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October 26, 2013


~~ via MoonBattery

The reason the USA is not currently at war in support of Islamist insurgents affiliated with al Qaeda, despite the big push for it by Obama and key allies like John McCain barely more than a month ago, is that the American people pushed back — like this

The lesson is that our rulers still fear us, despite their condescending arrogance, or they wouldn’t have called off the war against Syria that was supposedly so urgently necessary just recently. The three words to keep in mind at all times until we make it out from under the current regime are RESIST RESIST RESIST.

The current administration and it’s policies are culmination of decades of Lefist/Socialist efforts. Actually, make that pre-culmination because the current debacles, scandals, failures and treachery are mere side effects of the many incomplete plans and inadequate procedures in executing the full agenda and the results of that agenda.

The full agenda is realization of the Socialist Utopia, which cannot become reality until all of the People cease to resist and go along to get along.
Wearing down the resistance is part of the overall plan. Pre-indoctrination of the People from birth is part of the overall plan. Absolute dependency on government for all the necessities of life is part of the plan. Disarming the resistance is a very important part of the plan. Removal of all icons of the resistance is part of the plan. Converting the “leadership” of the resistance is an integral and necessary part of the plan.

Think of it as journey on an interstate where for the last thousand miles we have encountered multiple branchings in which the left fork to Commietown has always been mis-signed as Easy Street – and paint stripes are carefully drawn to lead you ever to the left. After having been led past so many thousands of exits to the right more and more traffic has been forced into the left lane and seldom looks at the exits anymore.
Or so the traffic controllers thought. It turns out there is an overwhelming number of travelers that refuse to be denied the exit ramps and a large percentage of them are adorned with the Gadsden flag. They have begun to not only ignore the lying paint stripes but are driving over the cones put in place to discourage right-thinking.
The political-correctness cone is mashed flat, along with the racist cone. The gun-control cone and the free citizenship for illegals cone are getting ragged.

Which brings us back to McCain. He is one those guys wearing the elephant suit while moving the ragged and flattened cones to each new exit ramp to the right. Every time a determined right leaning traveler runs over him, he responds with a shaking fist and accusations of “hobbits”, “whackos” and people that do not merit answers to their request for accurate directions. He’s jumped out in front of the Tea Party wagon too many times because now the Tea Party wagon is sitting at the catbird headrack position on the conservative semi carhauler Liberty with a McCain catcher mounted on the front.

» What’s Right about Ted Cruz & the Tea Party

If you don’t fight, you can’t win …
The GOP would like to win without fighting. It wants to wait for the voters to come around and recognize that it’s the better choice because it compromises.

The Republican Party has forgotten that it did not win the midterm elections in 2010 because voters saw how moderate and reasonable it was. If those were qualities that impressed voters we would be tuning in to another speech from President Romney about the improving economy.

While the Republican Party worries about Ted Cruz alienating voters, it might want to consider the voters that Ted Cruz is bringing in. Conservative voters have been staying home from elections that don’t inspire them.

Passion wins elections. Passion feeds turnout. Passion makes voters feel like it’s their fight, not just another election.
Instead of bringing passion to their fight against the left, Republicans misdirect their passion into circular firing squads. There have been more passionate Republican attacks aimed at Ted Cruz in a single month than there have been against Barack Obama in an entire year.

Ted Cruz tried to teach the elephant to stop eating grass and switch to a diet of red meat. The American elephant can either evolve into a predator or devolve into a rhino and be preyed upon by the wild asses of the Socialist desert.

~~ via Administration Caught in New Obamacare Dilemma

» Official: Federal health care site should be fully functioning by end of November

Jeffrey Zients told reporters on Friday that an outside contractor will handle the task of resolving technical problems that have become a serious political flashpoint for the Obama administration.

Yea, whatever. Whether or not they get the rag to work is not something I’d be willing to bet on – either way.
If they do get it running, how do we know it’s running right? Seriously, no matter what it does, how do we know it’s right?
And when is somebody gonna ask the (THHO)Obama if we’re hiring a completely new company to rebuild the rag, do we get our $600 million back from the hucksters that built it in the first place? Yea, I know it’s a question that will never be answered. But I’m sure that he would be ‘perfectly clear’ with whatever side step he used.

Thus sayeth the Rush:
» Opt-Out Obamacare Penalty Can’t Be Enforced — Unless You Get a Tax Refund

Anyway, the website not working and therefore people losing their policies, being dropped, they don’t know yet. People really don’t know how they’re gonna get savaged price-wise on health insurance premiums, and they’re not gonna know that for a couple, three years once the fines catch up with the price. The fines are always gonna be the first preference ’cause it’s so much cheaper than buying a policy.

