Little Washington Moonbat Infestation Week 3

August 10, 2007

August 10, 2007
Washington, NC

Friday August 10: Week 3 in Washington, NC on Stewart Parkway, at the waterfront.

This week our party was preceded by a couple of hours worth of rain. And lightning. And thunder. And wind.
There were no rain drops, there was rain balls. Big enough to knock a ducks chin to the ground.

The Moonbat numbers dropped to around 8. They showed up late then setup about 500 yards away from their usual position – the position directly across from the Eagles. The police asked them to move back to their permitted spot, but they didnt want to. They didnt want confrontation.

Well, fine. The Eagles moved.
No happy moonbats.

Several Washington Eagles returned to stand again. Note that I didnt refer to them as ‘locals’.

A special thanks to Fernando and Carolyn. These two fine Eagles drove all the way down here from New York City!

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