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November 24, 2013

» Lying Liberal Liars
The title itself can stand alone … even if it is redundant. But I gotta excerpt:

Every morning the media paws through a dictionary looking for the most innocuous ways to describe Obama’s big health care lie.

According to the New York Times, Obama “misspoke” when he said over and over again that if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. But unlike the times that the smartest man to ever put up his feet on the table in the Oval Office thought that Austrian was a language or that the United States had 57 states, he wasn’t misspeaking.

44, as Politico likes to call him, was doing what 1 wouldn’t do after he chopped down a cherry tree. And to call a lie, misspeaking, is itself a lie.

Dang! I wish I’d said that. More! Please.

Rob Ford didn’t misspeak when he claimed not to be on crack, despite being on crack. Barack Obama didn’t misspeak when he promised to let you keep your health plan, when he had no intention of letting you do any such thing. And the New York Times didn’t misspeak when it tried to pass that lie off as a mere slip of the tongue.

The New York Times, which never hesitated to call George W. Bush a liar, switched up its euphemisms and began calling Obama’s lie an “incorrect promise”. NBC News called it a “promise they couldn’t keep.” The Associated Press called it an “inflated promise.”

So, we can file this one under

The excuse that Obama lied blatantly about the impact of a law he wanted to pass in order to pass it will no doubt be a great comfort to those gun owners who were willing to trust that his crusade against gun rights would stop where he told them it would and those Republican supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens who believed that he really would secure the borders once he got his millions of newly minted Democratic Party voters

Oh yea, the RINOs that believed all that crap … ok, so we cross-file this one under

If Obama lied to pass one law, what sensible argument can any of his supporters make for believing him the next time he promises, “If you like your guns, you can keep your guns” or “If you like your borders, you can keep your borders”?

Obama wasn’t the first politician to lie. He won’t be the last. But most politicians who lie don’t have an army of reporters swarming around them to explain that they didn’t lie, but just inflated their misspeaking. One man did not get up in front of the microphones and cameras and lie over and over again. The entire liberal establishment lied. And it’s still lying.

Oh heck,
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» New Obamacare marketing – ‘Sign up and shut up or the IRS will be calling’

How does the White House think they will “remarket” Obamacare to voters? Telling the truth could not possibly achieve good results. The truth reveals that under Obamacare, you can’t keep your current insurance plan unless Obama’s Washington likes it, you can’t keep your doctor or local hospital unless you are lucky, and that you will pay higher premiums and higher deductibles to get fewer choices. Of course, there will be no chance for appeal. New slogans won’t do the trick; voters would need to be hypnotized to accept the real Obamacare.

The Democrats’ sappy pleas that they understand they have to win back consumers by “fixing” what’s wrong with Obamacare are bogus. Consumers don’t have a choice. Americans won’t be using the Obamacare exchanges because they find the Obamacare branding and marketing pitches informative and appealing, they will use the exchanges because if they don’t, Obama’s IRS will fine them.

The White House plan to “rebrand” Obamacare is simple. The new plan is to make certain that the president, Administration officials, Democrats everywhere and apologists in the media never, ever, ever use the word “Obamacare” again. I personally refuse to conform to the new guidance. Obamacare is now a word with its own meaning, and the negative image it conjures up is here to stay. “Obamacare” is more synonymous with “Hindenburg” than it is with “Apollo.”

Speaking of hypnotized Obamacare supporters, here’s one of the latest recitals from the idiots of MoveOn.org:

The Affordable Care Act is a good thing. Defend it for the sake of the majority!
Why are we so fixated on 4 million insured people who may lose their current and mostly sub-standard health insurance policies and ignoring the fact that 48 million people who have never had health insurance will finally be able to buy health insurance?

What is “sub-standard health insurance policies”? It’s the plans that (THHO)Obama and Morons.org deem sub-standard. In other words plans that don’t cover abortion, birth control and pre-existings. Period.
I reckon it’s a true enough statement that the 48 million who never had health insurance will finally have it. What Morons.org left out of that statement is the fact that they will have it whether they want it or not, and for most of them it will not be affordable …. at least not without the government using your money to make it affordable. Redistribution of your wealth …. oh poo, call it what it is: communism

The 4 million insured have had the ability to purchase insurance all along. Now, due to circumstances beyond their control, including the greed of insurance companies, they could potentially lose their current policy. But they still have the option to get another plan.

… that will cost them twice, thrice or more than their previous “sub-standard” plans, plus they’ll be getting less coverage.

Unfortunately, it seems that idiots and parasites are the majority these days.

» Under Obama, Your Electricity Costs Have Already Necessarily Skyrocketed

Actually, in the last 10 years, electricity costs have gone up 42%. I noticed, did you? While not all the blame can be put on Obama (Bush was enabling the EPA as well), a great deal of it can and who can forget his famous quote on coal and energy in general:

… And so goes Obama’s war on coal, energy and capitalism. Recognize your country anymore? How are you getting by with inflation, increased energy and gas costs and now Obamacare? Pissed yet? Scared yet? Hungry yet? And don’t be quick to say McConnell tried to stop this. Did he really? Just how hard did he try? This is happening in his state, he is wealthy and has a great deal of power there. I smell corrupt bureaucrats on both sides of the aisle here. Betrayal wears a mask called Progressivism. I wonder if tar and feathers are environmentally friendly.

