Little Washington Moonbat Infestation Week 2

August 3, 2007

August 3, 2007
Washington, NC

Friday August 3: Week 2 in Washington, NC on Stewart Parkway, at the waterfront.

Same as last week with the following exceptions.

Moonbat numbers dropped to around 13.
Eagle numbers rose to around 47.
No Rain.

– Several locals who had stopped and talked last week, came back this week. And brought their own flags.
– Several more locals (about 9), stopped to talk and ask questions. They stayed. We gave them flags and signs.
– No locals stopped to join the moonbats.

Gotta say thanks to all the Eagles that drove many miles to help stifle this Moonbat Insurgency.

The Sanders, Greensboro NC
The Tuttles, Charlotte NC
Mike Blankenship, Suffolk VA
Rodney Carroll, Raleigh NC
Mike Benton
and Uncle George Samek, Shalotte NC

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