December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013
» Baltimore Sun Praises Maryland’s New Gun Control … But Why?

Only when you have made the decision to support gun control groups for ideological reasons, even when gun control hasn’t reduced crime and potentially reduces the ability of good people to defend themselves, can you write an editorial like the one that came out of the Baltimore Sun earlier this week.

over the last 10 years, Maryland’s annual murder rates have been 77 percent higher than the average of those of its neighboring states. A Policy Mic article reports, “Baltimore has consistently been one of America’s deadliest cities.”

No matter, according to the editorial. “There is good reason to believe that the new laws Maryland passed will help,” the Sun said. That’s because “Baltimore is an aberration compared to the rest of the state, fueled in part by the circumstances of the drug trade.” And, as everyone knows, violent narcotics-trafficking gangs who get guns illegally are a problem tailor-made for Maryland’s new law requiring handgun buyers to undergo expensive and lengthy training, just as it was tailor-made for its handgun waiting period.

Via BookWorm : A small sampling of the good stuff on the internet today

The United States ranks 3rd in Murders throughout the World.

But if you take out Chicago , Detroit , Washington DC and New Orleans, the United States is 4th from the Bottom for Murders.

These 4 Cities also have the toughest Gun Control Laws in the United States.

All 4 are also controlled by Democrats.

It would be absurd to draw any conclusions from this data ………………. RIGHT….RIGHT?

» Gun-Control Dishonesty

Yesterday, Michael Bloomberg delivered a speech in which he utilized what I have come to regard as the Newtown Template. Having established the tragedy in the audience’s mind — December 14 “will mark a very somber anniversary,” Bloomberg noted, correctly — he went on to claim that “unlicensed sellers of firearms” were “illegally flooding the Internet with weapons,” causing “a massive online, unregulated, second-hand firearms market that threatens public safety.” Then, for good measure, he took a swipe at the government for “doing nothing.”

To wish to prevent another Sandy Hook is an admirable and human instinct. But to chase placebos? That is infinitely less commendable. Typically, when government inaction is the complaint, it is beneficial to eschew emotion in favor of a couple of hard questions. The first is “What is it that you want the state to do?”; the second, “How would the state’s doing this affect the problem?” In this case, the “what” was the Toomey-Manchin bill, which would have forced all the states to run background checks on all private transfers and sales of firearms. And the answer to “What would it have done?”: Nothing.

» IRS Targeting: Round Two

President Obama keeps claiming that he had no knowledge of the Internal Revenue Service’s abusive muzzling of conservative groups. That line is hard to swallow given that his Treasury and IRS are back at it—this time in broad daylight.

What is new is the growing concern by House Ways and Means Committee investigators that the regulation was reverse-engineered—designed to isolate and shut down the same tea party groups victimized in the first targeting round. Treasury appears to have combed through those tea party applications, compiled all the groups’ main activities, and then restricted those activities in the new rule.

» Media Hoax on Benghazi to Save Hillary

The September 11, 2012 terrorist attack at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, revealed a serious failure in the Obama Administration foreign policy. They could not figure out what or who initiated this attack and completely denied any real responsibility.

… But no matter… at least says Media Matters. They have published an eBook entitled, “The Benghazi Hoax.” Written by David Brock and Ari Rabin-Havt, the eBook allegedly “details the right-wing media’s attempt to turn a tragic attack into a political scandal.”

Please America… do your homework. We cannot survive a Hillary Clinton presidency after an Obama presidency

» Ron Christie to MSNBC Guest Claiming Tea Party Is ‘Racial’: ‘I Will Not Sit Here and Allow You to Say That’

Democratic strategist and former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus Angela Rye picked the wrong panel Sunday to accuse the Tea Party of being “racial.”

Unfortunately, what Christie was experiencing is how liberals don’t accept evidence that refutes their claims.

It doesn’t matter that Christie was there and Rye wasn’t. She spoke to people that said it happened, and that’s enough.

It also doesn’t matter that before his death, Andrew Breitbart offered a $100,000 reward for anyone that could produce video or audio evidence that any member of Congress was called the N-word.

Despite every major news outlet having a camera crew at the Capitol that day – and all those attendees with smartphones – no one collected the reward.


Because there’s absolutely no evidence that any member of Congress was called the N-word or spat on that day.

That was 2010, only three years ago … almost four. We did have digital cameras, smartphones and left-wing media (out da wazoo) back then. Of the thousands of Tea Party folk that surrounded the Capital that day, and the thousands of Leftists as well … (yes, they were there too, got pictures and video to prove it, cause I was there) not one single second of video has been offered to prove that any Congress critter (black or white, R or D) was racially insulted or spat upon. Not one. None.
And that’s because it didn’t happen. And since it didn’t happen, the Obamabots, Dhimmicrats, Leftists, John Lewis and Angela Rye are liars.

From the comments:

Once again this proves the old adage-to anger a conservative, tell them a lie. To anger a liberal, tell them the truth.

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» What’s Wrong With This Picture?


Of all the world’s religions, Islam is the most
demanding of respect while doing the least to earn it.


» Another prescient post from the past

The Democrat desire to avoid personal responsibility goes all the way up the ladder to the top man, the guy in the White House. Obama avoids personal responsibility like the plague and is beginning to get mocked for that, even by his own party. But why are his compadres surprised? The entire Democrat ethos is based upon eating the food and having someone else pay the bill — and then expressing surprise when the bill goes unpaid.

» Last light: Final phaseout of incandescent bulbs coming Jan. 1

“Get them while you still can,” the nation’s largest bulb retailer urges on its website. “Stock up on incandescent light bulbs before they are completely discontinued.”

That’s not quite correct. The 2007 law doesn’t mandate that manufacturers discontinue their bulbs, just that they improve them

And that makes it all better?

» White House delayed enacting rules ahead of 2012 election to avoid controversy

The White House systematically delayed enacting a series of rules on the environment, worker safety and health care to prevent them from becoming points of contention before the 2012 election …

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