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October 2, 2013

» Why weren’t guns behaving violently 100 years ago?

Why – at a time in our history when guns were readily available, when a person could just walk into a store or order a gun through the mail, when there were no FBI background checks, no waiting periods, no licensing requirements – was there not the frequency and kind of gun violence that we sometimes see today, when access to guns is more restricted?
Guns are guns.

Customs, traditions, moral values and rules of etiquette, not just laws and government regulations, are what make for a civilized society, not restraints on inanimate objects. These behavioral norms – transmitted by example, word of mouth and religious teachings – represent a body of wisdom distilled through ages of experience, trial and error, and looking at what works. The benefit of having customs, traditions and moral values as a means of regulating behavior is that people behave themselves even if nobody’s watching. In other words, it’s morality that is society’s first line of defense against uncivilized behavior.

» The Sun Sets on Washington D.C.

On Twitter, Michelle Obama announced that she is unable to Tweet on her own without the aid of all of her sixteen assistants; many of whom take home six figure salaries. There are more directors, associate directors and deputy associate directors on Michelle Obama’s staff than there were in George Washington’s entire administration.

Presidents have fought wars and made peace, explored and annexed vast territories and built a nation out of a handful of colonies with fewer senior staffers than are needed to handle Michelle Obama’s Twitter account.

The government shutdown with its furloughing of 800,000 Federal workers isn’t the apocalypse that the political establishment claims it is. The apocalypse is the very existence of 800,000 Federal workers who can be sent home without any apocalypse until some deal is hammered out and they return to their jobs within the bowels of a massive bureaucracy that extends its reach and influence into every household.

A million businesses may close. A million Americans may lose their homes. A million fathers may wonder how they will feed their children. But Government America was still supposed to grind on, growing fat on their toil, spending billions on a whim around the world and then sending in SWAT teams at the merest regulatory infraction.

» Fear and Loathing in Moocher Nation

… wouldn’t the economy be stronger overall — wouldn’t there be more demand for goods and services — if people had more incentive to work harder, work more efficiently and work longer hours, in order to make themselves so valuable as workers that employers would compete to hire them, offering health-insurance benefits as a bonus to secure their services? Yet if we establish a system where people receive health insurance whether they are working or unemployed, whether they are efficient and diligent or unproductive and slothful, haven’t we thereby removed a basic incentive to hard work? And, when you think about it, haven’t we removed an incentive to good health?

Subsidizing weaklings and whiners, by providing them “free” health care at taxpayer expense? Not just “no” — hell, no.

» Reminder: Every Senate Democrat Voted in Favor of Exempting Themselves From Obamacare

What does it say about a democratic republic that those who govern ‘We the People’ feel entitled to receive special privileges and exemptions from laws they themselves pass, while at the same time express no qualms whatsoever about forcing ordinary Americans to comply with them?


A series of leaked emails from House Speaker John Boehner’s chief of staff, Mike Sommers, show that the Speaker may have coordinated with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) to exempt Congress from Obamacare.

Mailcall: 2013 Obamacare Commemorative Stamp Collector Set


‘Politics do not trump the Constitution or the rule of law’

Another lawsuit has been filed against the president’s health care takeover strategy – this time by a Florida company complaining that Barack Obama had no authority to simply go in and change the law once it had been approved by Congress and signed.

It was last July, according to reports, that Obama simply announced he was changing the law, which had scheduled a requirement for employers to provide adequate and affordable health insurance starting Jan. 1, 2014, or pay huge fines.

Obama, responding to complaints from businesses, simply changed the effective date of that requirement to Jan. 1, 2015, strategically after the 2014 elections.

Saying that ‘politics do not trump the Constitution or the rule of law‘ is useless. This president has no regard for Constitution nor any other law that is contrary to what he wants to do. The Constitution, like all other laws, is merely words written on paper and has no meaning without the determination of people that those words will be obeyed.

So far, no one with authority, duty or means has determined that Obama must obey the law – no foot has been put down.

A few true ‘mavericks’ of the GOP have raised hell. But they’ve done so without any support from their party. Actually, they’ve been denounced, mocked and severely criticized by their party.

We know the Dhimmicrats will never make a move to rein in their monster, they are part of the monster.

Private companies can sue but it’s still the whim of politicians that will decide the outcome of those suits – sad to say.

So what is an American supposed to do when the checks and balances between the branches have been replaced with shock absorbers?

Telling a viper that you have a shotgun will not prevent it from biting you. The wielding thereof, however, guarantees that prevention.

But! But! It’s not the same thing! bleat the ignorant leftists.

Comparing gun deaths to bicycle deaths and skate board deaths and falling out of bed deaths? Outlawing bicycles and skate boards and beds to prevent deaths is silly … no, it’s stupid. And it is most certainly not the same thing – there are no Constitutional protections for bicycles, skate boards and beds.

Bicycles, skate boards and beds do not empower people against oppression by evil people. Bicycles can’t be used to stop someone from taking your bicycle. You can’t wield a bed to prevent tyrants from confiscating your bed.

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» Boy Suspended for ‘Finger Gun’
Government school admins, bearing the memories of received ass whipping, do not make stupid mistakes like this.

» WWII veterans storm closed WWII memorial

» Showdown Expected at WWII Memorial, Arrest Threats

After a group of veterans “stormed” the barricaded World War II memorial in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, other WWII veterans groups are planning to visit the same site on Wednesday — which only exists because of their service. Meanwhile, another Honor Flight group in Ohio is claiming that the Park Service threatened to arrest its members if they entered the closed memorial during their planned visit on Oct. 9

» Federal judge to DOJ: No, you may not dismiss this Fast & Furious case just because you feel like it
» Fighting Racism With Racism – White Vaginas Need Not Apply


» The Pam and Robert Show

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer speak out, despite efforts to silence them.

… bringing her attention to the homicidal declarations of Muslim assemblies, I was somehow, in a bizarre twist of plain logic, guilty of defamation. I knew that what I was confronting was something akin to a medical condition common to the liberal intelligentsia, a pathological inability to parse reality — or worse, an ideological lobotomy identical to the cortical paralysis of our own Supreme Court which, in a ruling of February 27, 2013, deposed that truth is no defense in the context of giving possible offense. Telling the truth is now understood as another form of hate speech, which means that one is no longer permitted to hate what is manifestly hateful. The corollary of this demented attitude is that one is permitted and even encouraged to lie with impunity, despite volumes of countervailing evidence, for example: Islam is a religion of peace, Israel is an apartheid state, the climate is warming owing to anthropogenic tampering and “climate deniers” are essentially perpetrating a “hate crime,” conservatism is a brand of fascism, and so on, which prevarications, in another grotesque distortion of simple consistency, are not considered hateful.

» Iran lawmakers pass bill allowing men to marry adopted daughters


Scott said that while nearly every liberal arts institution in America faces a vast disparity between the few right-wing faculty members and the many left-wing faculty members, Butler’s leftists stand out.

“I have never run up against such a militant liberal group in all the days of my life,”

Being ostracized eventually led Scott to live a kind of double life–quiet about his political beliefs on campus, while remaining vocal about them elsewhere. Nevertheless, the opposition of leftist academics will not change him, he said.

Scott is ready to speak out publicly about his experiences because he is close to retirement and plans to name names in his book.

“They can sue me later, but you know I’m going to say what I have to say.”