Now, by the way, the whole point of this, Obamacare, is to fail and usher in single payer. And, as I say, Obama can’t even manage to structure that right. This is glaring here, what is going on. Let me read this to you from the joint tax committee. They talk about the mandate here. “The penalty applies –” this is for not having insurance. “The penalty applies to any period the individual does not maintain minimum essential coverage and is determined monthly. The penalty is assessed through the Code,” the tax code, “and accounted for as an additional amount of federal tax owed.” So it’s tax.

“However,” look at me. “However, it is not subject to the enforcement provisions of subtitle F of the Code. The use of liens and seizures otherwise authorized for collection of taxes does not apply to the collection of this penalty. Non-compliance with the personal responsibility requirement to have health coverage is not subject to criminal or civil penalties under the Code and interest does not accrue for failure to pay [the fine] in a timely manner.”

Therefore, the only way that they can collect the penalty or the fine is by taking money from your refund. If you are not owed a refund, they cannot get money from you. They can’t issue a lien. They can’t garnish your wages. They can’t use any of the normal procedures available to them if you owe them money, even though the Supreme Court has said it’s a tax.

Of course, that’s according to the tax laws as they currently exist. If it becomes a problem, it can be fixed. D.C. thugs may not know how to write website code, but they sure as hell know how to write a fleecing tax code.
And as we’ve learned to expect in the last five years, law can be changed by the mere will of the president, no congressional input necessary.

» O’Reilly Observes That Liberal Agenda Is Communist

As even brief reflection makes clear, anyone who refers to healthcare as a “right” is either a communist or a fool. You only have a “right” to force others to provide you with goods and services without payment if those people have been enslaved. The enslavement of the entire population in the name of the entire population by an authoritarian ruling class is called communism. Over 100 million people were killed by their own communist governments in the course of the 20th century, which is why communism’s proponents now use euphemisms like social justice, fairness, et cetera.

Oligarchical collectivists can call a bullet to the back of the head an angel’s kiss; it will kill you just as dead.

» Harry Reid: ‘Everybody … Willing to Pay More’ Taxes

“The only people who feel there shouldn’t be more coming in to the federal government from the rich people are the Republicans in the Congress … Everybody else, including the rich people, are willing to pay more. They want to pay more.”

I can’t speak for the rich, I don’t know many of them. But among the ones I do know and everybody else I know that’s not rich, none are champing at the bits to contribute an additional red cent.
And it’s not really necessary that I point that out.

Everyone, including everyone pays exactly 100% as much tax as they want to. For most of us that sum is $0.00, the rest is extortion. There’s a difference between what we want to pay and what is extorted. If some rich, obviously stupid people actually want to pay more than is demanded they will and have done so. All they have to do is write the check. IRS will gladly except more than was extorted.
If they haven’t then they obviously don’t want to and they’re lying when they say otherwise.

I bet ole Harry has never slipped an additional check in the envelope.

» Secretary General of Interpol Suggests an Armed Citizenry to Combat Terrorist Violence

… logic isn’t lost on Interpol Secretary General Ronald K. Noble. In an interview with ABC News at the 82nd Interpol General Assembly, Noble noted that an armed citizenry is one of two ways to effectively confront terrorists bent on carrying out massacres at “soft-targets,” such as the gunmen who conducted the recent attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya that killed 67. Noble told the interviewer, “Societies have to think about how they’re going to approach the problem…. One is to say we want an armed citizenry; you can see the reason for that. Another is to say the enclaves are so secure that in order to get into the soft target you’re going to have to pass through extraordinary security.”

You have to ask yourself, ‘Is an armed citizenry more necessary now than it was in the past with an evolving threat of terrorism?’ This is something that has to be discussed… People are quick to say ‘gun control, people shouldn’t be armed,’ etc., etc. I think they have to ask themselves: ‘Where would you have wanted to be? In a city where there was gun control and no citizens armed if you’re in a Westgate mall, or in a place like Denver or Texas?”

From 1994 – 1996, Noble served as a political appointee of the notoriously anti-gun Clinton administration in the role of Under Secretary of Enforcement for the Treasury Department. In this capacity Noble oversaw the operations of the BATF, which was then housed within the Treasury Department, and frequently used by Clinton to advance his gun control agenda. No one can reasonably accuse Noble of being in the pocket of the gun rights movement.

