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November 27, 2013

~~ via Best of Cain: Sen Kay Hagan: Insurers didn’t tell you I was lying about keeping your plan, so it’s all their fault

When the idea of millions losing their coverage was a distant, nebulous threat, they had no problem with it. For many Democrats, there seems to have been an unwarranted assumption that the negative effects of the ACA wouldn’t arrive until sometime after the midterms. Their estimates were disastrously optimistic, and they now find themselves heading into an election year saddled with an immensely unpopular law, an angry electorate, and a multi-year history of provable lies.

North Carolina Democrat Senator Kay Hagan … like most of her colleagues, promised time and again that you’d be able to keep your plan if you liked it. A reporter from ABC 11 in Raleigh asked her about this, and her answer is pretty amazing.

“You know,” Hagan said” You look back at the insurance companies. For three years [they] sold these policies without telling the consumer that they would have to be cancelled.”

From the comments:

It’s the insurance companies responsibility to tell their policy holders that their representatives are lying to them.

» Mrs. Obama Says Re-electing Senator Kay Hagan is “Critical” to President Obama’s Anti-Second Amendment Agenda

There are over a hundred thousand NRA members and Second Amendment supporters in North Carolina who deserve to know that Mrs. Obama believes that re-electing Senator Hagan is key to enacting President Barrack Obama’s anti-freedom agenda.

Excerpts from Michelle Obama’s remarks:

    “And let’s not forget about that common-sense gun legislation, that so many of us feel so strongly about. Sadly as you know, that bill failed. Anyone know by how many votes? It failed by just six votes in the Senate. Six. So make no mistake about it: the midterm elections, they matter. They matter.”
    … “And it is just as critical that we elect — reelect Senators Mary Kay Hagan …

» The Future That Never Comes

If Obama were a sports star, he wouldn’t be a basketball player, to the disappointment of so many white liberals. He would be a wrestler. You could easily see him playing a character, running around the ring, winning over the crowd, feeding off the drama and then staying around for a rigged match; the only kind he could win. It’s the easy glamorous stuff that he likes. Not the hard work.

Obama kept comparing Healthcare.gov to dot com companies because he assumed that building it would be some childishly simple act of genius. And he had every reason to think it would be easy. For the lifecycle of a mediocre internet company, he has lived a charmed life in which he only has to snap his fingers to get things done. There’s an extensive infrastructure of websites built around him that transcribe his speeches and inserts references to him into the biographies of American presidents.

But Healthcare.gov was actually supposed to a bunch of things, most of them more complicated than just delivering another dose of Obamaganda do the masses

Now Obama has run into the end of his own political lifecycle. The billionaires who invested in him, no longer need him. The Democratic Party needs to convince voters that Hillary will fix his messes. And he stupidly made the mistake of actually trying to implement one of his ideas in a way that will directly affect people. Obama is no longer Google. Now he’s been reduced to being a Yahoo.

Obama is an empty construct of what the future was supposed to be; young charismatic, post-racial, post-partisan and solution-oriented. Now he’s already becoming old and outdated, a future that was, a future that might have been, a poster on an aging Occupier’s wall, a fading magazine cover, another progressive dead end for a movement always dreaming of a tomorrow that never comes.

» If You Like Your Tyranny, You Can Keep It

Regarding healthcare, you have all heard America’s progressive leadership, from Obama, Reid, and Pelosi on down, state explicitly that what they want is a single-payer healthcare system, i.e., socialized medicine. You also know that the ObamaCare “compromise” was intended, and has been described by various high-ranking Democrats, as a big turn of the ratchet in the direction of a single-payer system. (That is, it is a step “forward” into the dream of comprehensive government control over your physical preservation.) The progressives were, in effect, compromising with themselves: calculating that a complete government takeover of American healthcare would cause unmanageable outrage, they settled for an interim takeover by means of a labyrinth of unfathomable regulations and advisory boards.

Whether they intended this compromise to crumble under its own weight immediately, thereby opening the door right away to the “fix” of even more direct government control, is debateable. What is not debateable, however, is that their ultimate goal, the definitive aim of socialized medicine, is precisely to deny Americans the “the plan they like” — that is, the healthcare arrangements of their own free choice. Therefore, when Obama and his various mouthpieces promised that Americans could keep those arrangements, they were not merely lying in the ordinary political sense — making promises they knew they couldn’t keep (“No new taxes,” “Ten million jobs,” etc.) — but rather defrauding a nation, by pretending they were happy and eager to allow people to do the very thing these planners were dead set on preventing people from doing.

“If you like your current healthcare arrangements, you can keep them” …
“If you like your ‘negative rights,’ you can keep them” …
“If you like your individual mind, you can keep it” …
“If you like your private family, you can keep it” …
“If you like your free market economy, you can keep it” …
“If you like your moral heritage, you can keep it” …
“If you like your private land ownership (historically a fundamental principle of all civilized political arrangements), you can keep it” …
“If you like your private life, you can keep it” …
In total effect, “If you like your natural freedom, self-determination, and voluntary pursuit of happiness, you can keep them,” …

To the defenders of this progressive view of History — that is, of the irresistible slide into universal socialist oppression, poverty, intellectual conformism and moral surrender — I make this promise:
“If you like your tyranny, you can keep it. Period.”

» Iran says White House lying about nuke deal. Wait! Obama lies??

Perhaps President Obama should have told the Iranians, “If you like your nuclear weapon development program you can keep it, period.”


It seems that President Obama … has lost patience with those jumping ship and have labeled nervous Democrats “bed-wetters.”

The President is losing political friends who will stand by him as he continually tries to spin the Obamacare fiasco into anything other than what it is- an unmitigated disaster. According to the notoriously liberal New Republic, liberals ought to be worried as the effects of large government seem to be every bit as bad as conservatives have warned.

» Charlie Rangel: “Drop the charade of democracy”
» 60 Year Old Woman Shoots Two Thugs Playing ‘The Knockout Game’
» Obama Can Tell Who Are Immigrants By Looking At Their Faces


» How to have “the Talk” with liberal-fascist relatives this Thanksgiving

Get in their faces. Then punch them right in the mouth.

I could have left it right there. But there’s more.

» Obama’s heckler was illegal immigrant INVITED by White House to the speech

Already, there are some pundits out there calling Mr. Hung a phony and a plant by the White House. I’m not sure I’m quite that cynical, but it’s pretty pitiful that we can’t tell what’s real and what’s fake with this administration anymore. I do have a few thoughts about this exchange between the President and his illegal guest…

Obama talks in this clip about the United States being a “nation of laws,” yet the law requires him to deport Mr. Hong. Instead of obeying the law, President Obama rolled out the red carpet for this guy at his immigration event and even prevented the Secret Service from removing him when he got unruly.

So much for a nation of laws.