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December 14, 2013

~~ via Alec Rawls

Listen up you liberty hating fruitcakes: all value comes through the empowerment of moral agency, which first requires liberty. To be against the empowerment of moral agency in some crucial area like saving lives is to be a wanton destroyer of value of the highest magnitude. You are Godzilla smashing Tokyo. You are a F4 tornado vacuuming up towns in the Midwest. And then to project the most tender concern for innocent life, as you work perfectly overtly to insure that there will be no defenders of the innocent, how is that even possible?

Much can be excused on account of grief but most of those who are trying to use the Newtown massacre to attack gun rights have suffered no personal loss that clouds their understanding. Like President Obama, they are intentionally misusing tragedy to misdirect blame, determined to create more of the defender-free zones that will give them more mass murders that they can use as more fodder to advance their ultimate goal of a government monopoly on power.

Evil is coming, not just in the form of broken losers, but also in the form of usurping tyrants, as regular as any “26 more school shootings,” but looming a million times larger in human history. Evil is coming and half the country is actively trying to pave the way for it, using the demagoguery of misdirected blame to disempower the moral agency of a nation.

» Bloomberg & MAIG attack the First and Second Amendments… at the same time

Let’s unpack MAIG’s deceptive claims, starting with the would “could” in the very first sentence.

    Thousands of guns could be sold illegally by unlicensed firearms dealers…


In other words, Bloomberg’s “investigation” found no conclusive evidence that any illegal transactions took place… not one illegal sale. If they did confirm so much as a single illegal sale, they would have trumpeted it from the rooftops, but their investigation failed, so they issues a weasel-worded “could” instead of manning up and admitting, “We found no conclusive evidence that anyone was selling guns illegally on Armslist.”

The ability to sell your private property to another citizen who may legally possess that same property without the permission of an intrusive government is a basic human right, not a loophole.

The market for firearms is larger that it has been before simply due to interest; more people shoot now than ever before, and there are more Americans with firearms than there has been before at any point in our history. From the time our nation was founded until now, there has always been a legal right to take out ads or post flyers to sell your own firearms to other law-abiding citizens.

But there is no “online firearms market.” You cannot buy and sell weapons over the Internet.

You can arrange to have a firearm shipped to an FFL (who will then perform a NICS background check before allowing you to take posession), or you make sell a firearm to another person, in person. That’s it.

What Bloomberg is complaining about is that the Internet allows free speech about the buying and selling of firearms.

Why are we not surprised that a person who hates the 2nd Amendment and the 4th Amendment (the NYPD’s unconstitutional “stop and frisk” program) also hates other parts of the Constitution and bill of rights, including the right to free speech?

» Florida court: Colleges can’t ban guns

Yes, progressives, the 2nd amendment still exists and it’s not all that ambiguous. In what must have been an easy decision, a Florida court ruled that the University of North Florida could not prevent students from storing weapons in their vehicles while they were attending class. The ramifications of the ruling could be huge as its precedent will most certainly be cited in other lawsuits throughout the state.

» OHIO: Real Republicans Introduce Constitutional Carry Bill

» #ImpeachObamaRama Viral in Retail Stores

» The Lawlessness Continues

I guess, at some point, the ignorance of the law and the Constitution becomes so brazen that people hardly notice anymore. And so the White House can pretty much start doing whatever it pleases.

Last night, President Obama subverted a Justice Department investigation. Yeah, he did.

If this sounds like mere typical Obama indignation, let me remind you of something. The Justice Department is currently investigating whether crimes were committed by IRS officials in this affair.

Pretend you’re a career DOJ investigator who is trying to take the probe seriously, and you’re attemptng to find out if there was criminal behavior as IRS agents zeroed in on the tax status of groups opposed to the reelection of the president of the United States.

Well, the boss just gave you your answer. So please, do stand down.

This is not the first time that Obama has purposefully used this devious method.

» Woebamacare: 3.5 Million Have Already Lost the Insurance They Were Promised They Could Keep, And That Data Is From Only Half The States

… this part about “because the new policies don’t meet the higher benefit requirements” is flat-out untrue, and the media keeps repeating Obama’s spin. In most cases, people are being offered less generous insurance at higher rates — because the main increase in cost (and raising of deductibles) comes from a forced subsidy to the uninsurable, not from an increase in benefits.

A patient whose doctors helped her to beat the odds and survive a cancer that is 98% fatal is a patient who’d really like to keep her doctors.

But she can’t. As Obama might say: “It’s. The. Law.”

