January 10, 2014

January 10, 2014

» ‘Twilight for Coal in the United States’: EPA Announces New Regs on ‘War on Poverty’ Anniversary

The Environmental Protection Agency moved forward with a proposed rule to require coal-fired power plants to install a technology aimed at reducing greenhouse gases that the Government Accountability Office found won’t be commercially viable for several years.

To meet those standards, plants will have to install carbon capture and sequestration technology, which stores the carbon dioxide in geologic formations. A 2010 GAO study found that the technology might be ready in 10 or 15 years, dependent on overcoming economic, legal and technical hurdles — but those barriers remain unconquered today.

Because of the effect opponents say the new rules will have on jobs, they wryly noted the date that the administration chose to proceed with the regulations.

“It’s absolutely unbelievable that on the 50th anniversary of the war on poverty, the EPA has just announced another regulation that will increase poverty in coal country,” said Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.).

“In typical EPA fashion, they’re putting the cart before the horse to advance their environmental policy agenda,” said Sen. David Vitter (R-La.). “They’re moving forward with a controversial rule to regulate carbon based on technology that isn’t commercially available.”

“Not only is this wrongheaded, it’s beyond the scope of their legal authority.”

» Intelligent Populism vs. Mindless Progressivism

With elections looming in 2014, it is about time for Barack Obama to gear up another progressive “war” against the rich, the limb loppers, the fat cats, the tonsil pullers, the “enemies” of Latinos, the jet junketers, the women haters, and those who knew neither when to stop profiting nor how the government had really built their businesses. We shall shortly witness some of the wealthiest and most privileged of capitalist America decrying inequality and unfairness from the 18th hole in Hawaii, the Malibu gated estate, and the Beacon Hill mansion.

… Barack Obama cannot finish a sentence without lamenting unfairness; but he proves to be no Jimmy Carter in scouting out the most exclusive of golf courses, and the richest of fat cats to putt with. Elizabeth Warren talks of oppressed minorities, but then invents a pseudo-Native-American identity to get a leg up on the elite competition in order to land at Harvard.

… The wealthier and more secluded an Oprah, the most desperately she searches for evidence of bias and inequality, finally reduced to the caricature of whining about racially driven poor service over a $38,000 crocodile handbag.

The liberal elite runs the culture, from universities and entertainment to government bureaucracies and the media, but it nonetheless is predicated on loudly condemning in the abstract the very creed that they embrace in the concrete.

» Equality Versus Liberty

This is how the left sees the market: a zero-sum game. If someone makes money, he took it from everyone else. The more the rich have, the less others have. It’s as if the economy is a pie that’s already on the table, waiting to be carved. The bigger the piece the rich take, the less that’s left for everyone else. The economy is just a fight over who gets how much.

But this is absurd. Bill Gates took a huge slice of pie, but he didn’t take it from me. By starting Microsoft, he baked millions of new pies. He made the rest of the world richer, too. Entrepreneurs create things.

Freedom isn’t fair, if fair means equal. When people are free, some will be more successful than others. Some people are smarter or just luckier. Globalization and free-market capitalism multiply the effect of smarts and luck, allowing some people to get much richer than others. So what? Inequality may seem unfair, but the alternative—government-forced equality—is worse. It leaves everyone poor.

» Jihad Against Income Inequality Will Hurt the Poor

As anyone familiar with his communist background might have predicted, Obama is reacting to the failure of his presidency and his collapse in the polls by doubling down on hard left ideology. With the international situation spinning out of control thanks to the leadership vacuum he created, the debt exploding, and ObamaCare staggering toward collapse, Obama (fresh off a $4 million Hawaiian vacation) has turned his focus to income inequality.

Do you remember back when leftists suffered from cerebral hemorrhage ever time G.W. Bush took a working vacation on his own property, spending a lot of his time doing manual labor around his ranch? Sorry, didn’t mean to change the subject.

Only among communists is it a problem that the free market sets different prices on different people’s work. Like everything inflicted by communists, Obama’s attempts to bring the incomes of welfare loafers and brain surgeons more in line with each other will make the situation worse for everyone — especially the poor that he pretends he wants to help.

The point of liberal politics is not to help the poor, but to make more people poor, so as to expand the Democrat Party’s envy-driven base. Would you rather be poor in the USA — with a car in the garage, cable TV, and AC — or poor in the Soviet Union, with no amenities other than a bottle of vodka and no hope of ever getting rich?

When is capitalism bad? When it partners with government.

» The Dumbest New Ban in 2014: Incandescent Light Bulbs
Coincidentally(?), government-subsidized and/or government-partnered capitalism is the only kind of capitalism embraced by Leftists.

~~ via Doug Ross

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» Beware the Left-Wing-Funded “Main Street” Republicans
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» The Gitmo Detainee the Times Just Denied Was in Benghazi . . . Was in Benghazi


This is what I’m talking about when I say
You Get What You Tolerate
» Mexican vigilante gunmen disarm local POLICE so they can rid town of feared Knights Templar drug cartel

Hundreds of armed vigilantes stormed a Mexican town and arrested federal police in the latest bloody battle between residents, criminal gangs, and the police locals say are in league with the gang members.

A well regulated militia

They stopped tolerating.

You Get What You Tolerate

» Retired Army officer calls for ‘American Spring’ to oust Obama, other leaders

  • Millions of Americans will participate.
  • American veterans and patriots are energized to end the tyranny, lawlessness, and shredding of the US Constitution.
  • Government is not the target, it is sound; corrupt and criminal leadership must be removed.
  • Those in power will not hesitate to use force against unarmed patriots exercising their constitutional rights.
  • Patriots may be killed, wounded, incarcerated.
  • There is no hope given today’s technology of secrecy for the effort nor do we want it secret.
  • “We can either rise up or surrender …”

    “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Cold is warmth.”
    » White House Proclaims Extreme Cold Snap Caused by Global Warming

    Apparently our rulers have figured out that cold is much more threatening than warmth, in addition to being more in tune with actual climate trends. Rather than revert to their 1970s global cooling hype, they find it more convenient to pretend that cold weather is actually caused by warm weather. They must figure that people dumb enough to be stampeded into electing Obama will believe literally anything they are told, no matter how preposterous.

    “This is the political sewer that the liberal media establishment reached down into and pulled out our current president.”
    » Some Things Never Change, Like Chicago Politics

    In a system run by and for looters, nothing looks better on a résumé than a long criminal record. Take it from Xadrian McCraven …

      Xadrian R. McCraven has a criminal history that includes “at least” 24 arrests on charges including arson, illegal gun possession, attempted robbery, drug possession and aggravated assault …
      He’s also an Illinois state prison official.

    » NAACP Lawyer: ‘Absolutely My Honor to Represent Mumia Abu Jamal’

    President Obama nominated Adegbile to head up the Justice Department Civil Rights Division.

    In the video, the NAACP lawyers make it clear the NAACP is in the game because of race.

    Debo Adegbile testified under oath that the NAACP’s decision to represent the convicted cop killer had nothing to do with race

    » The Progressive Future Caught on Video

    Now you know what the words “kids” and “teens” mean in the context of crime reports.

    These “kids” and “teens” are entitled to wealth they did not create because Whitey is a racist. That’s what the government tells them, that’s what the schools tell them, that’s what their TVs and rap songs tell them, that’s what their parents tell them. Most of them have probably never been exposed to the concepts of right and wrong or personal responsibility.

    They behave exactly the way the liberal social engineers who have been destroying our society through propaganda and welfare policy should have expected them to behave.

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