demonstrators. We came to offer an alternative opinion to that of the Moonbat infestation. We expected to do this by ourselves.

I think I speak for all those Eagles, when I say we couldn’t have been more proud and happy to see these young Americans taking a stand for their country. It was magnificent.

A special thanks is in order to Tina Medlin of Operation America Rising. She made the trip down from Raleigh to stand with the Eagles. And brought her own flags, too.

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