At a time when President Obama is seeking gun control guidance from countries like Australia and the UK, it is a welcome development that a public official tasked with confronting the day-to-day realities of international crime is looking instead to the U.S. tradition of civilian gun ownership and Right-to-Carry as a way to combat predatory violence. We hope that domestic and foreign governments interested in helping protect their citizens from violence consider Noble’s remarks and work to broaden opportunities for citizens to provide for their own defense.

Fat chance that the domestic government will consider remarks from an ex-Interpol Secretary on gun rights. I say “ex-” because that’s probably what he’s about to be … having committed the crime of insubordination to King (THHO)Obama’s socialist regime by suggesting that snatching up all our guns is wrong.

Lemme be perfectly clear

Obama nor any of the leftist antigunners care anything about protecting citizens from violence. Their only goal in relation to armed citizens is to make sure we are not capable of armed resistance … to them.
When they speak of reducing gun violence they’re really talking about potential defensive violence against them.
And frankly, that is certainly a valid concern.

~~ Via

» Does Army consider Christians, Tea Party, a terror threat?

Soldiers attending a pre-deployment briefing at Fort Hood say they were told that evangelical Christians and members of the Tea Party were a threat to the nation and that any soldier donating to those groups would be subjected to punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

A soldier who attended the Oct. 17th briefing told me the counter-intelligence agent in charge of the meeting spent nearly a half hour discussing how evangelical Christians and groups like the American Family Association were “tearing the country apart.”

The soldier told me he fears reprisals and asked not to be identified. He said there was a blanket statement that donating to any groups that were considered a threat to the military and government was punishable under military regulations.

And while a large portion of the briefing dealt with the threat evangelicals and the Tea Party pose to the nation, barely a word was said about Islamic extremism, the soldier said.

“Our community is still healing from the act of terrorism brought on by Nidal Hasan – who really is a terrorist,”

Makes me wonder about where are they being deployed, because pre-deployment briefings used to be about the enemies that soldiers were being deployed against.
Are they being deployed to Afghanistan to hunt down and kill christian tea-partiers and to assume that the enemies of their targets are friends?
If our soldiers were the total morons that they are assumed to be by this administration, then their deployment could be considered nothing more than a way to rid the administration of what they would deem useless bitter-clinger soldiers.
That’s a stretch, I know. Or is it?

~~ via FrontPage Magazine : Fort Hood Ignored Nidal Hassan, Now Warns of Tea Party Terror Threat

This story would be horrible even if it wasn’t taking place at Fort Hood. But it is taking place where Nidal Hasan was able to murder 13 soldiers despite repeatedly making it clear that he was all for Islamic terrorism because no one was allowed to hurt a Muslim’s feelings.

» Obama wants Marines to wear ‘girly’ hats


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Andy Davidson said the vice principal spotted his son’s shirt as he was approaching the school Tuesday morning.

“He said he had been waiting for him to wear that shirt again,” Davidson said.

Christian was led to principal Kathy Parker’s office where he was told he could either flip his shirt inside out or wear a school-issued shirt over it.

“(Parker) said what my son was wearing was intolerable attire,” Davidson said.

According to the ISD’s student handbook, clothing cannot have “pictures, logos, phrases, letters or words printed on them that are obscene, suggestive, crude or immoral in the judgment of the administration.”

That means the words “God, Guns and Country” are either obscene, suggestive, crude or immoral to the school administration that has never had it’s ass whipped in public by outraged parent.

Having received a good ass whipping usually gives pause to wanna-be tyrants.

Not enough ass whipping going on.

» Second-graders taught labor politics in Core Curriculum-aligned lesson plan

“Why are we teaching organized labor lessons to young children?” asked Kyle Olson, the publisher of the group’s website. “Isn’t there a simpler way to teach about fairness, like saying it’s not fair if Johnny works all day and gets one piece of candy while Jimmy plays video games all day and gets the same piece of candy?”

This isn’t the first time Olson has taken issue with Zaner-Bloser’s materials. Earlier this month, Olson ripped the company for teaching third-graders about organizing protests, a lesson plan that cited the 1985 SEIU-led janitors strike in Los Angeles.

» Celebrities who promoted ObamaCare now quiet in wake of website debacle

… technical glitches and website snafus have so marred the ObamaCare website that the team who built it has been called to testify before Congress on Thursday. But there will be no celebrities flanking them on Capitol Hill, as the stars that helped launch the initiative are now being advised to walk away.

~~ via MoonBattery : Was SEAL Team 6 Set Up?

One day, if America is able to pull itself back from the edge of the abyss that was marketed as Hope & Change, we may find out what happened to these heroes and why. But it won’t happen while Obama is in power.

All Hell Breaks Loose Day