Little Washington Moonbat Infestation Week 4

August 17, 2007

August 17, 2007
Washington, NC

Friday August 17: Week 4 in Washington, NC on Stewart Parkway, at the waterfront.

August 17 was the best yet in little Washington NC. On this the fourth week of countering the Moonbat Insurgency, there was actually an increase of moonbats. From the numbers of the previous 2 weeks, they were probably doubled.

This may be due to the music festival taking place, but I dont think so. I think the moonbats called in their reinforcements.

The previous 3 weeks have been an embarrassment for them. Being strongly outnumbered, and enduring hours of Samek-ization, I think they attempted their own surge with the intention of overwhelming the Eagle offensive.

They brought their big guns : a teenager and a lawyer.

Then they witnessed the Rolling Thunder. Around 40 RT Bikers rolled in against a backdrop of stars and stipes, patriots by the dozens and … George. Their surge was a fizzle – may as well have just sent postcards.

George Samek really busted his buns getting all these flags and poles prepared and flying.

The Moonbat Insurgency
Parade of Stoopid Signs

The one on the left quacked that she wasn’t a traitor. She has feathers, webbed toes and waddles when she walks.
The moonbat on the right – I mean not so much left – is praising the virtues of NC RINO Walter Jones. Somehow, they think that by pointing out that some republicans are traitors too, will make it OK with us.
Well, dear moonbats. The difference between an republican moonbat and a democrat moonbat is NULL. A fool is a fool, regardless of the letter (R or D) after the name.

Webster sez:
Pre·emp·tive Composing or pertaining to a military strike made so as to secure an advantage in the face of an impending enemy strike.
(That’s straight forward, no room for interpretation on that word.)
im·mor·al Contrary to accepted moral principles.
(Plenty of room for interpretation. I.E., what’s moral depends on who you ask)

In the face of an impending attack or in consequence to an attack, to not wage war preemptively, allowing your own people to suffer and die, would be immoral and totally UnAmerican.
Silly moonbats, if and when you get it; you get it backwards.

Enough moonbats. Let’s study some patriots.

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