Under Obama, your electricity costs have already necessarily skyrocketed. But this is just the beginning. Equality and poverty for all in Obama’s Amerika.

» The Ghosts of November

November 1963 …
Two presidents died that November, but the mawkish parochialiasm of the Camelot cult has obliterated the fact that the second bore responsibility for the death of the first. No “eternal flame” for Diem, just an unmarked grave. He’s the Mary Jo Kopechne of the autumn of 1963, unhelpful to the myth: “What goes around comes around” doesn’t have quite the same ring as “one brief shining moment.”

As Ho Chi Minh observed, “I can scarcely believe the Americans would be so stupid.” There was certainly a presidential-assassination conspiracy afoot in the US in the fall of 1963. In Washington. But all that drivel about Dallas-the-city-of-right-wing-hate is more flattering to American liberalism’s self-image.

Another (THHO)Obama-style Redline
» US rolls over on Iran nuke program

Nothing good happens late at night, and America just had a modern-day Neville Chamberlain moment. At 3 am in Geneva, Iran and 6 major powers agreed to “temporary relief” of sanctions in return for Iran stopping or scaling back parts of its nuclear program. President Obama has just empowered the number one state sponsor of terrorism, Iran, to pursue its nuclear goals and objectives.
This is not diplomacy, this is abject surrender and appeasement. Iran loses nothing, not a single facility, not any capability to enrich uranium, but we have conceded the one best non-military option: economic sanctions.
… inept progressives should study the model for Islamic totalitarian negotiations, Muhammad’s Treaty of Hudaybiyyah. As well, they need to understand the principle of taquiyya – lying to “infidels” to promote the advancement of Islamic conquest and objectives.

The ignorance and/or stupidity and/or naivete of US, EU and UN ‘leaders’ in thinking they can make deals with islamic psychos is dwarfed only by the ignorance and/or stupidity and/or naivete of certain Republican congress-critters in thinking they can make deals with dhimmicrats.

Filibuster is Dead, Long Live Majority Tyranny
» Nuclear Fallout

The Times denounced the Republicans’ “rank hypocrisy” in 2005, as did any number of Democrats. Having reversed themselves at the dictates of convenience, they show themselves to be hypocrites on the matter at hand and also on the subject of hypocrisy — call it hypocrisy squared.

The Democrats here are helping themselves to ill-gotten gains. Using the filibuster and other stalling techniques, they kept judicial vacancies open by closing them to Bush nominees.

… earlier nomination advanced only after Republicans took control of the Senate, something that Harry Reid in his hubris seems to think will never happen again.

The more serious concern here is that the Democrats are attempting to pack the courts, especially the D.C. Circuit court, with a rogue’s gallery of far-left nominees. That is worrisome in and of itself, but there is a deeper agenda: Much of what President Obama has done in office is of questionable legality and constitutionality. The president no doubt has in mind the sage advice of Roy Cohn: “Don’t tell me what the law is. Tell me who the judge is.” He is attempting to insulate his agenda from legal challenge by installing friendly activists throughout the federal judiciary. That is precisely what he means when he boasts, “We are remaking the courts.”

Perhaps Dhimmicrats, some or most or only a few, believe they will never lose their majority in the Senate. Perhaps they really are that stupid.
Perhaps they now expect to lose both houses of Congress and the White House. That seems more likely to me and they are desperately ‘fundamentally transforming’ the courts to cover their treasonous butts from the waves of charges that they have so richly earned.
Everything they have done in the last five years has been designed to fortify their fundamental transformation of America whether or not they retain their power. So even if they lose their control of the law-making process, the mutation of the judicial branch would continue to propagate further transformations – even to the point of making it easier to regain their control of the legislative branch.

Note: at 3:48 in the video, Sen. Roberts says “No majority in the House of Representatives has, or ever will voluntarily relinquish that power in order to give the minority a greater voice in crafting legislation.“, implying that will hold true for the Senate as well.
Already there some who ask the question: when the Republicans gain majority of the Senate will they reestablish the filibuster.
Ain’t that a good question? Because they will regain that power and it will be interesting to see if they still think that a majority tyranny is acceptable.

Hunters have been hated by leftists for as long as there were governments that feed and coddle leftists.
But in recent decades that hate has grown to ridiculous proportions. Why? And what difference does it make?

Craig Jones, writing at BearingArms.com offers some insight, explanation and opinion. Read please:
» Hunters In The Crosshairs

… when anti-hunters began a targeted online smear campaign towards Melissa Bachman, hunters everywhere took notice. Even as someone with no real inclination to hunt abroad, I couldn’t help but feel as though they were attacking all of us. The prevalent feeling among hunters I’ve talked with is that if a hunter can be endlessly slandered and attacked in Africa when they’ve obeyed every game law there, it won’t be long until the same fight comes to our shores.
There is a section of the global population that genuinely HATES hunters. It is not a reasonable contempt or simple disdain, it is a deep seated hatred.

