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January 26, 2008
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November 21, 2013


Solano County, Calif., only saw 27 concealed carry permits issued in 2011, but that number is up to 254 for the year. The same uptick can be seen in Sacramento County too — 95 permits were issued in 2009, while 727 were issued this year.

So what gives? Perhaps there has been an increase in applicants, but KPIX-TV reported lawsuits brought against local sheriffs‘ rejection authority might be having an impact.

… hard time getting a permit, needing to prove to sheriffs that they had a good enough cause to possess one.
… calling out a sheriff who isn’t following the law should not be considered intimidation.

“The sheriff gets to decide he doesn’t like you. That’s not constitutional,”

Since the subject of unconstitutionality is up, it’s a good time to remind everyone that being required by law to ask permission from county authority to carry arms concealed is an violation of the 2nd Amendment.

» Feds consider new gun regs
When is the Feds not considering new gun regulations?

It is unclear precisely what the draft regulations, drawn up by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and under review at the White House’s regulations office, would do.

The ATF would not comment on the draft rule, since it has not yet been released to the public, but a description provided by the White House asserts that it would target cases where guns go missing “in transit.”

Note! We’re talking about new anti-gun laws and there’s no mention of Congress … just ATF and the White House.


Piers Morgan can’t stop talking about how England’s extreme gun control laws make his case for what we should do in America, except, uhm… you know, the facts.
What’s happening in our media now is not about stopping mass-shootings or protecting children. It’s about gun control and winning a political debate against the Right.
To the media ad Democrats, it simply doesn’t mater that gun control isn’t working in England or Chicago or anywhere else. And it sure doesn’t matter if gun control might be emboldening criminals to commit gun crime because they know the public isn’t armed.
All that matters is defeating the NRA and handing Obama another win.

» D.C. police propose requirements to re-register guns

The registrant would be required to appear in person at police headquarters to be fingerprinted and show proof of ownership of the firearm, as well as confirm the home address and “continued compliance with the act’s registration requirements.”

“What residents should be asking themselves is this: Given that homicides, sexual assaults, and assaults with guns are all up in the District this year; is this really what we want the police spending their time on — helping people fill out forms?

If I’m wrong with the following, please, somebody tell me.
What residents should be asking themselves is : Given the “District prohibited handguns for decades until the U.S. Supreme Court lifted the ban in 2008 with its landmark opinion in District of Columbia v. Heller.“, and the District responded by making laws requiring repeated registration, is it not obvious that D.C. is just trying to keep up with who has guns until they find a way to ignore, nullify or repeal citizens’ Constitutional Rights?
I.E., They intend to eventually take those guns and they want it to be as easy as possible.

» Is Obama The Last Black American President?

We’ve had 5 years of abject failure by the Obama Administration and a refusal by the democrats to take responsibility for the crashing and burning of their progressive agenda. They continually blame racism for Obama’s failure.

If one even disagrees with Obama’s direction, he/she is promptly called a racist.

Well, we are sick of it. We have had it up the the gunwales and then some. So, we’re not going there again, for a very long time, if ever.

… it has now been five very long years of “no matter what.” Yes, they are STILL defending him, but they have grown weary, and their jobs are now endangered as a result of their unquestioning loyalty to an obvious Marxist president.

It takes a lot to stoke the spark of rebelliousness in Americans. We put up with Great Britain a long while before rising up and throwing off the king’s yoke. Once the American passion for freedom has been fanned into a flame it soon grows into a firestorm.

The democrats are staring down the barrel of a fiery maelstrom straight out of Hell itself … and they know it!

Obama’s skin may be black, but it is seriously and legendarily thin.

Obama and his supporters would do well to remember that no matter what they may call it, this is NOT racism. It is POLITICS and it is a bruising, bitter, blood sport when played in the American political arena.

» One Sole Apology For A Generation Of Outrages: We Deserve Much More

MSNBC talk show host Martin Bashir has done something no other Democrat or leftist in living memory has done.
He has actually apologized, fully, without excuse or cover.

So, Bashir’s statement was no more offensive than Palin’s? Palin comparing the massive debt we are putting on future generations to slavery was a “mammoth fail” and just as much as an “offensive statement” too? But Bashir should have taken the high road and not matched Palin’s “stupidity?”

What Bashir was trying to do was once again tag a Tea Party favorite as a racist idiot by frothing phony outrage over her “slave” statement, when the fact is, the storm of defecation President Obama and his Democrats have gotten us all into will be impossible for an entire generation to swallow. This country may never recover from their reckless lunacy.

