September 25, 2013

September 25, 2013
You Get What You Tolerate

I’ve said it enough times to be sick of hearing it from me.
The Constitution’s self-defense mechanism is the 2nd Amendment. If the Right to Keep and Bear Arms becomes nothing more than memory, the rest of the Constitution will not survive either.
While the Constitution protects the People, only the People can protect the Constitution. When the People allow the 2nd amendment to be parsed away, they leave themselves no real recourse to keep the rest of it.

An armed government will inevitably not care what an unarmed citizenry thinks or wants and will certainly not be interested in hearing the opinions thereof.


» Mystery of the Stolen Pro–Second Amendment Yard Signs Solved

The purpose of public officials, including police, is to uphold our constitutional rights. When we find them denying us those rights, we have a problem that will only get worse if it is not rectified.

Rectification comes in various calibers.

» 10 Commandments monument toppled in Washington
» Gloucester County church statues destroyed by vandals
» Vandals torch statue of Ronald Reagan at famous California sports park

You Get What You Tolerate
» 7th Graders Who Played with Toy Gun — in Their Own Yards — May Be Kicked Out of School for the Rest of the Year

Someone needs to educate our “educators,” stat.

And that education needs to be in the format of a thorough ass whipping, because unlike other methods of education one good ass whipping can atone for decades of tolerant educational neglect.

The adult who turned the kids in, by the way, knew that it was a toy. But it made her “uncomfortable,” so they decided to ruin a kid’s school year. … The woman needs to be named and shamed for being a hysterical busybody. Her behavior is childish and extremely anti-male and anti-freedom.

Ass whipping cures busybodyitis as well.

Cartoon Rewind Complete … Press RePlay to continue.

» Why Has Mahmoud Abbas Given The Nod To Lone Wolf Palestinian Terror?

In July 2013, after a 3 year hiatus, Israel and the Palestinian Authority restarted “peace” talks. And just like the last time, it is now stalled and going no where. So what does Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen do? He gives the nod to the killing of Israelis. Soldiers and civilians.

I doubt that these “talks” will go any where or come to any agreement. The Fakistinians don’t want an agreement, they want everything. I am ashamed that Netanyahu hasn’t stopped the talks with all the leaks from the Fakistinians, with the US already setting the borders of Israel and cutting Jerusalem in half.

Lemme Summit Furya
“Fakistinians” want it all … for now. But even if they had it all, they wouldn’t be happy with it. The arab/muslim culture is only happy when they are dying … or killing. For centuries the object of their rage has (almost) always been the Jews, the Jews, the dang Jews. But you can tattoo this on your butt, if every single Jew in the world marched into the sea and drowned and every infidel in the world suck-started a .45, the arab/muslim culture would have a new ancient enemy in a matter of months and would be fighting and killing each other and everybody else with the same righteous indignation.
It’s what they do, it’s who they are. Israel is just an excuse. And as long as Israel and the rest of the idiot world continue with the getting along bit, this cartoon of fight – peace talk – fight – peace talk will continue.

» Ride for the Constitution

The page Truckers to Shut Down America (referred to earlier) was itself shut down by Facebook. The site provided information on the convergence of fed-up truckers on the District of Corruption planned for October 11–13. This event has been renamed Ride for the Constitution and now has its own site … independent of the lefties at Facebook.

When bikers made a huge show of force on September 11 in response to the planned Million Muslim March (which consequently fizzled), the liberal media managed to ignore it. Let’s see if the media can ignore this.

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» Gullible Green sailors trapped in the Arctic

The naïve advice of ardent activists can kill. Last spring, Paul Beckwith of Sierra Club Canada predicted that the Arctic seas would be ice-free ice this summer. (So did Britain’s BBC network.) This exciting adventure opportunity attracted a variety of yachts, sailboats, rowboats, and kayaks owners to try sailing the fabled Northwest Passage.

More than a dozen of the boats are trapped, apparently even including a group of tiny American jet-ski “personal watercraft” that were attempting to cross from the east coast of Russia to the North Atlantic. Arctic observers are now warning that even Canadian icebreakers might not be able to rescue them.

I’m sorry, but I am extremely low on sympathy this morning. As a matter of fact:

I laugh at their peril.

The boaters ignored major warning signs.

The first warning sign was many years ago when it should have been apparent to any sentient being that the globalZ-warmZ crowd were lying idiots.

» David Suzuki bombs on Q&A, knows nothing about the climate

How much is his reputation as a scientist worth when he doesn’t even bother to check the evidence for a cause he stakes his reputation on?

Three times in Q&A he admitted he didn’t know — he didn’t know there was a pause in warming for the last 15 years, he didn’t know how global temperatures are measured, and he didn’t know that cyclones were not increasing over the Great Barrier Reef. He wants politicians jailed for “denying the science”. “You bet!” he exclaims, but then admits he hasn’t thought that through either.
…. unburdened by data, evidence or logic

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