Little Washington Moonbat Infestation Week 1

July 27, 2007

July 27, 2007
Washington, NC

Friday July 27. Eagles Gathered in Washington, NC on Main St, at the waterfront.

Earlier in the week, a vigilant Eagle discovered that Moonbats had been staging anti-war protests there on Friday evenings. These were not large demonstrations, 10 maybe 20 at most, but enough to warrant corrective response.

As usual, we had only a few days to organize and prepare. But permits were secured and a call to action was made (primarily through private emails and phone calls). The Moonbats were countered in equal if not superior numbers.

We offered congratulations to the moonbats for actually remembering to bring 3 small flags with them. The flags were not upside down, or on the ground, or desecrated with ‘peace’ symbols. Hopefully, Cindy Sheehan or George Soros wont find out about that and fire them all.

We enjoyed about a half hour of fair weather before a storm rolled in and filled the streets with water. We endured driving rain and strong winds for an hour. But when the storm cleared, the Eagles were still there. And to be fair, three moonbats hung in there too.


This lady wants you to know that although she advocates her country’s surrender without calling for the enemy to stop fighting, abandonment of allies in combat and impeachment without cause – she is not a traitor.
She protests for peace – unconditional peace, peace at the price of freedom and liberty. Yet she wants you to believe she is a freedom fighter.
She says “Save Democracy”. We can only assume they mean to save it for themselves, since they obviously dont want to share any democracy with the Iraqis or Afghans.
… and the “Constition”, whatever that is.

“A Gathering of Doves”
Silly Moonbat. A gathering of doves is called Purina Eagle Chow.

Our flags flew proud in the pre-storm winds.

Eagles Weathering the Storm

After the Storm

Rodney Carroll a.k.a. YakFisher

One of Samek’s Ducks enjoying a swim in the rain.

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