We should not waste the moment. They should be beaten senseless with this apology, for the Left as a single body owes a similar apology to every American, indeed every citizen of the world. We have had to put up with their relentlessly unethical, hateful, sanctimonious, in-your-face, over-the-top, despicable behavior for decades. It is way past time they fess up.

Are they your kids? or the government’s kids?

The government has decided, better make your decision soon

» Exclusive: US May Have Let ‘Dozens’ of Terrorists Into Country As Refugees
» Gun-control wacko makes disgusting Sandy Hook Elementary shoot-em-up video game
» Obama’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Tyranny on Wheels
» Enjoy It While You Can, Moonbats; GOP Will Rebound
» It’s All About Dem: Re-election Woes Are Only Concern From Obamacare Fail


Yet another scandal struggling to get attention.

In the home stretch of the 2012 presidential campaign, from August to September, the unemployment rate fell sharply — raising eyebrows from Wall Street to Washington.
The decline — from 8.1 percent in August to 7.8 percent in September — might not have been all it seemed. The numbers, according to a reliable source, were manipulated.
And the Census Bureau, which does the unemployment survey, knew it.

» Boston Bomber ‘Tortured’ With Catered Islamic Meals

Just when we think we’ve reached the limits of tolerance for Muslim terrorists, we learn that one of the jihadist punks who confessed to killing and maiming hundreds of marathoners, then terrorizing and shutting down an entire major U.S. city, all in the name of Allah, has been getting meals prepared for him in accordance with Islamic dietary requirements.
His special halal menu includes such dishes as baked lasagna, salad and garlic bread. Tsarnaev also gets copies of the Quran and other Islamic texts to brush up on his hatred for infidels, fellow Americans most especially included.

Tsarnaev added, in a warning to U.S. military and law enforcement: “Know you are fighting men who look into the barrel of your gun and see heaven. Now how can you compete with that? We are promised victory and we will surely get it.”

What’s to compete with? If he thinks his heaven is only a trigger pull away … well den, pull it. Regardless of what’s on his “other side” of life, he won’t be here killing infidels.

Meanwhile, down at Gitmo we helpfully point prostrate al-Qaida and Taliban terrorists to Mecca, fete them with Harry Potter movie nights, and even reorder fitness equipment made in Muslim countries after they complain about the infidels who made the first batch.
Enough! Stop running Islamic daycares for terrorists.

» PA pays former prisoners $10,000-$50,000 upon release

In addition to monthly salary paid by Palestinian Authority, Palestinian prisoners serving time in Israel jails receive massive prison ‘severance package’ that can reach up to $60,000. In one case, PA even picked up bill for prisoner’s wedding

Big deal. Right? So what?
Well, here’s what: There is a reason those “Palestinian” prisoners are in Israeli jails, most of them are there because they killed or tried to kill Israelis.
Another what: Where do you think the PA gets all that money in the first place? There is no “Palestine” with citizens to tax. They provide no service for which to be paid. They manufacture nothing that anybody else would pay for.
The money comes from the EU and the US. We pay them to kill us.
Is that ridiculous or what?

» Get Rich Quick

Acquiring riches is effortless, once shame has been discarded. Just get a job someplace where wearing Islamic garb would be too inappropriate to be allowed by management. Once you are hired, show up for work in a hijab. From there any sufficiently greedy lawyer will walk you through the rest.

» Unions’ Taxpayer Subsidized Activity

Taxpayers expect their government to spend tax dollars only on activities that benefit the public. But in Kentucky, the City of Louisville and Jefferson County school district routinely funnel hundreds of thousands of citizens’ tax dollars to government-employee unions — for nothing of value in return and with no control over how the money is spent.
Like numerous government entities throughout the country, under a practice known as “union release time,” Louisville and the Jefferson County school district grant employees paid leave to work entirely on union business. Worse, neither Louisville nor the Jefferson County Board of Education (JCBE) has made any effort to explain how union release time serves a public purpose, or to impose controls to ensure that it does.

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» EPIC FAIL: UN climate talks fall apart as 132 countries storm out
The good news : UN climate talks fall apart … again.
The not-so-good news: The 132 countries that bailed, did so because they weren’t getting a big enough piece of other countries’ pie.
The bad news: The UN so desperately wants to get this crap going, they will seriously consider giving away our entire pie.

Poor countries have demanded that the developed world give them $100 billion annually by 2020 to prepare for the impacts of global warming, such as heat waves and droughts. Brazil even put forward a proposal last week that would have made rich countries pay for historical greenhouse gas emissions.

Amazingly enough, most of those poor countries existed before the U.S. did. And during the period of time they existed and the U.S. didn’t, hurricanes, typhoons, heat waves, droughts and all sorts of mean, nasty natural events kicked their butts on a regular annual basis.
By their logic they should be shucking some bucks to native North Americans.

