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January 13, 2014

» Darrell Issa: Obama administration waging ‘a war on guns’ with ‘rogue’ ATF sting operations

“You finally have a confirmed director, Todd Jones, who was supposed to clean up these operations. And instead — what you see in many of these cases — they’re continuing. They’re continuing to have this be what’s called a ‘rogue organization.’ But I think for the members of the ATF, I want to make sure I make one thing clear. The ATF never acts alone. The FBI and the U.S. attorneys in each of these areas — political appointees — they work hand in hand… This is the president, President Obama’s Department of Justice that continues to support these sting operations, these ‘rogue operations’ as they’re called, that lead to harm in communities.”

Issa explained why the Obama administration has gone to such great lengths — exploiting the mentally disabled and shelling out large amounts of taxpayer dollars in buyback programs — in its quest to get all guns, both legal and illegal, “off the street.”

“I think what we have here once again is a war on guns, if you will, that causes them to take these bold moves — bold and reckless moves — because they hate guns so much,”

If I may be so bold (and I am), let me clarify that last sentence. (THHO)Obama, ATF etc. do not hate guns. They love guns … theirs.

Saying that leftists hate guns is like saying rabid dogs hate their teeth. They hate your guns. They hate that Americans refuse to be ruled, refuse to be subjects to tyrants and they hate the privately owned guns that prevent them from being unopposed rulers.

» Staying Power

Two more anti-gun blogs, both decrying how they were winning and that gun owners are a bunch of stupid knuckle-dragging neanderthals have gone down the memory hole. ‘Weapons4Sale’ is gone completely. ‘Armed with Reason’ hasn’t posted or responded to comments in a month.

» Lawmakers plot new strategy for defying gun laws

“This can’t be just a Missouri effort. There has to be a groundswell of support by the people — by other states as well — in order for us ultimately to be successful,”

There’s a pattern for states to follow when rebuffing federal laws. Although possessing and distributing marijuana remains a federal crime, about 20 states now have laws that allow people to use marijuana for medical purposes, and the federal government has declined to challenge new laws in Colorado and Washington allowing recreational use of marijuana.

Under the Missouri legislation, federal law enforcement officers could face misdemeanor charges punishable by up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine for attempting to enforce federal laws considered to be “infringements on the right to keep and bear arms.”

We, North Carolina, should be a strong ally to Missouri. Do we, and our lawmakers have the courage?

“The state will never trump federal laws,” said Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, a St. Louis Democrat. “It is again another right wing Republican attempt to go Second Amendment crazy.”

From the comments:

You havent even begun to see ‘ second amendment crazy ‘ yet Jamilah Nasheed

I almost never use the phrase “Must See” or “Must Read” … bet I can count em on one hand.
So when I say this is a “Must See/Read” …
» New York City Schools Demonstrate Why We Must Be Forced to Spend Even More on Public Education

Clearly the funds are insufficient, or kids wouldn’t be watching cartoons in rat-infested trailers instead of learning. Education funding much be increased to the point that useless educrats like Sills can live in the opulence to which they have become accustomed, with enough left over to at least buy a few books.

Alternatively, we could get inherently corrupt and inefficient Big Government as far away from education as possible. But union-funded Democrats would never go for that.

Meanwhile …

~~ via Earl of Taint – DOJ: Schools That Apply Their Rules Evenly And Without Prejudice Are Criminals

DOJ letter states that it is a violation of federal law for schools to punish certain races more than others, even if those punishments stem from completely neutral rules. Get how this works?

Unintended Consequences or, more accurately, consequences unforeseen by leftist dolts in charge.
» BUZZ KILL: Banks turn away cash — lots of cash — from Colorado pot stores

Federal rules prohibit banks from opening accounts for illegal drug enterprises, and recreational and medical marijuana sales are still outlawed under federal law.
… many stores are winding up with piles of money at the end of the day and nowhere safe — or legal — to stash it.

Slews of stores, accepting mostly only cash (and a heap of it) with no secure place to stash, in a state where the owners can’t arm themselves effectively … what could possibly go wrong?

