Gatherings – Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey

June 30, 2007

June 30, 2007 Ft.
Monmouth, New Jersey

The Army Garrision, Fort Monmouth, in Monmouth New Jersey has endured for too long the humiliation of ungrateful Americans. Every Saturday moonbats migrate to the gates of the fort and spend hours protesting a war that is not only just and legal, but absolutely necessary. They strain the patience and tolerance of the people of the town of Monmouth as they attempt to sap the morale and will of our soldiers.

But lately there has been some relief, some respite – Eagles have been gathering at the gates as well. Directly across the street from where the moonbats have permits to spew their freedom of screech, the Eagles have permits to gather and counter.

The New Jersey Eagles spend their weekends as though the soldiers in Iraq are watching them every second. Indeed, if the soldiers could look over their shoulders they would be proud – because these Americans are fighting the war on the homefront. They sacrifice their weekends to serve our sons at war.

While the moonbats howl in their rage, cursing America, condemning the president, indicting our military; real Americans are taking action to counter and negate their efforts.

This Jersey Eagle’s sign sums it up:

On June 30, 2007 a squadron of North Carolina Eagles traveled to Monmouth to stand with our Jersey brethren.

Roll call:
Larry, Lori and Patricia Hoffa – Grimesland, N.C.
George Samek – Havelock, N.C.
Bubba McDowell – Middlesex, N.C.

We were impressed with what we saw.

The motorists passing by sounded their support of our efforts by blowing horns, shouting and waving. Just like what we witnessed the previous night at Walter Reed in D.C., the people were happy to see patriots pushing back.

For several hours, we stood with megaphones, signs, banners and flags. We assaulted the moonbats with a continuous barrage of facts, logic and uncommon sense. And a few taunts. ok, alot of taunts. Actually, derision and contemptuous reproach might describe it better.
oh, whatever. The result was satisfactory:
First, the moonbats crossed the street and complained to the police. Of course, they didnt get what they wanted, which would be revoking our rights to free speech. Because, after all, free speech is for liberals only, ya know.
After failing to temper our outrage – they quit.


They capitulated. They surrendered. They cut and ran.

Wow. Hooda saw that comin?

Now, you know that Eagles are courteous and generous with forgiveness. That’s why the moonbats were allowed passage through our midst to get to their cars (Actually, an SUV. Go figger) unmolested.

The Eagles immediately crossed the street and occupied the enemy’s territory. After a few minutes of celebratory cheering, what do you think Eagles would do next?

If your guess was “recite the Pledge of Allegiance” you win a prize.
Here’s a picture to prove it.

“It seems that our North Carolina moonbats are lazy. We have to travel across 3 or 4 states for an opportunity to stifle a moonbat migration.”

Photos from Ft. Monmouth, NJ

The Moonbats talked to police to have us hushed.

When that didn’t work they quit and left.

We Celebrate

The Pledge of Allegiance

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