Yes, that’s a stupid proposition. But no stupider than the ones being made right this very second inside the UN building that’s wasting valuable American real estate.

» An inconvenient fact: The frequency of violent tornadoes like the ones in the Midwest has been declining, not increasing

Earlier this year, after tornadoes killed more than 20 people in Oklahoma, climate alarmists were again quick to blame global warming climate change violent weather …

… quoted Senator Barbara Boxer from the floor of the Senate connecting the Oklahoma tornado to climate change:

    This is climate change. We were warned about extreme weather, not just hot weather but extreme weather. … When I had my hearings … scientists all agreed that what we’d start to see was extreme weather. … It’s going to get hot. But you’re also going to see snow in the summer in some places. You’re going have terrible storms. You’re going to have tornadoes.

Bottom Line: The statistical evidence on violent tornadoes, although frequently ignored by the media, politicians, and others claiming a link between violent weather and climate change, clearly shows that the frequency of violent tornadoes like the recent ones in the Midwest, has actually been declining over time, and not increasing. Further, of the ten most deadly tornadoes in US history, nine took place in 1953 or before, and only one has occurred in the last sixty years. But climate alarmists always prefer “green hysteria” over evidence, hard facts and data, and we can expect more Sachs-like tweets and McKibben-like op-eds in the days to come, with false claims linking the Midwest tornadoes to global warming and climate change.

» Ringing The Dinner Bell For Russia, China And Iran

Just when you think it can’t get worse, Obama does something even more treasonous. What scares the literal crap out of me is that no one seems to care.

John Kerry announced on the 18th that the Monroe Doctrine was officially dead, throwing the doors open on this continent to Russia, China and Iran. This move will massively ramp up terrorist and communist infiltration. I look at the puzzle pieces of Obama’s moves lately and a very cold chill runs down my spine. From Chinese troops in Hawaii for the Grid X II drill, to the purging of our military. From Amnesty for millions and the dissolution of our borders, to China’s growing investments in Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Chile, and in its bailouts of Venezuelan and Argentinian debt. From Russia’s increased military sales to terrorist/communist countries such as Venezuela and their quasi-military bases being stepped up in Nicaragua and Cuba, to Iran bankrolling Hezbollah cells across the hemisphere, shipping people and materiel to Venezuela and laundering cash in Ecuador, while forging alliances wherever they can. Does anyone else see the preparations taking place here? Will anyone resist or will America succumb without the slightest push back?

» Obamacare-speak fails to mask an evolving fiasco

The Obama administration once gave us “man-caused disasters” for acts of terrorism and “workplace violence” for the Fort Hood shootings. Now it has trumped those past linguistic contortions by changing words to mask the Obamacare disaster.

According to Obama, millions of Americans were once ignorant or uninformed, and thus will soon be pleased about their cancellations: “So the majority of folks will end up being better off. Of course, because the website’s not working right, they don’t necessarily know it.”
By that logic, the legions of Obama supporters who desperately sought and won exemptions from Obamacare are not “better off” now, but those stuck with it will be?

The administration has also downplayed the disaster by claiming that the more than 30 million who lost their coverage represent only “5 percent” of the insured. But even if that number is not far too low, try using that minority percentage argument on issues like gay rights. If millions of gays represent only about 5 percent of the population, is federal policy that affects gays negatively not really that important?

A national website that has completely failed and for nearly two months denied millions of applicants the chance to sign up for health insurance is dubbed a mere “glitch.” Had the website been down for only a day or two, would that foul-up be called a “glitch-let”?

» Obama: ‘We’re Going to Have to…Re-market and Re-brand’ the Affordable Care Act
Rebrand? I think what he means is he doesn’t want his name on it anymore. Well duh, who would want their name attached to such a miserable failure.
We could rename it “BoneheadCommunistCare”. Well … no … that would be the same thing as “Obamacare”.

During a campaign stop in Colorado last year, the president embraced the name that Republicans had given to his health insurance law: “The Affordable Care Act — also known as Obamacare,” Obama said in August 2012. “I actually like the name,” he added. “Because I do care — that’s why we fought so hard to make it happen.”

» BIG F***IN’ DEAL, INDEED: Only 100 million more Americans to lose their health insurance next year

I wasn’t a math major in college, but canceling the insurance plans of 140 million Americans to make sure 9 million other Americans are covered seems rather, eh, counter-intuitive.

A new and independent analysis of ObamaCare warns of a ticking time bomb, predicting a second wave of 50 million to 100 million insurance policy cancellations next fall — right before the mid-term elections.