… The piggy-bank approach to marijuana sales also creates problems for state and local agencies charged with collecting taxes. “I don’t know how you regulate or tax and industry where you can’t follow the money …

Oh Carp! There’s the real buzz kill. The whole idea of legalizing was to get their paws on all the pot cash.

» High court to decide if Obama violated Constitution with end run around Congress

Making the issue all the more delicious for Washington are the accusations of power grabs and political hypocrisy: Mr. Obama, who is claiming broad recess powers, objected to those very same powers when he was in the Senate and Democrats used the same questionable tactics in 2007 and 2008 to block President George W. Bush’s appointments.

“Three federal circuit courts of appeals have already ruled that the president violated the Constitution when he made so-called recess appointments while the Senate was in session, and now the U.S. Supreme Court has an opportunity to guard against the dangers of an imperial presidency,”

is it Congress or the president who determines when the Senate is meeting and when it is in recess?

» Cruz Calls President ‘Dangerous And Terrifying’

“It’s altogether fitting that President Obama is … talking about income inequality because income inequality has increased dramatically as a direct result of his economic policies,” the statement reads. “Unfortunately, rather than stop Washington’s job-killing policies, President Obama proposes yet more government spending and debt.”

It concludes, “All of America needs to be a real ‘Promise Zone’ – with reduced barriers to small businesses creating private-sector jobs – and we should start by repealing every word of Obamacare, building the Keystone pipeline, abolishing the IRS, and rolling back abusive regulations.”

Would you care to hold your breath waiting for Republicans like McConnell, McCain and Boehner to spine-up and say stuff like that?

» Obama’s Half-Hearted War

… we can only wish that the press corps displayed half the interest in stories of profound national importance that it does in the traffic of the greater New York area. It is “amazing how quickly Bridgegate has buried Bob Gates-gate,”
… In his new memoir, former defense secretary Robert Gates depicts a president who had lost faith in his own war in Afghanistan, but ordered more troops to fight there anyway. Per Gates, President Obama committed 50,000 young men and women to a conflict in Afghanistan that its commander-in-chief was “skeptical if not outright convinced would fail.” “For him,” Gates added, “it’s all about getting out.”

» House Democrats: Climate Change Turns Women Into Prostitutes
» Hillary Clinton adviser started an election-day traffic jam in 2000
» Thomas Undoubted



Frankly, Higgins should have told the caller to take her “evidence”, fold it five ways and stick it where the moon don’t shine. As a public official, Higgins should not be legitimizing the theories of kooks and those who wish to minimize the culpability of al Qaeda in the attacks of September 11, 2001. Higgins should have given this question the same sort of attention he would had he been asked why 4,000 Israelis stayed home on 9/11.

» Iraq: The New Liberal Killing Field

President Obama, true to form, believed that a political promise was far more important than a strategic decision. Therefore, against the recommendations of Commanders on the ground, he refused any residual force to remain in Iraq. There will be detractors who will say Americans were tired of fighting. But my response is that America was not fighting, it was committed men and women — warriors all — who had defeated a vile and vicious Islamic jihadist enemy.

» DIANNY RANTS: The Lena Dunham Communist

Speaking of naked communists.

I have from time to time provided you with the list of the 45 goals of Communism as outlined in the 1958 book The Naked Communist by W. Cleon Skousen. When you read those goals from more than half a century ago, believe me, a chill will climb up your spine. This is exactly what has been happening in this country.

Let’s take a look at all 45. I’m going to highlight the ones that Barack Obama has continued to pursue while in office ….


When you stop being afraid of honestly calling a red a red, it’s amazing how clear it becomes.
The Democrat Party’s platform is found within that list of 45 goals. Every last part of it is all right there.
Prior to Obama, the Democrats had enough sense to mask who they are.

They don’t anymore.

~~ via MoonBattery

Whatever you do to defend liberty from ever-encroaching political correctness, do it as hard as you possibly can — everything worth having depends on it.