In spite of the moralistic screaming and self-righteous indignation, hunting is critical to conservation efforts and economic success in Africa.

As in the United States, hunters in South Africa are responsible for the lion’s share (pun intended) of conservation funding. Fees associated with hunting licenses and permits are funneled directly back into conservation efforts. According to Mara, last year the hunting industry generated $6.3 BILLION dollars for local economies and conservation funds. I would LOVE to see how much money anti-hunters contributed to conservation efforts in the same span.

A recent Outdoor Life article estimated that the hunting industry is responsible for employing over 70,000 people in South Africa alone. Revenues from the hunting industry are responsible for funding the protection of OVER 540,000 square miles of habitat. By comparison, 540,000 square miles is TWICE the area of Texas.

Again, how many square miles of habitat were protected by anti-hunter revenues?

Melissa Bachman took part in a legal hunt on property where harvesting this animal was perfectly legal, and is being viciously attacked for it from all corners of the globe. If you don’t think that domestic hunters will be soon be facing the same scrutiny, you aren’t paying attention. It is imperative that we educate the general population as much as possible to the economic and conservation benefits provided by modern hunting, both here and abroad.

This fight is coming here, and hunters would do well to prepare themselves for the battle over public opinion. Nothing less than the very future of hunting as we know it is at stake.

Now it’s my turn.
Hunter haters are dupes. Period. Just like each and every branch of each and every leftist activist organization.
Most of them are simple minded, sheltered, scared-to-death pussies – and extremely gullible.
And there are people out there that know how to use these simps for their own dark purposes.

PETA is an example of the hunter-haters that so dearly love the animals they “protect” they resort to tactics just barely short of terrorism. Yet, it is revealed and proven that PETA kills – with their own hands- far, far more animals than they supposedly save. Does that make sense?
Well, yes … it does when you know that they are controlled and staffed by the same small group of uber-leftists that are responsible for killing our energy industry, trying to to take our guns, converting illegal aliens into voting dhimmicrat ‘citizens’, corrupting the minds of our children with crap like Common Core and transforming our military into the Village People of YMCA fame.

Yea, you know what I’m talking about.

» Careful Of This Newfound Praise For Richard Dreyfuss
» Seattle City Councilmember-Elect Kshama Sawant Calls for Seizing Means of Production
» ObamaCare Boobs Open Health Insurance Account for Dog


At 1:39 of the video, “It’s high time for the most lawless president in American history and his minions to hear from the American people. If they want to flaunt perversion in public, then they should be challenged in public – just like Big Bad John would do.
… sometimes Silence is Golden, but sometimes it’s just plain yellow.

» Why the racists cry “racism”

This week demonstrated the elevation of Barack Hussein Obama to the highest office in the land (twice!) was still not enough. It seems the achievement itself, which could not have been attained without white Americans, still falls short of the true desire, which was blind allegiance and submission.

President Obama has shown he is not up to the standard of leadership for which Americans expect, but criticism of such is met with the retort of racism. Castigating people as racist just because they disagree with proven failed policies is simply despicable.

The objective is clear: to silence opposition and demean inquiry, but in the end it promotes intolerance and tyrannical behavior. Could it be this monumental historical moment is only a revelation, at the highest level, that affirmative action, –lowering standards for the false granting of opportunity — is indeed a failed and detrimental concept?

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» Guilty plea in bird deaths at wind farms a first

A major U.S. power company has pleaded guilty to killing eagles and other birds at two Wyoming wind farms and agreed to pay $1 million as part of the first enforcement of environmental laws protecting birds against wind energy facilities.
“Wind energy is not green if it is killing hundreds of thousands of birds,” said George Fenwick, president of the American Bird Conservancy, which supports properly sited wind farms. “The unfortunate reality is that the flagrant violations of the law seen in this case are widespread.”
There could be more enforcement. The Fish and Wildlife Service is investigating 18 bird-death cases involving wind-power facilities, and about a half-dozen have been referred to the Justice Department.

Here’s why this is filed under MegaMorons. Why are power companies building windmill farms in the first place? A regular moron can understand why it is stupid, for a company that profits only by producing large quantities of electricity, to waste resources on windfarms. They don’t produce compared to other sources of energy.
Except when some government agency/bureau subsidizes it while simultaneously penalizing the reliable sources.

And then those very same agency/bureaus that pretty much forces power companies to abandon reliable energy sources like coal, offering treats to entice them to resort to silly stuff like windfarms, then fine the dickens out of the companies for killing birds … as though there was ever a way to build a windmill than wouldn’t kill birds.

Only Mega Morons are not capable of understanding why their ideas don’t work.
Except …. Unless ….
the proclaimed purpose of all those idiotic laws and regulations were lies to begin with.

It’s almost as if the federal agency/bureaus’ purpose is to simply put the power companies out of business. Gee, why would they want to do that?