It’s the law that she will be forced to find inferior doctors who might wind up killing her. It’s all for the good, you know. Omelet, eggs.

Every socialist initiative requires even more socialism to “make it work.” That’s the iron rule of socialism — every theft of liberty requires even more theft of liberty to make the corrupt system work.

So a state Virginia Democrat is now floating the next logical step — if Woebamacare isn’t working, perhaps those greedy tonsil-stealing doctors are just charging too damn much money.

» McAfee’s “Malicious Defamation on Innocent Websites: Gangs of Online Paid Trolls”

Site Advisor’s scores are derived from users who sign up to be “site reviewers.” The ratings from these “site reviewers” are then TRUSTED by McAfee to be accurate, regardless of whether they are accurate or not.

This faulty reputation structure allows gangs of online paid trolls (so-called “anti-P.R. companies”) to game the system and coordinate a campaign of submitting negative ratings for any targeted website (such as Natural News).

McAfee then multiplies the effects of this trolling campaign by claiming such troll ratings to be accurate and true, thereby flagging completely innocent sites as being “malicious” or containing “security risks” when, in reality, it has been nothing more than the subject of a carefully planned and orchestrated troll assault that uses the McAfee Site Advisor system.

McAfee, in other words, willfully allows its technology to be used by oppressive hate speech groups to censor quality website content by falsely flagging it as “malicious.”

» Sebelius: Above the Law?

Sadly, we have reached the point in America at which members of President Obama’s cabinet aren’t even squeamish anymore about flouting court orders and legally enforceable congressional directives because they feel secure in the expectation that they will never be held to account. These Democrats know that their misdeeds will not see the light of day because the Obama-worshipping media and opposition party lawmakers are either unduly, unprofessionally sympathetic to Obama’s agenda or are too afraid to confront the president out of fear of being tarred as a racist.

No contract entered into by HHS could possibly supersede Congress’s “constitutional prerogative to conduct oversight,” according to Issa. Such an argument “strains credulity to such an extent that it creates the appearance that the Department is using the threat of litigation to deter private companies from cooperating with Congress.”

» Barack Obama, One Man’s Obstructionism Is Another Man’s Deliberation


» Hanoi Jane’s Charities Not So Charitable

“This looks awful,” Glenn Selig, a communications specialist, told Fox News. “No way around it. It looks like Jane Fonda doesn’t care and she is involved in the foundation just to make herself look good. Unfortunately, not donating anything makes her look bad.”

It is unfortunate that justice was denied so many years ago, that the little traitor is still around.

» Muslim Convert Plotted Suicide Bombing at Wichita Airport for “Allah”

Statements Loewen has made to FBI Employee 1 reflect his desire to engage in violent jihadl on behalf of al Qaeda.

“As time goes on I care less and less about what other people think of me, or my views of lslam. I have been studying subjects like jihad, martyrdom operations, and Sharia law. I don’t understand how you can read the Qur’an and the sunnah3 of the Prophet (saw)a and not understand that jihad and the implementation of Sharia is absolutely demanded of all the Muslim Ummah.”

I do agree on one thing; the one thing we are doing wrong is that all 1.5 billion of us don’t rise up against the rest of the world and tell THEM how it’s going to be. lnshallah,T it will happen soon.”

Loewen left a letter dated December 71,7013 for a family member describing his intent to conduct a martyrdom operation. It reads in part:

“By the time you read this I will – if everything went as planned- have been martyred in the path of Allah. There will have been an event at the airport which I am responsible for. The operation was timed to cause maximum carnage + death.”

» Muslim Student Leader at SF State Fantasizes About Beheading 20-Year-Old Female Soldier

    Anyone who thinks there can be peace with animals like this is absolutely delusional, and the only “peace” I’m interested in is the head of this f____g scum on a plate, as well as the heads of all others like her, and all others who support the IDF

Finally a little honesty. Will San Francisco State do anything about Mohammed G. Hammad’s increasingly violent fantasies? If Muhammad G. Hammad were a white southern student talking about stabbing black people, the SWAT team would have broken down his door long ago.

But apparently calling for the murder of Jews remains acceptable at San Francisco State.

» Junk Science Hamas Style

I am no longer surprised at the stupidity and willingly to convince the world every lie about Israel they can think of. Whether it is aphrodisiac gum, stolen human organs, or the use of chemical weapons. Today the latest Junk Science Claim is a doozy! The Israelis can manufacture Earthquakes. Earthquakes powerful enough to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

» Hallucinating Schizophrenic Allowed on Stage at Mandela Memorial
…. along with a deaf-signer interpreter.

Which one is the suck?